Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously

Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously Chapter 50


The officer’s expression changed greatly, and he could not help but break out in cold sweat!

With this level of encryption, only those special forces have this authority!

And the young man in front of him…

He could not help but stand at attention and salute Jiang Nan. He said with a solemn face, “Have a safe journey! Let them pass!”

The three soldiers who pointed their guns at Jiang Nan hurriedly put down their guns!

They also saluted at Jiang Nan!

The place was dead silent and even the sound of a pin falling to the ground could be heard!

The people who had been urging them earlier did not dare to speak any more!

Who knew what Jiang Nan’s background was?

Li Xiang and the others were even more stifled to the point of being unable to speak!

This feeling of punching the air was simply unbearable!

Tang Qianya’s pretty face was full of astonishment and Wu Liang was also stunned for a moment!

Many students even recalled the scene of Jiang Nan being taken away by the Night Legion Army.

Could it really have something to do with Night Legion Army?

Jiang Nan silently withdrew his ID card!

He cursed silently in his heart!

Stupid Bobcat!

Why did you turn me into an unregistered resident?

I almost die here.

However, since the Spirit Ruins examination was so strict, Jiang Nan felt a lot more at ease!

The White Shark people shouldn’t be able to enter!

Just like that, a total of 1500 participants from the three schools passed through the entrance of the Spirit Ruins!

The moment Jiang Nan stepped through the Spirit Ruins entrance, a dense spatial fluctuation came.

This feeling was very familiar. Usually, teleportation also had this kind of feeling!

Then, his eyes suddenly lit up!

What entered his vision was a lush and verdant forest!

The mountain range stretched endlessly, and it was vast and boundless. There was a lot of snow on the mountain peaks!

From time to time, muffled roars of beasts could be heard from the forest.

It was like the feeling that he had come to another world!

The army had a camp at the entrance, and many wooden houses were built!

The Spirit Ruins had armies stationed there all year round, and there were even safety zones everywhere!

As soon as they entered, the students divided into three different directions in the form of a small team!

They could choose to travel in three different directions!

The upper and lower path has a low level of spirit beasts and a relatively high safety factor!

And the path opened up in the middle has many spirit beasts at a high level! The risk factor has also increased dramatically!

However, most of the students headed straight for the middle path!

There were not many spirit beasts along the way; naturally, it was first come, first served!

It was essential to take the lead!

There were many drones above, which were used to broadcast the scenes in the Spirit Ruins!

It sent the image back to the huge screen of the hotel to observe the situation of each team!

When Jiang Nan and the others had just entered!

Three military vehicles had arrived outside the hotel, and a group of people in Night Legion Army’s clothes had come down!

The school could only obey the command and let them control the surveillance system entirely!

At the same time, there was also a live broadcast of the competition on the school’s official website!

After all, the school also needed to make money, and at the same time, it could also play a promotional role!

At this moment, Jiang City First High School’s official website was broadcasting, and the number of people watching online in the room had already reached 100,000!

The barrage directly flew up!

“Haha! I came to see me, Nan Shen!”

“What a coincidence! Me too!”

“Where is he?”

“That handsome short-haired guy over there! Can’t you even find him? It’s obvious that you aren’t really a fan!”

“He is really handsome without any shortcoming. I envy the girl who teamed up with him!”

Looking at the number of people in the broadcast room, the principal was overjoyed!

Jiang Nan was like a popular idol!

At the same time, Zhong Yingxue and Xia Yao were also watching the broadcast at home!

Coke, Potato Chips, and so on have been arranged!

Xia Yao, “My God! Xiao Nan has so many female fans!”

“There’s a lot of them watching the live streaming channels are just here to see him!”

Zhong Yingxue smiled, “The two of us are also the same!”

Xia Yao smirked, “He said he wanted to take the first place? I want to see what he will do!”

The scene turned back to the Spirit Ruin!

About a thousand students in the field rushed in, and the remaining five hundred hesitated to go!

Those strong teams naturally went to the middle road!

Tang Qianya looked excited, “Nan Shen! Which one should we walk to?”

Jiang Nan shook his head, “Us? We won’t!”

Tang Qianya, “???”

Not leaving? Stay here until the end?

You guessed it right!

Really hammered!

Jiang Nan was indeed here to travel!

She then turned to Wu Liang for help!

Wu Liang, “En! Let’s not walk!”

Tang Qianya, “……”

[From Tang Qianya’s Resentment Points +333! ]

Jiang Nan smiled brightly, “How slow!”

As he spoke, he snapped his fingers!

The dimensional space door opened to its maximum!

Wu Liang turned around and walked in!

Broom! Broom! Broooom~!

Along with the sound of an engine roaring!

The headlights were turned on!

In front of Tang Qianya’s shocked eyes!

A heavily modified Ford Raptor pickup truck was driven out!

Tang Qianya, “!!!”

Mom, there seems to be something strange in here!

Jiang Nan got in the car, “Let’s drive!”

“Let’s go! Get in the car!”

Until Tang Qianya sat in the back row, her mind was in a daze!

Jiang Nan brought the car in?

This… What kind of magical operation was this?

People use their legs to travel!

Then you drive?

No wonder you were not in a hurry!

The students who were still at the entrance saw that Jiang Nan’s team had actually brought their cars in!

They almost spat out a mouthful of blood!

Were you serious?


Jiang Nan took out a loudspeaker from the car!

“Middle Road Middle Road! Hurry up and get in the car!”

“One thousand per seat! The seats are limited! It will never come again, so opportunity can’t be missed!”

“Just get off wherever you wanted to go!”

“It will let you take the lead! You can also preserve your strength!”

The students were all going crazy!

He was f*cking doing business!

A thousand? It wasn’t expensive!

A minute later!

Wu Liang stepped on the accelerator to the limit!

Black smoke rose from the exhaust of the raptors, and the wheels flung the mud seven or eight meters away!

It roared as it advanced towards the middle path, and it could be said that they were moving as fast as lightning!

There were twelve people in the cargo box!

Jiang Nan sat in the front passenger seat and counted the money, smiling brilliantly!

The students who were still in the same place were dumbfounded!

This… What the hell was this? There was a car in the Spirit Ruins. Their mobility would be greatly enhanced! It was a significant advantage!

Someone immediately reported it to the drone!

“Teacher! Jiang Nan cheated!”

“Yeah, he cheated. How can he drive?”

“It’s not fair! He is cheating!”

Even the teacher and the staff were speechless!

However, they still said, “Jiang Nan did not violate the rules! You can also drive if you want!”

Student, “???”

Yes indeed, they can drive too.


Where the f*ck they could get a car!

The teacher’s meaning was straightforward. It was his ability to bring the car in!

If you have the ability, then bring one too!

At the same time, the live broadcast comments section in the outside world exploded!

“Damn! Nan Shen is too showy! He drives a car and charges a fee? A real businessman! Haha!”

“This is too much!”

“Damn, he even brings a loudspeaker.”

“The space system is so awesome!”

“Nan Shen is Nan Shen! You will never know what he will do next!”

The comments were endless, and Zhong Yingxue and Xia Yao laughed on the bed. They were laughing so hard that tears came out!

That was really so incredible!

“Xiao Nan is too bad! Haha!”

Zhong Yingxue covered her face, holding back her laughter as her shoulders trembled…

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