Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously

Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously Chapter 48


However, they were not going to enter the Spirit Ruins immediately!

It was already late today!

The final assessment would officially begin tomorrow morning!

Before that, they had to enter the hotel below Heaven Lake!

Yuwen Second High School and Jiangbei High School’s Martial Spirit Class students already arrive at noon!

Looking at Jiang Nan and his group of Jiang City First High School students, it could be said that they were full of hostility!

There was already a spark of competition between each other!

Wu Liang also followed and the three-man team officially gathered!

In the evening while eating, the teacher began to explain the rules and things to take note of on a podium!

The other students had already participated more than once, so there was no need to listen.

However, Jiang Nan listened carefully.

“This time, the joint training examination of the three schools will be held for fifteen days!”

“The results will be determined by the total number of Spiritual Bead collected by each team”

“Drones will record the entire process. Once you are found cheating, you will be disqualified immediately!”

“We will distribute the satellite positioning bracelets to all students later!”

“Once the supervising teachers determine that they have lost their mobility due to injury, they will be taken away from the Spirit Ruins by the staff!”

“If there is an emergency! A life or death crisis! Or if you want to give up the competition, you can press the satellite bracelet!”

“This means that you will lose the qualification to compete! Please consider it carefully!”

The teacher was still talking about the rules above!

However, Jiang Nan chuckled, “There doesn’t seem to be a rule that says we can’t rob others, right?”

Tang Qianya was speechless!

What kind of contestant was Jiang Nan?

He hadn’t even started yet, and he was already thinking of snatching someone else’s?

She couldn’t help but be a little worried about her trip to the Spirit Ruins!

As expected of a veteran who had participated a few times, Wu Liang explained, “Not only can you snatch it, you can also form a team with other teams!”

“As long as you don’t go too far, no one will say anything!”

Jiang Nan’s eyes flickered!

This rule was very interesting!

Competition, victory, and unscrupulous collection of Spiritual Beads!

In addition to the addition of the other two schools!

Jiang Nan could imagine just how chaotic the Spirit Ruins would be!

However, Jiang Nan liked it!

Although Heaven Lake Spirit Ruins was evaluated as Bronze Grade Spirit Ruins, it was not as if there were no silver or gold rank spirit beasts in the depths!”!”

“Be careful! For the sake of your own safety! Don’t enter the depths!”

“Alright, free activity. Gather at six tomorrow morning!”

Upon hearing that it was free activity, the students immediately took action!

Some started discussing the strategies for the Spirit Ruins!

Some of them started to study the habits of spirit beasts!

As for Li Xiang, he couldn’t help but sneer as he looked at this group of noisy students!

When Li Muyan came, Liu Quanwu and the others headed towards the bottom of Heaven Lake!

There were many people from society or people who had just come out of the Spirit Ruins!

It formed a relatively large-scale night market!

Ling Feng was a little confused and couldn’t help but ask, “Brother Xiang! What are we going to do?”

Li Xiang, “Of course we are going to get a map of Heaven Lake Spirit Ruins. Those people are holding the goods!”

Liu Quanwu chuckled, “Brother Xiang is indeed Brother Xiang! With the map, our advantage is not just a little bit!”

Li Muyan also smiled, “Brother Xiang is indeed farsighted!”

A smug look appeared on Li Xiang’s face, “Come with me!”

In the hotel’s lobby, Tang Qianya said excitedly, “Let’s also study a strategy!”

Jiang Nan, “Why study that thing?”

“Come with your Brother Nan, and you won’t have any problem!”

“I’ll show you how to fly!”

“Let’s go and walk around. I wonder if there are any scallion pancakes in the night market here.”

Jiang Nan had already set his eyes on Heaven Lake’s night market!

As a qualified stall owner!

Where there was a night market, there was Jiang Nan!

Tang Qianya, “???”

Scallion pancakes?

Hey, hey, hey!

We’ll be entering the Spirit Ruins tomorrow!

