Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously

Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously Chapter 49


When Zheng Wei hears this.

How could he not be happy?

How could he not want the fat meat that was delivered to his mouth?

At this time, Li Xiang had transferred the money through WeChat, paid the money with one hand, and accept the goods with the other!

Although Li Xiang had a pained expression on his face!

However, his gaze towards Jiang Nan was filled with contempt!

Tsk! A bunch of paupers!

Can you afford it?

Liu Quanwu chimed in from the side, “Haha, Brother Xiang is a great person! With the map this time, it will be much easier to enter the Spirit Ruins!”

Ling Feng and Li Muyan also had smiles on their faces!

On the other hand, Zheng Wei ignored Li Xiang!

Instead, he warmly came up and hugged Jiang Nan’s shoulders!

“What’s wrong, Nan Shen? Why are you here?”

Jiang Nan smiled and said, “Isn’t it for the final exam?”

As soon as this was said, Zheng Wei and the two little sisters looked terrified!

“Eh? Are you really a high school student?”

Jiang Nan rolled his eyes, “I said I belong to the Centaur galaxy, but you don’t believe me either…”

[From Zheng Wei’s Resentment Points + 666!] [From Xu Jingrou’s Resentment Points +333!] [From… ]

Zheng Wei seemed to have thought of something and took out a notebook from his backpack.

“Nan Shen you can keep this! This is all the information that our team has collected from Heaven Lake Spirit Ruins!”

“There are records of the upper, middle, and lower paths. The safe zone, the gathering point of spirit beasts, species, habits, and supply point. You will definitely be able to use them!”

Zheng Wei flipped open his notebook!

It was densely packed and very clearly!

He had even drawn a detailed map!

He had already memorized the entire book!

Li Xiang and the others were stunned!

They then looked at the map they had bought with five hundred thousand yuan in their hands.

This was just a few pictures and a few words!

There was simply no comparison!

This was equivalent to one being detailed and the other being crude!

He would spend money to buy it!

He even spent five hundred thousand!

In the end, he gave it to Jiang Nan for free?


Jiang Nan declined, “This… is not good, is it?”

Zheng Wei looked serious, “No! You have to take it! If you don’t take it, you are looking down on me, Zheng Wei!”

Xu Jingrou laughed, “Nan Shen, just take it! If not for you, our team wouldn’t have gained so much!”

Jiang Nan looked at Zheng Wei’s big bald head with a look of understanding.

“Haha, then I’ll take it!”

Li Xiang was annoyed and said angrily, “Why did you give them such detailed information? You gave us this thing to deal with?”

“I spent money. I also want this!”

Zheng Wei looked at Li Xiang as if he was looking at a fool!

“You pay 500,000 yuan! No matter where you go to inquire, this is the price for this map! As for this, I won’t sell it!”

Li Xiang pointed at Jiang Nan, “Then what right do you have to give it to him?”

Zheng Wei raised his eyebrows, “What do you have to do with it?”

“He is Nan Shen. Who do you think you are?”

“This person is so annoying!”

Li Xiang was so angry that he gritted his teeth!

This… there was no way to reason at all!

Jiang Nan cleared his throat and handed over the notebook in his hand!

“Why don’t you give me 500,000 yuan, and I’ll sell this to you?”

Li Xiang, “!!!”

F*ck me!

You really know how to do business!

[From Li Xiang’s Resentment Point + 1000!]

Whether it was Li Xiang or Liu Quanwu, their expressions were as ugly as if they had eaten shit!

He said angrily, “Don’t think that just because you have a map, you can take advantage of the situation inside! We’ll wait and see!”

As he spoke, he left with his group.

Because he really could not stay any longer, he had lost all face…

Zheng Wei chuckled, “How is it, Nan Shen? Are you satisfied? Then the Vigorous Potion…”

Jiang Nan was generous. He took out a bucket of water from the alternate dimension and threw it on the stall!

