Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously

Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously Chapter 58


The battle was extremely intense!

The students were even more energetic, each displaying their own divine abilities!

They absolutely did not dare to be distracted for a moment during the battle!

But the continuously swaying leopard pattern on the battlefield was really too eye-catching, right?

We don’t want to be distracted!


But I can’t control myself!

After a great battle, the spirit beasts were finally pushed back!

Jiang Nan seized the opportunity to teleport to the gate and push the switch!


The heavy iron gate fell and finally sealed the entrance!

The spirit beasts that broke in were quickly killed!

The students looked at the corpses of the spirit beasts on the ground and the badly bitten soldiers on duty. They all fell silent.

They were the ones who had rushed to the front just now!

Even if they didn’t have any abilities, they still used their flesh and blood to fight!

They protected the safety of the students!

Jiang Nan did not feel good and silently saluted them!

These lovely people!

They were worthy of respect!

But there was no time to be sad now.

At this moment, Chen Chen began to make arrangements, “The rest of the troops on duty will go up the wall to snipe the spirit beasts! The students… can also volunteer!”

“Earth-type and wood-type Martial Spirit Warrior, reinforce the wall!”

“As long as we can hold on until Night Legion Army arrives, we can escape!”

After a series of arrangements, the students began to move quickly.

The scene that had just happened was all captured by the drone!

Bobcat had already received the notice and brought people with a cold face!

Moreover, Night Legion Army, who was hiding everywhere in Spirit Ruin, was running madly toward the fifth safe zone!

At this moment, the people watching in the hotel were also busy!

They inform the students with the satellite bracelets that the examination has ended early and evacuate immediately!

The students from the upper and lower path did not know what had happened at all, and they were all stunned!

But they could only obey the arrangements!

And they even hurriedly cut off the live broadcast!

However, what happened at the safe zone had already been broadcast!

The number of people in the live broadcast room had increased to a million!

The barrage even exploded.

“Beast tide? How did they trigger a beast tide?”

“Did you see that? It was too tragic!”

“Nan Shen is indeed Nan Shen. At this time, the most reliable student is him!”

“One is Tang Knife; the other is Triangular Army Thorn! He cut down the herd of beasts! I have goosebumps all over my body!”

“If not for him shouting, those students wouldn’t have moved at all!”

“It could be seen when he rescues others in the fire! Although Nan Shen is thick-skinned, he is really reliable when it comes to a crisis!”

“Speaking of which, who noticed that leopard-patterned black bear… Although it is inappropriate, I still can’t help but want to ridicule it!”

“Pray! Everything is safe!”

But at this moment, the live broadcast was suddenly interrupted!

“Why is it suddenly interrupted!”

“We want to see!”

“Hey, hey, hey! Why aren’t you broadcasting? This is the same as the pants are taken off; what is the difference between you telling me that’s there no toilet paper?”

The power of the netizens was huge. They directly found Jiang Nan’s Weibo and crazily left comments below!

Small candles and expressions of putting their palms together were sent out tens of thousands of times!

“Nan Shen! You have to return safely!”

“I was waiting for you to come back and have an online dating with me!”

“Nan Shen, show us a miracle again! Just like the fire rescue! Bring them back safely!”

“We are all waiting for you at the night market of Jiang City!”

At this moment, Zhong Yingxue and Xia Yao were sitting on the bed, watching the live broadcast room whose signal had been cut off and falling silent.

Xia Yao’s eyes were full of anxiety, “I’ll drive!”

Zhong Yingxue was already wearing her clothes!

Two minutes later, the Koenigsegg engine roared!

In the darkness of the night, they sped towards the Changbai Mountain!

“Brother! You must be safe!”

At this moment, in a safe zone!

The wall trembled from the impact!

The students had already started to get busy. Some elemental spells were used to attack spirit beasts from afar!

The soldiers on duty were even standing on the wall and pouring out their firepower!

At this moment, Jiang Nan had placed the corpses of the soldiers and was taking off their equipment!

He equipped the bulletproof vest, M416 rifle, and magazines on his body.

To deal with spirit beasts below Silver rank, using firearms would save more energy than a knife!

[Triggerskill! Firearms: LV0!] [Adding skill points: 100!] [Skill leveled up! Firearms(Proficient): LV0!]

This was not the time to save skill points.

The reason why he had saved up skill points was for this kind of emergency!

Add more!

[Adding skill points: 1000!] [Skill leveled up! Firearms(Intermediate): LV0!]

When the soldier on duty saw that Jiang Nan was holding a gun, he was shocked and hurriedly stopped him!

“This student! You must not joke around!”

“It’s very dangerous to use a gun! Don’t use it without professional training. It’s easy to hurt yourself and others!”

An Ning and Chen Chen naturally noticed this scene!

“Yes, it’s not good if it accidental discharge!”

“It’s too dangerous!”

Moreover, Jiang Nan was a student, so he probably didn’t even know how to switch the safety lever and change the magazine!

If he used it rashly, it might really hurt him and others!

Li Xiang seized the opportunity to ridicule him, “You thought it was a game? This is a real gun!”

Liu Quanwu, “Hurry up and put it down! You might hit our people!”

The other students were also scared and swallowed their saliva!

Could reality be compared with the game?

It was two completely different things!

Jiang Nan narrowed his eyes and slung the M416 assault rifle across his neck!

He skillfully removed the magazine and checked the number of bullets!

He pulled open the bolt and checked if it were empty!

Then, he reloaded, pulled the bolt, and switched the safety lever!

His movements were smooth and fast!

He raised his gun and aimed, pulling the trigger without hesitation!


A gunshot was heard, and the gun’s muzzle burst out with flames!

A spider eye that had just climbed up and was about to cross the wall was shot down!

The body smashed outside the wall!

Jiang Nan, “Can you shut your stinky mouth?”

“Go do the work that an excavator should do!”

This shot!

An Ning and Chen Chen were dumbfounded!

The soldier on duty seemed to have seen a ghost!

Such a long-distance and this practical shooting!

Even a veteran who had been in the army for seven or eight years might not be able to hit its eyes so accurately!

But Jiang Nan…

How old was he?

No one would believe that he had not undergone professional training!

But where did he receive the training?

Could it be a fluke?

However, no matter if it were his gun movements, reloading, aiming, or firing, no one could find anything wrong with it!

It was all textbook movements!

The entire audience was speechless!

Li Xiang almost fainted from anger!

Jiang Nan really knew how to play with guns!

And he was so accurate?

The students were also stunned!

This was too professional!

Could it be that Jiang Nan was a spy planted by Night Legion Army among the students?

However, Jiang Nan’s next move was so brilliant that it made one’s scalp go numb!

He teleported onto the wall!

Facing a dense mass of spirit beasts!

He turns the M416 into a single shot mode, aims with the gun, and shoots crazily!

The first bullet shot the spirit beast’s leg joint, making it lose its balance!

The second bullet; directly explodes the eyes of the spirit beast doing a headshot!

Two rounds of bullets, one spirit beast!

It was Mozambique Shooting Method!

The reloading was even more terrifying. He pressed the reloading clip with one hand, and with a swing of the gun, the clip fell off.

His other hand had already taken out a magazine and inserted it. He then loaded it and fired again!

The time it took to change the clip was no more than three seconds!

His movements were smooth and fluid, and he even maintained his shooting posture the entire time!

So professional that An Ning thought that her shooting coach was here!

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