Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously

Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously Chapter 56


What was going on!

Weren’t An Ning and Chen Chen Night Legion Army’s?

Were the two of them the ones monitoring him under the crooked neck tree?

Why was their resentment so strong?

They felt that they lost their faces after being discovered?

It couldn’t be!

Jiang Nan didn’t know!

The reason why An Ning and Chen Chen were so angry was that they were furious!

It was because they were about to be baptized by the violent wind and rain!

The place Ivanov was squatting was facing their heads!

What the hell was this?

Chen Chen was furious!

The situation was extremely urgent!

He took out his M416 and poked it!


The muzzle hit the bullseye!

An Ning, “???”

My God! Where were you stabbing?

What did I just see!

Ivanov, “Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ow!”

The sudden feeling almost made Ivanov fly into the sky!

Did someone stab him?

I was just f*cking going to the toilet!

Was someone waiting for this?

Chen Chen said ruthlessly, “If you don’t want to die, then hold it back!”

But how could Ivanov endure it?

He had already reached his limit!

And because of the M416, the defense line had been broken!

Ivanov released the pressure under Chen Chen and An Ning’s terrified gaze!

“F*ck me!”

Chen Chen and An Ning did not dare to stay in the same place anymore!

They quickly threw away their guns and retreated; only then did they survive!

Ivanov’s face was pale!

“Damn it, Night Legion Army? I knew it was you!”

However, Ivanov’s words were not convincing at all!

Because he did not have the time to lift his pants!

There was also an M416 stuck in his butt…

As he spoke, he burst forth with his aura. It was actually a peak Silver Rank Martial Spirit Warrior!

He didn’t choose to stay here but directly merge into the ground. He used his earth-type ability to rush towards the safe zone quickly!

There was a hysterical madness in his eyes!

An Ning and Chen Chen missed their chance and crazily chased after him!

But at this time, Ivanov had already arrived at the center of the safe zone using his earth technique!

He was now holding a pink grenade in his hand!

Then a loud explosion sounded!


A loud explosion caused many people to wake up from their sleep!

The grenade exploded, and a large amount of red liquid splashed out, covering the entire safe zone!

A strange fragrance filled the air and drifted along with the wind!

The patrol troop gun black muzzle was aimed at Ivanov!

Just as they were about to start firing!

An Ning’s figure flew down from the sky!

With a wave of her hand, the air around Ivanov froze!

It turned out that she was an Air Ability User!

At this moment, Chen Chen also arrived!

He slapped the bag at his waist, and hundreds of steel beads shot Ivanov into a sieve under his control!

“You… are dead!”

Ivanov fell to the ground!

The sudden change woke everyone up!

The students woke up one after another and looked at Ivanov lying dead on the ground with fear in their eyes!

Some of them even vomited!

“Damn! Someone died! What… what happened?”

“It’s too terrifying!”

“Who can tell us what’s going on?”

“This dead person is wearing the uniform of the patrol team!”

“What is this pink sticky liquid? Why can’t I get rid of it?”

They were all just students; how could they have experienced this? They had never seen a living person die in front of their eyes!

They couldn’t help but tremble when they spoke!

In a split second, the muzzles of the soldiers on duty aimed at An Ning and Chen Chen, who had suddenly appeared!

“Who are you?”

Chen Chen flashed his military officer badge, “Night Legion Army! We need you to cooperate with us!”

The moment the military officer badge lit up, the soldiers on duty immediately put down their guns with solemn expressions!

“We will fully cooperate with Night Legion Army! But, what happened?”

Chen Chen, “Someone sneaked in and attacked the security base. We have killed him!”

The students were in a panic, and their faces were ugly!

Jiang Nan heard the explosion and left the tent!

In the end, Ivanov died in the middle, his pants not even raised, and there was an M416 stuck in his butt?


What kind of play was this?

Wasn’t this too trendy?

Was this popular now?

Wu Liang frowned deeply. It was apparent that something big had happened!

Tang Qianya’s face was pale. This was the first time she had seen a dead person. She was so scared that she hid behind Wu Liang and did not dare to come out!

“Brother Nan? What happened?”

Jiang Nan shook his head and said, “I’ll go and ask!”

He then walked out of the tent and waved at An Ning with a smile!

“Sister Ning Ning? The two of you are the one lying under the crooked neck tree?”

An Ning turned around and glared at Jiang Nan.

Chen Chen was speechless. He had indeed discovered them!

“What’s going on? Why is there such a big commotion?”

An Ning was speechless, “You can ask the big fool next to me!”

Chen Chen covered his face!

He did not expect to stab that place!

Jiang Nan walked up to Ivanov, kicked him, and turned the corpse over!

Tsk tsk! What a tragic death!

The group was stunned!

What was going on?

Jiang Nan and Night Legion Army were chatting so happily?

Were they that close?

Why did he call the female officer sister Ning Ning?

They then recalled that the information of Jiang Nan at the entrance had been encrypted!

For a moment, the image of Jiang Nan became even more mysterious in their hearts!

Was he really an ordinary third-year student?

Just now, he actually used his feet to turn over the corpse?

Was he not afraid?

And that tone was simply frightening!

Silver rank?

Wasn’t silver rank strong?

Jiang Nan couldn’t help but look at Chen Chen!

Chen Chen could only cover his old face!

Chen Chen right now was too embarrassing to speak!

Could he say that he was almost blown up by shit, so he stabbed him?

An Ning quietly felt something. A moment later, her face turned ugly, “I think… we’re in big trouble!”

Chen Chen also had a serious expression, “There’s something wrong with this grenade!”

Jiang Nan, “???”

Just as he was about to ask something, a roar came from the forest in less than half a minute!

The earth began to shake, and scarlet eyes lit up in the forest!

“F*ck! Beast tide?”

The six-legged panther was the first to break through the forest!

Its sharp claws scratched the concrete wall!

Its scarlet eyes were full of desire!

It was as if something in the safe zone had a fatal attraction to it!

And it was only the first!

Groups of spirit beasts broke through the jungle and launched a crazy attack on the safe zone!

In the blink of an eye, the safe zone was completely surrounded!

“Bang bang!”

The gunshot rang out!

Bullet shells fell to the ground like rain!

The black muzzles of the soldier’s gun were aimed at the gate, frantically firing!

Against spirit beasts below silver rank, firearms were very useful!

For a time, the students were in a panic!

Gunshots, roars, and screams of fear!

The peaceful night was utterly broken, and it was as if they had arrived at a battlefield filled with smoke in an instant!

“Big guy! Xiao Tangtang! Stay here!”

Jiang Nan’s face was gloomy. White Shark was really going all out!


He unsheathed the Tang Knife!

Jiang Nan’s eyes were full of sharpness!

Wu Liang wielded a sword in one hand and a black iron shield in the other!

“Brother Nan, just tell me what to do!”

Jiang Nan, “Do your best to live!”

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