Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously

Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously Chapter 51


The Raptor truck has been heavily modified!

To the point of excessiveness!

Even in the forest, it was not slow!

And the teams that had set off at the beginning were full of energy, rushing forward crazily!

All they wanted was to reach the gathering point of the spirit beasts as soon as possible and occupy a good position!

Therefore, they all glared at each other and refused to let anyone take advantage!

It was still alright if the ability was to strengthen the body!

However, those Elemental users were all exhausted!

They were sweating and sticking out their tongue like a dead dog!

Li Xiang’s team also had set off early!

At this moment, they were at the front of the group. Li Xiang was so tired that his head was full of sweat, and he was currently drinking water!

But while he was drinking, he could vaguely hear the sound of a car engine!

Many people felt the same way and couldn’t help but look suspicious!

This was the Spirit Ruins world, so how could there be the sound of a car engine?


They must have misheard it. It could be the roar of some spirit beast, right?

But the sound of the engine was getting louder and louder!

The students couldn’t help but look back.

They saw a black raptor truck carrying a dozen or so people on a mad gallop!

Jiang Nan held a loudspeaker.

“Come, come, come. Make way, everyone. It won’t be good if we hit anyone!”

Teams, “???”


What was the situation?

Where the hell did this car come from?

Li Xiang, Li Muyan, and the others were stunned!

Wasn’t that Jiang Nan?

Just as they were in a daze.

The Raptor Truck accelerated.

The mud splashed all over Li Xiang and the others!

They instantly became mud people!

The scent of the earth can be smelled!

The only thing that could distinguish between a man and a woman was the two pieces of flesh on their chest!

“F*ck! Jiang Nan”

Li Xiang was instantly enraged and roared at the top of his lungs!

But the car had already disappeared!

[From Li Xiang’s Resentment Points +1000!] [From Li Muyan’s Resentment Points +1000! ] [From… ] [From…]

What kind of immortal team was this?

Where did their car come from!

At that time, many people reported that they cheated!

But there was no response!

“Who are they? Where did the car come from? Isn’t it too cool?”

“That’s Jiang Nan from Jiang City First High School! The car was probably stored in the alternate dimension!”

“This… this operation is too flashy, isn’t it?”

“Space system! This is too enviable!”

“What the hell is this? What’s the name of their team?”

“Jiangnan Said That The Team!”

“Not that. I’m asking what their team name is.”

“Jiangnan Said That The Team was their team!”


Along the way, the list of resentment points was crazily refreshing!

Jiang Nan was grinning from ear to ear!

If he could compete every day and take the exam, wouldn’t he be so happy that he would fly?

How could he make himself feel good?

If others were unhappy, he would feel good!

It was not Jiang Nan who cheated!

It was the system pit!

What does it have to do with me, Jiang Nan?

The people in the car we’re getting out one after another!

Jiang Nan and the others also stopped driving!

It was because they had also encountered a spirit beast!

It was a group of red-faced baboons!

Red-faced baboons:

A spirit beast that formed a group, most of its level was bronze rank!

Its attack power was extremely high, and its physical quality was also strong!

The Baboon Leader had a spiritual skill, the Intimidating Roar!

It could temporarily stun and freeze the enemy!

As for the group that Jiang Nan and the others had encountered!

There were about seven to eight of them!

Last night, Jiang Nan read Zheng Wei’s notes!

Therefore, the moment he saw this group of red-faced baboons, its information appeared in his mind!

Jiang Nan couldn’t help but be interested. This was the first time he had seen a spirit beast!

It was different from the baboons in the outside world!

The red-faced baboon was extremely tall, and even if it were squatting on the ground, it would still be one and a half meters tall!

Under the golden fur was developed bulging muscles!

The Red-faced baboons were abnormally fierce!

At this moment, because of the engine sound, the baboons had already noticed Jiang Nan and the others!

They revealed vigilant gazes!

“What should we do? Deal it all together?” Jiang Nan said casually!

Wu Liang nodded, “I’ll listen to you!”

Jiang Nan smiled, “I’ll pull the monsters! You will protect Xiao Tangtang! Leave the rest to me!”

Tang Qianya couldn’t help but feel a little nervous, “Then… then what should I do?”

Jiang Nan, “You follow behind the big guy! For your wood abilities… there is more vegetation here. You can control their movements!”

Tang Qianya nodded like a chicken pecking rice, “Alright!”

The three of them got out of the car!

Wu Liang’s Iron Shield and Sword were brought out, and he immediately transformed into a two-meter-tall bear!

On the other hand, Tang Qianya’s hands glowed with a green light. Right now, she was slightly nervous!

Jiang Nan pulled out his Tang Knife and smiled, “Are you ready?”

Wu Liang swung his iron shield, “F*ck it!”

In a blink of an eye, Jiang Nan appeared in the middle of the baboons that were a hundred meters away!

This scene happened so suddenly that the baboons had no time to react!

The Tang Knife in his hand cut through the air and drew a stunning arc!

The knife in his hand fell, and blood splattered everywhere!

The head of the red-faced baboon, which was as tall as a man, was cut off!

Jiang Nan casually grabbed it and grinned!

Tang Qianya felt goosebumps all over her body!

A bronze-ranked red-faced baboon couldn’t withstand a single strike from Jiang Nan?

Wasn’t this too direct and efficient?

The pungent smell of blood instantly infuriated the baboons. They picked up a boulder at the side and smashed it at Jiang Nan!

The Baboon Leader, who was nearly two meters tall and was obviously larger than the other red-faced baboons, roared!

The sound was so loud that it sounded like thunder!

It was the Intimidating Roar!

It was as if a fist had fiercely smashed Jiang Nan’s heart, and he became absent-minded for a moment.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the red-faced baboon fiercely punched!

The green light in Tang Qianya’s hand flashed, and she controlled the surrounding vines to wrap around the Baboon Leader’s body quickly!

In less than three breaths, the Baboon Lord broke free!

At this time, Jiang Nan had already returned to his senses and teleported back!

He was still holding the Baboon’s head in his hand!

“Big one, hold on! I’ll kill the Leader first!”

The roar was too troublesome, and a moment of distraction in battle was definitely fatal!

Jiang Nan had suffered a great loss and decided to kill the Leader first!

The berserk baboons rushed over in a few steps, and the clubs and boulders in their hands smashed fiercely at the iron shield!

Wu Liang’s face turned red, and he roared!

The Sword in his hand slapped wildly and smashed a baboon into the air!

Jiang Nan teleported again and appeared in the air!

The Tang knife in his hand stabbed into the back of the baboon that had been sent flying into the air.

By the time the baboon landed on the ground, it was already dead!

The Baboon Leader’s eyes were red, and he let out another Intimidating Roar!

The three of them were momentarily dazed!

With a slap, Wu Liang was pushed back three steps!

But what followed was Wu Liang’s shield rush!

“Bang!” The Baboon Leader’s body became unstable and fell backward with a bang!

Jiang Nan seized the opportunity and teleported to the shoulder of the Baboon Leader!

The Tang Knife in his hand stabbed into its neck!

However, the baboon leader fist fiercely smashed in Jiang Nan’s head direction!

Jiang Nan didn’t have time to draw his knife. So he abandoned it and turned around; he took the baboon fist and threw it over his shoulder toward Wu Liang!

Wu Liang Sword violently slashed the Baboon Leader and cut it in half!

The Baboon Leader was dead, and the remaining four little red-faced baboons were nothing to be afraid of. They were killed in just thirty seconds!

Now, six baboon corpses were lying on the ground.

Tang Qianya’s heart was pounding!

Was this… the legendary lying chicken?

Was it already finished?

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