Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously

Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously Chapter 45


He followed Wu Liang all the way to his so-called “Place”.

It was an abandoned warehouse that had been modified!

It was not small, covering up three to four hundred square meters!

The moment he opened the roller shutter, Jiang Nan was really stunned!

Piles of fitness equipment!

There was no need to talk about sandbags or dumbbells!

There was also an octagonal cage in the middle!

The walls were filled with cold weapons!

They are a different kind like a Kris, Triangular Army Thorn!, Crossbow, and the like!

There were also eight heavily modified off-road vehicles parked in the garage!

Raptor, Wrangler, Road Shaker, Hummer, and even Jiang Nan didn’t recognize some of them.

There were also all kinds of outdoor equipment, tents, searchlights, generators…

At a glance, it was simply a paradise for men!

Jiang Nan drooled when he saw it!

Just ask which man of culture doesn’t like these things?


Unfortunately, he had no culture!

Wu Liang excitedly took two things from the side!

A thick titanium alloy shield with a roaring bear head engraved on it!

It was two meters tall, at least three hundred catty!

And his other hand was holding a two-meter-long sword!

That’s a scary one!

He said excitedly, “Brother Nan! How is it? Do you think I’m awesome?”

Jiang Nan quickly shook his head and said, “No, no!”

[From Wu Liang’s Resentment Points +666!]

“No matter how you put it, you must be at least 500 kilograms, right? Is it convenient for you to move?”

Wu Liang raised the iron shield in his hand and pushed out gusts of strong wind!

The sword slashes wildly, and the dull and heavy air sounds break through the air. It was as light as nothing in Wu Liang’s hands!

“I practice with it every day! If I transform into a beast, it will be easier!”

Jiang Nan nodded in satisfaction. He really picked up a treasure!

A big shield warrior!

A mobile fortress!

An invincible thick blood tank!

Wu Liang seemed to have suddenly thought of something!

He threw the iron shield and saber aside and took out another iron spear!

The red tassels of the spearhead fluttered, and the tip of the spear shone with a cold light!

“Brother Nan, look! How about this one? Is it convenient to use?”

Jiang Nan took the spear, turned around, and slashed down!

The spear tip cut through the air, letting out an ear-piercing scream!


The spear had even cracked the concrete floor!

Wu Liang was excited to see this!

Look at this action!

It was really pleasing to the eye!

Jiang Nan shook his head and said, “I don’t want to use this stuff! I pick and choose by myself!”

Wu Liang was stunned!

Didn’t Jiang Nan practice spear art?

In the last street fight they had, he knocked himself out with a street lamp!

That technique was definitely at the level of a Grandmaster! He definitely wouldn’t have this ability if he did not train it from a young age!

In the end, he said he wouldn’t use this stuff?

Jiang Nan looked around, then took the Triangular Army Thorn from the shelf and placed it on his waist.

[Triggered skill! Dagger: Level 0!] [Adding skill points: 100!] [Skill leveled up! Dagger(Proficient) LV: 0!]

Jiang Nan instantly pulled out the Triangular Army Thorn from the leather cover!

It spun around in his hand and stabbed forward, then backhand stub!

The dagger flipped and jumped on Jiang Nan’s hand like a dancing fairy!

There was no extra movement!

Pure and sharp!

Wu Liang looked at Jiang Nan, who had used the Triangular Army Thorn and his eyes almost popped out!

He was also a Dagger expert?

Why was he so 6?

Did you start practicing since you were in your mother’s womb?

Jiang Nan retracted the Dagger with satisfaction!

Then, he saw a Tang Knife with a sheath on the wooden frame!

The knife was 1.2 meters long, and there was a strong breath of time on it!

However, it didn’t seem old!

The instant he drew this knife!

A sharp cold light was revealed!

The blade was straight, and there was a thousand-layered blade pattern on it. An ancient word “cold” was engraved on the blade’s hilt!

The cold light was oppressive, and the hairs on the blade were cut off!

[Triggered skill! Knife: Level 0!] [Adding Skill Points: 100!] [Skill leveled up! Knife(Proficient) Level 0!]


The cold knife came out of its sheath, the blade cut through the air, and a gorgeous knife art bloomed!

Jiang Nan looked at the straight blade, and his eyes were filled with satisfaction!

Wu Liang opened his mouth wide!

His face was full of disbelief!

The spear could be played, the dagger could be played, and the fucking Tang Knife could also be played?

Were you proficient in everything?

They are both human, so why were you so good?

Jiang Nan patted Wu Liang on the shoulder and smiled, “When you have time in the summer vacation, I will teach you how to play with the knife!”

Wu Liang, “????”


What else can I say?

It seems that Nan Shen was not called for nothing!

“What did you say about this Tang Knife?”

“It was taken back by my father from the countryside! It was passed down in ancient times! A real weapon!! The craftsmanship has been lost!”

“If Brother Nan likes it, I’ll give it to you!”

Jiang Nan was naturally not polite!

He still had a certain understanding of his future!

Space ability, strong maneuverability, main control field, using that kind of long weapon was too much of a hindrance!

It was good to use a Tang knife as the primary weapon, and as for his secondary weapon, he would use Triangular Army Thorn, so he would not be at a disadvantage in close-range combat!

“I also have a treasure to give you!”

As he spoke, he waved mysteriously at Wu Liang!

Wu Liang moved closer with a face full of anticipation!

He saw Jiang Nan take out a pair of underpants from the alternate dimension!

A four-horned underpants with elephants printed on them!

Wu Liang, “????”

This was the treasure that Jiang Nan had mentioned?

Since when could underpants be considered a treasure?

He… did he like to give people underpants so much?

Last time, He gave me a blue-white one and this time…

Jiang Nan saw Wu Liang was stunned and could not help but raise his eyebrows.

“What? You don’t like it?”

Wu Liang scratched his head, “It’s not about whether I like it or not!”

Jiang Nan, “Let me tell you! Don’t look down on it! It is not an ordinary underpants!”

“If the underpants have a ranking, it is the king of underpants!”

Wu Liang, “???”

“Hulk, do you know? No matter how you transform, these underpants won’t break!”

Jiang Nan pulled on both sides of his underpants and pulled hard!

He pulled it up to a meter long and let go!

It instantly returned to normal!

Wu Liang’s eye instantly lit up!


This was simply a divine artifact!

As long as he wore these Hulk pants, he would no longer have to worry about his beast transformation becoming completely naked!

This was a blessing to all of the beast transformation systems Martial Spirit Warrior!

The king of underpants! It’s him!

I would like to call these underpants the strongest!

Wu Liang gave him a thumbs-up, “Awesome! Good stuff!”

Then, he said a little embarrassedly, “Brother… Brother Nan! Do you have triangle Hulk pants?”

The air suddenly became deathly silent!

Jiang Nan’s eyes gradually became a little frightened!

“No… Brother Nan! It’s not what you think! The triangle is very comfortable!”

“It’s definitely the feeling that the four corners can’t give you! If you don’t believe it, go home and try it!”

Jiang Nan shook his head like a rattle-drum!

He directly took out ten triangular underpants from the alternate dimension for Wu Liang!

There were ice threads, leopard patterns, lace, a T-shape, and all kinds of styles!

Wu Liang gratefully accepted it, wishing he could give it a try right now!

In the end, he was firmly held back by Jiang Nan!



Please don’t!

Don’t leave any mental corruption in my memory!

I really can’t take it!

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