Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously

Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously Chapter 52


In less than sixty seconds, Tang Qianya ate melons seeds all the way, only slightly controlling the bushes and entwining the Baboon Leader!

And then the Baboon was wiped out?

When did hunting spirit beasts become so simple?

Teleportation was simply heaven-defying!

She watched as Jiang Nan skillfully used the Triangular Army Thorn to pull the Spiritual Bead out of the Baboon Leader’s head!

Tang Qianya was still dumbfounded!

“Hmm… Baboon meat should be very hard to eat! It’s okay if we don’t bring it, right?”

Tang Qianya, “???”

It was fine if you take its Spiritual Bead!

You were also thinking about taking its body away?

This short battle was tracked and broadcasted by drones.

The barrage in the live broadcast room exploded!

“Isn’t Nan Shen too fierce? Heaven Lake Spirit Ruins Red-faced baboons group is famous for being difficult to deal with! Many of the fully equipped bronze-level teams don’t dare to touch it! And yet they defeat it in 57 seconds?”

“Tang Knife! Too cool! Did you see it just now? The shoulder throw showed me a face!”

“Teleportation is simply heaven-defying! I couldn’t catch the shadow of Nan Shen in the live broadcast the whole time!”

“That bear is definitely a national treasure class heavy armored shield and sword animal”

“It’s so good! 666!”

The number of viewers in the live stream room skyrocketed again!

The video of Jiangnan Said That The Team killing Red-faced baboons in 57 seconds was even more viral online!

It was crazily forwarded by Nan Shen’s fans!

Zhong Yingxue and Xia Yao, who were sitting at home, looked at each other as if they had seen a ghost!

“Has Xiao Nan really never entered the Spirit Ruins?”

“Isn’t he too strong?”

Zhong Yingxue’s beautiful eyes were shining!

There was no hesitation during the battle!

The timing was very right!

If they did not know its bottom, they would think that Jiang Nan was an old veteran!

At this moment, Jiang Nan and the others were on their way again!

Jiang Nan, who was sitting in the car, recalled the battle just now!

He was very dissatisfied!

He had underestimated the effect of Intimidating Roar!

If they fight again, Jiang Nan would definitely kill the Baboon Leader at the first possible moment!

At the same time, he also realized the shortcomings of his team!

The group damage output was weak!

Jiang Nan had just played the role of an assassin!

If there were a Spiritual Mage in the group, it would be even easier!

Thinking of this, Jiang Nan couldn’t help but look forward to the days after going to the Songjiang Spirit Ruin!

After killing seven baboons, they had only obtained three Spiritual Bead!

One of them even had Intimidating Roar’s spirit technique!

“How is it? Does big guy want this spirit technique?”

Wu Liang shook his head, “No! It’s not suitable for me.”

“How about you Xiao Tangtang?”

Tang Qianya shook her head frantically, “I… I don’t need it!”

She was a soft girl!

Would she let out a wild roar in battle if she absorbed this spirit technique?

Would she scare the enemy and the spirit beasts to the point of peeing in their pants?

Wouldn’t her character be ruined?

King Kong Barbie!

Xiao Tangtang refused in her heart!

They drove all the way wildly and saw almost the same spirit beasts or group of spirit beasts, but Jiang Nan had no intention of letting them go!

Later on, when he saw a Black Iron Rank spirit beast, he didn’t let the car stop!

Jiang Nan directly teleported out, and after a few seconds, he teleported back…

Wherever they passed, he would leave no survivors!

Along the way, he had never encountered spirit beasts that were similar to Red-faced Baboons Leader!

After all, it was the outer perimeter, and there weren’t many spirit beasts. Their levels weren’t high either!

At around four in the afternoon, Jiang Nan and the others reached a safe zone!

They obtained 11 Spiritual Beads, 5 of which were Bronze Rank and the rest were all Black Iron Rank…

At this moment!

Jiang Nan’s resentment value list was crazily refreshed!