Can you feel a little nervous?

Why did she feel like she was on vacation when she followed Jiang Nan?

She couldn’t help but look at Wu Liang for help!

Wu Liang, “What’s wrong? Do you want to eat scallion pancakes too?”

Tang Qianya, “…..”

I’ll eat!

Heaven Lake’s mouth was a night market!

Jiang Nan and the other two casually swayed around!

The night market here was completely different from what Jiang Nan had imagined!

“Peak Bronze Rank Black Tiger Whip! 200,000 yuan for one! Pay the full amount and get two tiger treasures! A divine artifact that can strengthen one’s kidneys and strengthen one’s yang!”

“Larch forest complete map! Spirit beast activity area map! Safe zone record point! 300,000 for one! No bargaining! “

“Bronze Rank Red Face Baboon Spiritual Bead with a Roar Spirit Skill for three million, no bargaining! “

“Selling attribute Spiritual Bead! All five elements! Come quickly…”

All vendors in Heaven Lake’s night market were selling like this!

The was also price frighteningly high!

Once it was out of Heaven Lake, it would be difficult to get this thing!

That was why the night market had been formed.

Jiang Nan had a look of novelty on his face, only looking at it but not buying!

It wasn’t because he didn’t like it!

It was only because…

He was f*cking poor!

But it was really lively!

It was so lively that he wanted to immediately set up a stall and sell Vigorous Potion!

On the other side, Li Xiang was arguing with a bald young man with a red face!

At this moment, they were arguing about a hand-drawn and crude map!

“I’ll take it for three hundred thousand!”

The bald young man, “You’re thinking of eating my ass! Five hundred thousand! I won’t sell it for a penny less!”

Behind him stood two young ladies!

Liu Quanwu and the others also began to bargain. But the bald young man refused to give up a single cent!

Li Xiang, “Give in! Be a friend! It’s not like we won’t have a chance to cooperate in the future!”

The bald young man said, “You are very insincere!”

Li Xiang was a little hesitant. Although his family was rich, it was a little too expensive to take out 500,000 yuan to buy a map!

At this moment, the eyes of the little sister behind him lit up. She hurriedly said, “Jing Jing! Look at that handsome short-haired guy!”

Xu Jingrou looked over, “Aiyaya! Why is he here? Zheng Wei! Look!”

The bald young man who was bargaining with Li Xiang saw this and his eyes instantly lit up!


Li Xiang’s face was full of pain, “How about… how about 350,000?”

But Zheng Wei completely ignored him and shouted, “Brother! Here! Here!”

Li Xiang was ruthless, “400! No more!”

Zheng Wei looked impatient, “Stop wasting my time. I don’t have time to deal with you now!”

Li Xiang, “????”

Jiang Nan was stunned and looked back!

This shiny bald head?

Zheng Wei?

Why was this kid setting up a stall here!

He smiled and greeted, “What’s wrong? Have you changed professions?”

Zheng Wei was full of smiles, “In setting up a street stall Nan Shen, you are my senior! Haha!”

Xu Jingrou complained, “You didn’t reply to me when I was chatting with you on WeChat! You said you would teach me flying bricks!”

Yuan Yuhan laughed, “Jing Jing talks about you every day!”

Li Xiang was stunned when he heard that!

Nan Shen?

Why was this name so familiar?

Looking back, if not for Jiang Nan, who else could it be?

Did they know each other?

Hadn’t Jiang Nan never entered the Spirit Ruins before?

The team that set up this stall was obviously an old-timer in Heaven Lake Spirit Ruins!

How could Jiang Nan know them?

Jiang Nan glanced at Li Xiang’s team and smiled, “I won’t delay you. Do your business first!”

Zheng Wei waved his hand, “Don’t worry about it. These guys stubbornly wanted to reduce the price!”

Li Xiang was furious and glared at Jiang Nan, “F*ck! 500 is 500! I want it!”

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