Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously

Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously Chapter 54


What kind of special hobby was this?

The next one?

How much does Jiang Nan like to annoy people?

Tang Qianya felt that she had been coming here under the resentful gazes of others for the past five days!

Wu Liang, “Brother Nan! If this goes on, it will be a little difficult for us to get first place!”

Jiang Nan, “It’s okay, I know! It’s just a Spiritual Bead!”

The barrage in the live broadcast room completely exploded!

“People are fighting while him taking photos? When can I be as good as Nan Shen?”

“Why do I want to beat him up so much?”

“Haha, it’s too much! What kind of operation is this?”

“You’re not going to hunt spirit beasts anymore? A show? Are you giving up?”

At this moment, it was already the fifth day that everyone had entered Spirit Ruin!

They had also arrived at the fifth and last safe zone!

Further ahead, there would no longer be a safe zone!

Most teams would choose a safe zone as the center of operation. They would go out to hunt spirit beasts during the day and come back at night to rest!

Very few teams would continue to go deeper because the safety of the night would not be guaranteed, and the risk factor would significantly increase!

Jiang Nan had already explored almost every place nearby in the past two days!

He now had a general idea in his heart!

He returned to the safe zone early to set up camp on this day.

When the teams returned to the safe zone with tired bodies!

A mouthwatering aroma filled the entire wilderness!

In front of the big tent, there was a huge barbecue furnace!

The meat skewers had been arranged and were being roasted by the charcoal fire!

There were also seven to eight small tables in the open space!

The wind blew wildly, and the aroma spread to the entire camp!

In the loudspeaker, Jiang Nan’s voice repeated over and over again!

“Come, come, come! Heaven Lake’s specialty kebab!”

“Extremely fragrant and delicious!”

“Who wants to buy kebab~.”

“Mom! I want to eat kebab!”

“Eat! Eat big kebab! Are ten kebabs enough?”

“That’s enough! Thank you, mom! Mom is so good!”

Tang Qianya shyly covered her face!

She never thought that she would sell meat skewers in Spirit Ruin one day!

And wasn’t that statement too shameful?

Jiang Nan himself made the whole process, and even the little girl’s voice was imitated perfectly!

The group was stunned!

What was the situation?

They had just returned to the safe zone; why did they feel like they were in a night market?

Were they opening a food stall in Spirit Ruin?

Were you being serious?

So you have been thinking about this for the past two days?

But it was so f*cking fragrant!

After eating compressed biscuits and instant noodles for five days, it smelled fragrant, and their saliva flowed out!

At that time, someone asked, “How much are you selling?”

Jiang Nan waved his hand, “One Black Iron Rank Spiritual Bead per person! Eat all you can!”

“A four-man team will get a discount! And only need to pay Three Black Iron Rank Spiritual Bead!”

Team, “???”

Was he staring at our Spiritual Bead?

No wonder he hasn’t hunted spirit beasts for the past two days!

Were you waiting here for this?

Do you have any shame?

Wasn’t this cutting leeks naked?

Have we worked so hard to get Spiritual Beads just for you to rob it?

Do you want to cut leeks here?

No way! No way!


But that kebab was really fragrant!

What does it taste like when you eat it in your mouth?

How great would that be!

Then they wiped their drool, “F*ck! Isn’t it just three? We’ll give it to you! At worst, we’ll have to work harder tomorrow!”

“Give a string!”

How could a team with a good harvest need to consider?

They only ate instant noodles for five days, and their mouths were already sick of it!

In a short while, the eight tables were filled!

Some teams had no place to sit, so they directly sat on the ground to eat kebabs!

Every one of them was like a hungry wolf, eating their skewers out with lightning speed!

The other teams were all drooling!

Seeing that the situation was almost ready, Jiang Nan threw out another heavy stuff again!

“Come! Everyone, take a look, ice-cold beer! Meat skewers with beer. The more you drink, the more you want to have!”

“One Bronze level Spiritual Bead! One dozen beers!”

