Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously

Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously Chapter 55


They worked until late at night!

They earn more than 70 Black Iron Rank Spiritual Bead!

13 Bronze Rank Spiritual Bead!

Wu Liang never thought that Jiang Nan would obtain first place by selling skewers!

The two of them were currently cleaning up the stall!

On the other hand, Jiang Nan carried a large pile of skewers and walked towards the troops on duty.

In the past few days, Jiang Nan had gained unimaginable amounts of resentment!

It was constantly refreshing!

There was one point that Jiang Nan paid special attention to!

A name that should not have appeared on the list of resentment points suddenly appeared!

[From Ivanov Kharivi’s Resentment Points + 666!]

There had been a total of three times in these past two days!

Moreover, this situation only occurred when they arrived at the last safe zone!

Jiang Nan smelled a conspiracy!

Someone from the White Shark?

He also wanted to know who this person was!

For this reason, he had been crazily taking photos of all kinds of places in the past two days!

He wanted to confirm whether Ivanov was hiding in the participating team or not!

The result was not!

Then there was only one answer!

Jiang Nan holding a beer and kebab, walk toward the soldiers on night watch!

“Brother! Do you want to eat? It smells so good!”

The soldier looked at Jiang Nan indifferently. His expression did not change and still stood straight!

[From Wang Jianhua’s Resentment Points +333!]


Not this!

The real name recognition of the strongest stall system was simply heaven-defying!

It was perfect for finding people!

“Brother! You’ve been standing here for a day. It’s my treat. Do you want some?”

“The army has a rule!”

“Are you sure you don’t want to eat?”

Jiang Nan shook the kebab in front of the soldier’s nose!

[From Liu Yuquan’s Resentment Points + 666]

Brother Bing!


I was also forced to do this!

If you want to hate someone, then hate Ivanov!

After half a round of probing, no one made a move!

Finally, he arrived at a soldier who was 1.8 meters tall with a large and round waist!

He saw the soldier’s expression change a little. The soldier swallowed his saliva and asked, “Then… can I have a bunch?”

Jiang Nan, “You really want to eat! Isn’t there a rule in the army?”

The soldier’s face turned black!

So you don’t intend to give it to us?

Then why are you hanging around here with your kebab?

[From Ivanov Kharivi’s Resentment Points + 999!]

Jiang Nan’s eyes lit up!

Found you!

But looking at this soldier, there aren’t many Russian characteristics…

Did he get plastic surgery or some sort of spiritual skill?

The system would never make a mistake!

“I was afraid that you would be punished. How about this! I’ll block it for you! Eat something!”

As he spoke, he handed the kebab in his hand to Ivanov!

Ivanov then wolfed down a bunch of it!


Why does it smell like a bean?


Wasn’t this kid’s skewers too salty?

Jiang Nan watched him finish eating and asked others cheerfully.

After asking around and no one ate, Jiang Nan held the string and sighed, “Then throw it away! It’s a waste!”

Looking at Jiang Nan’s swaying back, Ivanov sneered!

You can only be happy for a while!

After leaving the safe zone, Jiang Nan’s face turned gloomy!

He arrived under an inconspicuous crooked neck tree!

He then threw the skewers away!

He clapped his hands and teleported back to the safe zone.

In the tent, Jiang Nan called Wu Liang and Tang Qianrou over!

“What’s wrong, Brother Nan? What’s the matter?”

Jiang Nan, “If something happens tonight night, you will take Xiao Tangtang and run. When you return to the next safe zone, find the patrol team for protection, okay?”

“Don’t worry about me! Don’t follow me either!”

Wu Liang’s expression froze, “What happened?”

Tang Qianya was also nervous, “Weren’t we fine just now?”

Today, Jiang Nan was a little abnormal!

“The things can’t be explained in a short time!”

“Remember what I said! Protect yourself! Don’t sleep tonight! Don’t drive away. Just stay alert.”

Wu Liang wanted to say something, but when he saw Jiang Nan’s eyes, he held back his words!

He lowered his head and said, “Got it, Brother Nan!”

At night, all three of them stared with their eyes wide open. Not a single one of them slept!

Jiang Nan was puzzled!

The security at Spirit Ruin’s entrance was tight; how did the White Shark people sneak in?

Thinking about it again, there were even people in the army on duty!

Was it easy to send some people in?

“Would they really choose to attack in Heaven Lake Spirit Ruins? White Shark is really bold! I wonder if the blonde beauty has come?”

“Sister Bobcat! It’s a critical moment! Don’t screw up!”

Outside the safe zone, under the crooked neck tree!

A bush moved twice!

It was a camouflage cloth covered with leaves.

Two people were lying below, a man and a woman!

They were none other than An Ning and Chen Chen of Night Legion Army!

At this moment, both of their gazes were focused on the string that Jiang Nan had thrown at them.

An Ning whispered, “What’s going on? Did Jiang Nan discover us?”

Chen Chen, “I don’t think so…”

“He must have found us. This place is so far away from the entrance of the safe zone. Why did he deliberately come here to throw it?”

An Ning slowly reached out and pulled the plastic bag with the string!

There was a small note inside!

“Soldier number 009527! Someone from White Shark!”

The two of them looked at each other!

Their eyes were filled with shock!

What was going on?

How did Jiang Nan find out that Night Legion Army was following him?

He even found their hidden location!

How did Jiang Nan know there was a spy?

He even finds out who it was?

The reason why he used such a covert method to transmit the news.

Was he afraid of being detected by the White Shark?

An Ning immediately took out her portable military computer and searched!

There was indeed a big problem with this # 009527!

An Ning, “Damn it! How did he sneak in? He was even on duty in this safe zone. We didn’t even notice?”

Chen Chen, “Should we get rid of him?”

“Inform Captain Bobcat first! Why hasn’t there been any movement in the past few days? I’m afraid that White Shark has already taken action!”

The two of them had just finished informing!

Ivanov came out holding his stomach, his forehead covered in a cold sweat!

He cursed as he walked!

“Motherf * cker! That kid didn’t cook the skewers, right? Is it poisonous or what?”

He had just eaten a bunch!

When he was on duty, his stomach hurt!

Fart was released one after another!

He even suspected that his underpants had been torn apart!

The soldier on duty next to him even rolled his eyes.

Wasn’t his fart too dense?

Ivanov started choosing a place to relieve himself!

But tons of pressure surged, and his sphincter was under a lot of pressure!

Ivanov’s face turned green; he couldn’t endure it any longer!

He had no time to choose the place, so he picked the crooked neck tree near him.

He quickly ran over and untied his belt, revealing his white butt!

He was preparing to release a wave to his heart’s content!

As a result, under the camouflage cloth!

Two pairs of frightened eyes looked at the butt that was right in front of them!

An Ning and Chen Chen were going crazy!

Damn it!

You really know how to fucking pick a place!

We originally wanted to keep you alive…

If we don’t make a move now.

Shit was about to hit them!

At the same time!

Jiang Nan’s resentment points list was crazily refreshing!

[FromIvanov Kharivi’s Resentment Points +1,000! ]

Oh? Was it too strong?

Jiang Nan laughed secretly!

He had sprinkled ten pieces of Detoxification Small Soybean on the meat skewers!

[From An Ning’s Resentment Point + 1,000!] [From An Ning…] [From Chen Chen’s Resentment Point +1000. ] [From Chen Chen… ]

Jiang Nan, “???”

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