Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously

Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously Chapter 57


It wasn’t that Jiang Nan was trying to scare him!

Rather, it was because he had seen a silver rank existence among the spirit beasts attacking the safe zone!

The situation was extremely critical!

No one expected the beast tide to arrive so quickly!

Moreover, most of the 500 plus students here were black iron rank!

Facing a ferocious beast like a tiger or a wolf, they could not protect themselves at all!

Even if the troops on duty focused their firepower, they would not withstand the beast tide that was charging at them!

The six-legged black panther charged through the defense line ignoring the torrent of bullets!

It opened its bloody mouth and bit at a soldier without stopping!

For a time, blood splashed, and the wailing sound rang, alarming everyone’s heart!

Where had the students seen this before?

Usually, hunting spirit beasts was like playing a game in their worldview!

They had never thought that spirit beasts could also kill people!

In the game, people could be resurrected if they died!

But the reality was not a game!

Would they be the next one to die in the mouth of a spirit beast?

Screams and cries sounded all together!

The fear of death had swallowed the hearts of all the students entirely!

Jiang Nan’s face was ugly, and he shouted, “Fuck! Sister Ningning! Have you informed Bobcat?”

An Ning, “I have already informed them! However, this place is five days away from the entrance. It will take time for the Night Legion to arrive!”

Jiang Nan looked at the frightened students!

Then he looked at the spirit beasts that were about to break through the defense line!

If they couldn’t hold on, these people would all die!

Jiang Nan raised his knife and charged forward; he then shouted, “Big guy! If you aren’t afraid of death, then follow me!”

He teleported into the group of spirit beasts as he spoke and slashed down with his knife!

He cut off the head of the six-legged black panther!

Blood splashed all over his body!

Wu Liang roared, and his whole body turned into a two-meter-tall half-bear, holding a black iron shield and sword!

His eyes were scarlet red!

“I’m coming!”

As he spoke, he charged forward with his shield!

He had knocked three spirit beasts flying with his charge!

Jiang Nan’s figure flashed three times, and the three spirit beasts had already turned into cold corpses when they landed!

An Ning and Chen Chen had also seen through Jiang Nan’s intentions. They stood at the entrance and madly killed the spirit beasts!

But the beast tide was raging!

Jiang Nan and the others couldn’t push them back at all!

In addition, the soldiers’ bullets were slowly being depleting!

The knife light was like the moon, slashing another spirit beast!

Jiang Nan wiped the blood off his face!

His knife dripping with blood pointed straight at the frightened students!

“Do you want to die?”

“Don’t you all have hands? Did you awaken your abilities just to make you all act tough in school?”

“If we can’t guard the entrance, then all of you will die! At that time, who is there to protect you?”

“If you want to live, then come up and guard the gate!”

At this moment, Jiang Nan was covered in blood!

With a knife in his hand, his aura was oppressive!

He was like a demon god that had just walked out of hell!

He was a completely different person from the unreliable him who had just been selling kebabs everywhere!

The student was in fear and going crazy!

The faces of Li Xiang, Liu Quanwu, and the others turned even paler!

Why was Jiang Nan not afraid at all?

Was he not afraid of death?

He was the first to rush up with his knife!

He was calm the entire time!

Will die!

He will really die!

When An Ning and Chen Chen saw this scene, they admired Jiang Nan even more!

In a moment of crisis, he did not appear like a high school student at all!

Calm and compose!

Can quickly judge the situation!

He was also merciless!

In comparison!

Those students were trembling and unable to move.

The victor was determined!

Among these students, there was no lack of people who were brave!

He slapped himself hard, even though his legs were trembling!

But he still walked up!

“Nan Shen! I’ll listen to you! How do we defend?”

“Damn! We can’t wait for death! Those soldiers sacrificed themselves to protect us!”

“I don’t want to be a waste!”

“I have to go home alive. I still have to go back and show my filial piety to my parents!”

More than 20 of them suddenly stood out!

Jiang Nan killed another spirit beast!

“Push these spirit beasts back! Close the gate! Guard the safe zone! Wait for Night Legion Army to come and help!”

Jiang Nan’s thoughts were very clear!

With the addition of this group of students, the situation immediately became much better!

Once someone stepped out, more and more students joined the battle!

Ling Feng and Li Muyan couldn’t stay any longer and were about to help guard the gate.

Li Xiang hurriedly said, “Are you two crazy? You might die!”

“Let them guard it!”

Liu Quanwu, “Yes, yes! It is more important to protect yourself!”

Ling Feng said in a muffled voice, “Aren’t Jiang Nan and the others risking their lives? Who doesn’t have parents?”

“Are we just going to enjoy the protection of others? I don’t want to look down on myself!”

Li Muyan didn’t say anything and just looked at them coldly!

However, this feeling made Li Xiang even more uncomfortable!

“F*ck! If you want to go, go on your own. I won’t accompany you!”

At the entrance, Jiang Nan had already gone crazy from killing!

Jiang Nan had directly raised his Knife skill to the Intermediate Level!

Although he was killing amid the spirit beasts, he had a pleasant feeling!

And Wu Liang was even more ferocious!

The iron shield smashed fiercely, and even his two-meter-long sword slashed wildly!

His shield smashed quite a few spirit beasts into meat patties!

The spirit beast can’t even close to him in a five-meter radius!

He was simply like a fierce beast!

Chen Chen and An Ning looked at Wu Liang with bright eyes!

The students who participated in the battle also gave Wu Liang a thumbs up!

This heavy shield warrior was truly courageous!

Just at this moment!

Wu Liang seemed to be in the mood to kill!

With a wild roar, he directly turned into a beast!

He turned into a big black bear that was nearly four meters tall!


The huge change in size directly broke his pants!

As a result…

An Ning almost spat out a mouthful of blood!

Chen Chen was so scared that he wet his pants!

The students were petrified on the spot!

Some female students covered their eyes and screamed loudly!

They saw a big black bear more than four meters tall, holding an iron shield and sword!

The bear fur all over his body was black and thick!

On his lower body was a leopard print triangular underpants!

It perfectly fit Wu Liang’s figure!

It stretches up with Wu Liang’s ups and downs!

The originally intense battlefield suddenly became deathly silent!

Forget about the triangular one!

Why was it leopard print?

Was there a need to be so flashy?


We really didn’t expect you to be such a thoughtful man!

You were a man of culture.

Tang Qianya was stunned!

The leopard print triangle in front of her had already collapsed her worldview!

This… did all the boys nowadays like this kind of thing?

It was really… exciting!

Wu Liang immediately noticed the gaze on him and thought that his heroic presence moved them!

He immediately roared, “Come! Who wants to fight with me!”

An Ning, “…”

Chen Chen, “…”

Don’t call me brother!

Your invincible Leopard print underpants have destroyed the atmosphere!

A silver rank iron-eating bear spirit beast stood on the opposite side!

He looked at Wu Liang with his big black eyes and then looked at himself with a face full of doubt.

We are all bears! Why do you have a leopard print, and I don’t?

Why were you the only one?

Wu Liang had a smug look on his face!

Jiang Nan shouted as he fought!

“The one wearing the triangular leopard print is our people! It’s not a spirit beast! Don’t cut the wrong one!”

An Ning, “…”

Tang Qianya, “…”

There was no need to emphasize it, right?

Which spirit beast would wear underpants?

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