“Sure, sure! If you need more, contact me on WeChat!”

Zheng Wei laughed, “OK!”

Tang Qianya looked at Jiang Nan with a face full of admiration on the way back.

Going to the night market for a stroll resulting in a map of the Spirit Ruins?

Wasn’t Jiang Nan’s face too broad?

This kind of mature charm was simply irresistible for a young girl of her age!

Wu Liang was not surprised because he knew that Jiang Nan’s ability was far more than this!

The next morning!

The three high school students gathered below Heaven Lake!

About 1,500 people stood according to their respective teams!

At this moment, all the students were wearing a satellite bracelet in their hands!

They were passing the inspection one by one!

And Jiang Nan’s team had become the focus of everyone’s attention!

Because all the teams were carrying huge hiking hills!

Only Jiang Nan’s team seemed to be on vacation!

They didn’t bring anything, and Jiang Nan was even listening to songs?

“What? Are they here to give up?”

“Are they really here to participate in the competition?”

“Isn’t Jiang City First High School student too useless? Is there such a player?”

“What are they going to eat? What are they going to drink? Where do they sleep in?”

“Wow! That little brother with a buzz cut is so handsome! I want to ask his WeChat!”

“Oh my god! His good looks have pierced through my heart! I believe in love at first sight today!”

There was also a bold girl who shouted directly,

“Little brother! Come with me in the Spirit Ruins! I will raise you!”

In the end, Jiang Nan was met with the murderous gaze of all the single dogs present!

The list of resentment points refreshed to the point of flying!

Heh! Mortal! Raise me?

Do you have a big white leg?

Do you have red banknotes?

Would you use a small amount of money to fold a frog?

After waiting for half an hour, it was finally Jiang Nan and the others’ turn to be checked!

Jiang Nan took out his ID card and swiped it!

[Beep beep! No such person found!]

The fully armed soldiers next to him instantly stared at Jiang Nan with their hawk-like eyes!



[Beep beep! No such person found!]

Not only was Jiang Nan stunned, Wu Liang and Tang Qianya were also stunned!

What was the situation?

Others people swipe it to display the Martial Spirit Warrior’s information, abilities, and levels. Everyone who entered the Spirit Ruins had to verify their identity!

In a split second, three heavily armed soldiers raised their guns and pointed them at Jiang Nan!

“Who are you?”

Jiang Nan raised his hand helplessly, “Recheck it. I have no problem with it! My classmates can prove it!”

In an instant, there was a commotion!

How could Li Xiang let go of this opportunity, “Haha! An unregistered resident?”

Liu Quanwu, “There will be no problems with the registered permanent residence after coming out of the orphanage, right? Tsk, tsk, tsk!”

“How pitiful!”

“There is such person? Haha, is it because he is not human?”

“Hurry up! I am still waiting to go over!”

There were many mocking voices for a time, and there was also an urging voice coming from behind!

The disturbance was even greater!

An officer with a scar on the corner of his mouth noticed this scene. He strode over and asked with a cold face, “What’s going on?”

The soldier, “This kid’s ID card doesn’t work well! No such person found!”

The officer was puzzled. No such person found? How is this possible!

He glanced at Jiang Nan and then at his ID card!

There was no problem with his ID card, but then he seemed to remember something!

He took another machine, which was mainly used by the military!

Then he used Jiang Nan ID card again!

“Beep beep beep! Identity file top secret!”

“Official positions below Senior Officer Rank are forbidden to check!”

The electronic announcer girl resounded through the entire venue!


The sound of people sucking in cold air could not help but ring out in the field!

The way they looked at Jiang Nan changed!

What was going on?

His ID can only be read with a machine dedicated to the military?

Moreover, it was encrypted!

Even those below Senior Officer Rank have no qualifications to check?

My God!

What does this mean?

This means that only a few people in China can check Jiang Nan’s information!

No one here was qualified!

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