At that time, someone was shocked, “Eh? Why is it so expensive?”

Jiang Nan, “It’s chilled! Do you think it is expensive? Can you find another one for me in this Heaven Lake Spirit Ruins?”

No one was willing to buy it at first!

But who could withstand the salty meat skewers?

Thirsty and salty!

When Jiang Nan asked Wu Liang to roast it, he would pour a lot of salt into it!

They were so thirsty that they looked at the chilled beer!

“F*ck! Give me a dozen!”

“Boss, your kebab is too f*cking salty! Can you give me less salt?”

Jiang Nan, “I have no choice! My stuff is so cheap!”

“Put more! Put more on it! Put more cumin and chili!”

[From Li Guang’s Resentment Points + 666] [From Han Jiaxuan’s Resentment Points +885!] [From… ]

Wu Liang was so busy that he was sweating profusely, while Tang Qianya put on a small apron and started working as a waitress!

Spiritual Bead was rushing into their pocket!

Previously, he was worried that they wouldn’t be able to get first place!

But then he taught of something. Can I open a food stall in this Heaven Lake Spirit Ruin?

I think it was alright!

Now, this was equivalent to the entire middle path team working for Jiang Nan!

It was obvious that he was cutting leeks!

But so what?

People who had been hungry for five days were unable to resist the fragrance of the kebabs!

Jiang Nan was taking a stroll in the camp with kebabs in hand!

“Come! Brother! Do you want a bite?

That person had a black face, and his teeth itched with hatred!

[From… ]

“Ah! It smells so good! the oil flow when you bite!”

[From… ]

He strolled over to Li Xiang’s side!

“Do you want to eat some? Your team has a good harvest, and they don’t lack those three Spiritual Beads, right?”

Li Xiang sneered, “Yes, they are not bad! You are not bad either; why didn’t you give them to us for free?”

Jiang Nan curled his lips, “A free lunch? Little friend, I’m afraid you’re overthinking!”

Li Xiang narrowed his eyes, “Don’t be happy too early! If this goes on, the school will definitely look for you!”

Jiang Nan shrugged, “Looking for me? Did I violate the rules? I only provide the needs! Spiritual Bead was voluntarily given to me!”

Liu Quanwu pointed at Jiang Nan’s nose and scolded,

“I, Liu Quanwu, can starve to death! Even if I die here, I won’t eat anything from you!”

Li Xiang and Ling Feng both gave Liu Quanwu a thumbs up!

Jiang Nan curled his lips, “If you don’t want to eat, then don’t eat!”

As he spoke, he turned around and shouted, “Limited time offer. Anyone who comes to my place to spend can use the shower for free!”

When these words came out, Li Muyan couldn’t sit still for a moment!

She could take a bath?

After five days, she was smelly!

Moreover, she was covered in mud on the first day!

This was definitely fatal to girls!

“How about we go and eat some too? It’s not like we can’t afford three Spiritual Bead!”

Li Xiang frowned, “Isn’t this letting Jiang Nan take advantage of us? His Spiritual Bead will only increase in number!”

Ling Feng said in a low voice, “Even if we don’t give it to them, they will definitely be number one…”

Li Xiang, “…”

This was very uncomfortable, but Li Xiang couldn’t lose face!

“If you want to go, go by yourself!”

Li Muyan didn’t care about that. She directly took the Spiritual Bead and went to take a bath!

Ling Feng and Liu Quanwu looked at each other.

This… the money had been spent. Wouldn’t it be cheap for them if they didn’t eat?

Humph, humph! See if I don’t eat you until you’re poor, you son of a b * tch!

In the end, Liu Quanwu and Ling Feng, the two brothers, squatted on the ground and ate a large meat skewer!

“Ah, it smells so good! Ah, ah!”

“Why does it smell so good!”

“It’s so delicious! Let’s eat more!”

Jiang Nan, “…”

I’ll just take what you just said as a fart!

Sure enough, everything can not escape the charm of fragrance!

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