They were all people he didn’t know!

Jiang Nan was baffled!

What the hell?

I didn’t do anything, yet they blame me?

Could it be that he was too handsome to be hated?

Little did he know!

The team behind Jiang Nan was going crazy!

There was nothing left along the way!

There was not a single spirit beast to be seen!

All they saw were corpses that had their throats cut off by a single slash!

That was called plucking feathers from a goose!

Even the fruits along the way were picked off.

They ran from six o’clock in the morning to seven o’clock in the evening…

There was no harvest at all!

It would be strange if they did not blame Jiang Nan!

They even once doubted life!

Were we here to participate in the competition, or were we here to run a marathon?

They were so tired that their legs and stomachs were trembling. Finally, they arrive at the safety zone in exhaustion!

It was a wide-open space next to a large lake!

The soldiers surrounded it with wooden fences and built a safe zone for Martial Spirit Warrior to rest and reorganize!

After all, the Spirit Ruins at night were very dangerous, and many spirit beasts were nocturnal!

There were also soldiers armed with guns, and the military Martial Spirit Warrior was on duty!

The participating team arrives here one by one.

Li Xiang’s team was particularly outstanding!

They had become true clay figurines!

The mud was all over their bodies and became dry. It was a tragic scene!

They were all waiting to enter the safe zone and have a good night’s rest before fighting tomorrow!

As soon as they entered the safe zone, they were dumbfounded!

They saw a huge inflatable tent standing by the lake!

A three bedrooms and one living room large luxurious tent!

There were also three 500-watt camping lights turned on!

Wu Liang was squatting shirtless by the bonfire!

There was a whole roasted deer on the bonfire, emitting a charming aroma…

A huge rainbow parasol was erected on the lake’s edge along with a beach chair!

On the beach chair, Jiang Nan was wearing a white bathrobe!

He was holding a goblet in his hand, and inside it was a chilled coke!

He was gracefully admiring the afterglow of the setting sun!

He said without turning his head, “Big guy! Put more cumin and chili!”

Wu Liang said, “Okay, Brother Nan!”



What the hell was this!

The participating team that had gone through a day of a marathon had completely exploded!

Do you have to be so f*cking exquisite!

The style was wrong!

A big tent with three bedrooms and one living room?

More cumin and chili?

Drink coke in a goblet?

Watching the sunset on a beach chair?

For a moment, they thought they had arrived in Sanya!

Were you here for a competition or a vacation?

Look at their side again!

A small hammock for camping!

Sleeping Bag, Army Provisions, and Instant Noodles!

After running for a day, how could they still have the energy to toss about?

They wished they could immediately lie on the ground and sleep!

As a result, they were lying in their sleeping bags and smelled the fragrance of roasted deer!

The compressed biscuits in their hands were no longer fragrant!


We were both humans; why were you such a dog!

Can you eat it secretly?

Don’t let us see you!

The participating students were all cursing in their hearts!

At this moment, Tang Qianya, who was wearing a bathrobe, walked out while drying her hair!

Her pretty face, which had just taken a shower, was still pink!

“Brother Wu, are you done roasting?”


“In a minute! You can go play a game first.”

Teams, “???”

This f*cker even brought a shower!

What? You even bring a game console?

Why didn’t you move your home here?

Heavens, why didn’t you send a bolt of lightning to kill this group of bastards!

Li Xiang looked at Jiang Nan, and the others then looked at himself covered in mud…

On the side, Liu Quanwu was flipping through his backpack.

“Brother Xiang! What flavor do you like in your instant noodles? Braised beef? Chicken stewed with mushrooms?”

Li Xiang’s face darkened, “Eat your mother’s egg! Go to sleep!”

Liu Quanwu, “???”

Li Muyan, (¬_¬)

Ling Feng, (⇀‸↼‶)

Jiang Nan watched as his resentment points refreshed like crazy until it dropped!

Aiya! I can’t help it! I don’t want it to be so exquisite either!

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