Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously

Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously Chapter 47


Jiang Nan was quite happy for Wu Liang!

It seemed that Wu Liang “in control” was not in vain!

Of course, he did not know how Wu Liang controlled it!

Looking at the screen, Jiang Nan took a photo and sent it to Zhong Yingxue and Xia Yao!

He added,

“Hurry up and praise me! (。>∀<。).”

Ying Xue: Little brother is awesome! I will give you 99 times of praise! Giving you one less is because I am afraid you will be too proud!

Nan Shen: Received!

And on Xia Yao’s side, she actually sends a small video?

Jiang Nan opened it and took a look!

He saw Xia Yao lying on the desk and smiling wickedly at the screen!

Then, she pouted her lips and kissed! ( ^3 ^)

Mua! Mua!

Jiang Nan was so scared that he quickly closed the video!


It’s a heartbeat feeling!

Wolf Extinction: First in Heaven Lake Spirit Ruins! There is also a reward!

Nan Shen: I don’t want other rewards. When I get first place, just change your Username!

Wolf Extinction: ??? I will strangle you!

[From Xia Yao’s Resentment Points +888!]

Hey, hey, hey?

Li Xiang took a deep breath and calmed himself down!

There were still Heaven Lake Spirit Ruins!

Now, Li Muyan had also successfully broken through to Bronze Rank 1-star!

His Striving To Become First Team had an absolute advantage in strength!

And Wu Liang had brought along two burdens Jiang Nan and Tang Qianya! How could they compare to the,?

Teacher, “The results have been announced! Students, please get into the bus according to the seating arrangement!”

“The bus is already waiting outside!”

“This combat test is not just for our Jiang City First High School!”

“Along with our school, there is also Yuwen Second High School and Jiangbei High School that will participate together!”

“I hope that while protecting their own safety, students also have the courage to fight for victory.”

“Alright! Get in the bus!”

Regardless of whether their academic performance was good or bad, the students were all excited!

They were just waiting to enter the Spirit Ruins and show off their skills!

The students picked up their backpacks and ran towards the Bus!

Jiang Nan was more comfortable!

He wore headphones and a small backpack; it was like he was going out on vacation!

The students stole disdainful looks!

Chicks are chicks. Once you enter the Spirit Ruins, you can just wait to suffer a great loss!

When Jiang Nan leaned against the window, a gentle female voice suddenly sounded from the side!

“Nan Shen? What a coincidence!”

Jiang Nan smiled. It was Tang Qianya!

Along the way, there was such a great beauty sitting by the side, and she was also quite open-minded!

The bus slowly started!

Tang Qianya started to eat snacks and fruits the moment she got on the bus, and she even handed Jiang Nan a piece from time to time.

Li Xiang had a sour face!

Look at him! A girl was sitting next to him, and she even gave him food!

Looking at his side, he started to scold!

“Lu Ban! Stop playing with your feet!”

“Big brother, is there an eye on your back? You can see what I’m doing without looking back !”


In the end, after driving for more than ten minutes, Tang Qianya finished a bag of potato chips and suddenly remembered something. Her little face was shocked and full of regret!

“Oh no! My phone was on my table! I forgot to take it!”

Jiang Nan was stunned, “Is it very important?”

Tang Qianya, “My mother was worried about me. She asked me to call home to report my safety! If I don’t call, she must be worried about me!”

“Call with my phone!”

Tang Qianya smiled bitterly, “I don’t remember my mother’s phone number. I can’t even remember my own number…”

Jiang Nan, “???”

This silly girl!

Thus, he raised his hand and said, “Operator, can you stop the bus? My friend left her phone at school. Can we go back and get it?”

The Operator ignored him, “I can’t stop it!”

The teacher frowned, “A phone? Are you in a hurry?”

Before Tang Qianya could say anything.

Li Xiang said, “What are you thinking about? Stop the Bus? Do you want the whole Bus to wait for you?”

Then, someone echoed, “Isn’t that right? We wanted to arrive earlier!”

“It’s annoying enough!”

“There’s no signal in the Spirit Ruins! What do you want your phone for? Take a selfie!”

Li Xiang looked at Jiang Nan’s gloomy face and could not help but sneer!

Tang Qianya’s eyes were red, and she bit her lower lip!

She gently pulled the corner of Jiang Nan’s clothes and whispered, “Nan Shen, thank you! It’s okay! It’s all my fault for being careless. I shouldn’t have…”

Without waiting for Tang Qianya to finish, Jiang Nan patted her head and said lightly, “Wait for me!”

As he spoke, his body instantly disappeared from his seat!


Where was he?

Not only the classmates, but even the teacher and Tang Qianya were shocked!

As a result, they looked through the window!

Jiang Nan’s figure instantly appeared next to the highway a hundred meters away!

In the blink of an eye, he disappeared!

In less than three seconds, he disappeared!

Where did he go?


Could teleportation still be used like this?

Wasn’t the space system a bit too awesome?

Did he go back to get Tang Qianya’s phone?

Li Xiang sneered!

Because the car was still on the way!

It would be strange if Jiang Nan could come back!

Let you act tough?

Those who act tough would be struck by lightning! If he fell, it would be interesting!

In the end, three minutes later!

Jiang Nan suddenly appeared in his seat!

It was as if he had never left!

He was holding two cups of milk tea and a cell phone!

“Here! Drink it! This cup is added with sugar; you like to drink sweet, right?”

Tang Qianya was stunned. Looking at the milk tea and mobile phone in front of her, her eyes were full of tears.

“Yes! I like sweet things the most! Thank you, Nan Shen!”

The car was silent!

In such a short period of time!

He teleported back to school and took her phone!

He even took the time to buy two cups of milk tea?

Then he teleported all the way to catch up to the bus?

Show off!

Wasn’t he a bit show off?

Even the teacher was stunned for a moment, then he said seriously, “You can’t do such dangerous things in the future. I hope it won’t happen again!”

Jiang Nan drank his milk tea and listened to the song.

He did not reply!

If you don’t want to stop the Bus, I will go back and get it myself!

It shouldn’t be a problem for you guys, right?

Li Xiang gritted his teeth in hatred and couldn’t say anything. He could only lower his head and continue playing games!

Only Li Muyan frowned deeply!

What level was Jiang Nan at now?

Was he still Black Iron 7-Stars from before?

But how many times had he teleported back and forth? Was his spiritual power really able to hold on?

The only answer was that Jiang Nan’s cultivation was much stronger than what they had seen!

But how could it be?

It had only been a few days, and he had already leveled up?

Moreover, wasn’t his talent the worst grade E?

Li Muyan couldn’t figure it out!

However, she had a faint premonition that making an enemy out of Jiang Nan might be a mistake!

The bus drove for four hours before reaching Mount Changbai!

The current Mount Changbai was still a tourist attraction, especially in summer where there were many tourists!

However, Heaven Lake was no longer open to the public!

Moreover, an army camp was stationed at the entrance, and it checked those who entered!

Of course, Jiang Nan and the others were not here to play!

They sat in the cable car and went straight to the top of the mountain!

At the entrance, they saw soldiers loaded with guns!

Moreover, there were fortresses, bunkers, and so on. They were strictly controlling who went in and out!

Jiang Nan, who was standing on the top of the mountain, looked over!

Heaven Lake’s water was like a mirror without any ripples.

Above Heaven Lake, a strange door looked like a broken mirror, emitting a dense spatial fluctuation!

This was Heaven Lake Spirit Ruins’ real entrance!

Jiang Nan’s eyes were filled with anticipation!


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