Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously

Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously Chapter 59


“Bang! Bang!”

Two gunshots were heard!

Another spirit beast fell!

Every shot accurately hit the joints and heads of the spirit beast!

Under the premise of saving bullets the most!

With the greatest degree of damage!

An Ning and Chen Chen did not know what to say!

The students all gave a thumbs up!

In Tang Qianya’s eye, Jiang Nan was so handsome when he shot the spirit beast!

It was more professional than the movements in the police movies!

How many secrets did Jiang Nan have?

People couldn’t help but think of it!

As for Wu Liang, he was already used to it!

Otherwise, why would he be called Nan Shen?

If you told Wu Liang that Jiang Nan knew how to fly a plane and tank, he would believe you!

It was just that his small leopard print was wandering on the wall, which was a bit eye-catching!

As time went on, more and more spirit beasts gathered!

He couldn’t even kill them!

One of the female students was caught off guard and was directly pulled down!

She screamed as she fell off the wall, her eyes filled with despair!

There was already a crocodile with a bloody mouth waiting below!

Jiang Nan had sharp eyes, so how could he not see it?

He teleported over and hugged the girl!

He forcefully scooped her out of the crocodile’s mouth and teleported back!

The girl was covered in tears and was still in shock!

Seeing that Jiang Nan had saved her, she wanted to express her gratitude!

“It’s time to lose weight! You look quite skinny, but your quite heavy to hold!”

Female classmate, “????”

Was there a need to be so direct?

Just as she was about to explain that she was not fat, she saw that Jiang Nan had already teleported away!

She could not help but stomp her feet in anger!

But she was not as scared as she was before…

[From Yang Liu’s Resentment Points +521!]


This girl was interesting!

The resentment point was the same as loving me!

I can’t help it if I’m such a handsome man!

More and more spirit beasts were coming, and even An Ning and Chen Chen, who were at the Silver rank, could not kill them all!

The wall could be broken at any time!

Another student fell when the wall shook!

Jiang Nan quickly went to save him!

But this time, Jiang Nan only brought back half of it!

He grabbed the student’s ankle, but the upper body had disappeared!

Jiang Nan clearly remembered that this student was the one who stood up to help in the beginning!


With a loud curse, Jiang Nan’s eyes instantly turned red. He pulled out his knife and rushed down!

An Ning was anxious, “Jiang Nan! Don’t be rash!”

However, he had already rushed down and aimed at the rhinoceros that had bitten off the student’s upper body!

He used all his strength and slashed down!

In the next moment, Jiang Nan teleported back with a bloody smell. He was holding onto the rhinoceros head!

The students all fell silent. Casualties were inevitable!

But if it happened right in front of their eyes. No one would feel comfortable!

At this moment, someone said in surprise, “Night Legion Army! It’s Night Legion Army!”

Sure enough, there were figures dressed in black military uniforms rushing towards the safe zone in the distance!

But before Jiang Nan could heave a sigh of relief!

A shocking change occurred!

The soil was surging like water in the center of the safe zone!

From the middle, a Russian man wearing a green military uniform appeared!

On his arm was a badge with a white shark printed on it!

The Russian man grinned!

His hands smashed into the ground!

The ground of the entire safe zone was like a wave, completely desertified!

The wall instantly lost its support and was broken through by the spirit beasts. The scene was in chaos!

When An Ning saw this, his expression changed greatly, “Damn it, Gold rank?”

Chen Chen also gritted his teeth, “White Shark! Protect Jiang Nan!”

In the chaos, Jiang Nan felt like a poisonous snake was staring at him!

The Russian man stared at Jiang Nan with his blue eyes!

“Not good!” Jiang Nan thought to himself.

He turned around and roared, “Big guy! Take Xiao Tangtang and run!”

Wu Liang had just steadied himself in the chaos, so he had no time to reply. He directly picked up Tang Qianya and the iron shield in one hand, breaking out of the encirclement!

Tang Qianya looked anxious, “Where is Jiang Nan? Where is Jiang Nan?”

“Do as Brother Nan said before!”

At this time, Wu Liang would not hesitate at all!

All he had to do was carry out Jiang Nan’s orders!

Jiang Nan’s eyes met the Russian man’s gaze.

Then he smiled brightly, “Your mother is dead!”

Russian man, “???”

What the hell.

I thought you were going to say something cruel!

Before starting the fight, you would say a few words to increase your momentum!

In the end, you said my mother died when you started the fight?

You didn’t play according to the rules!

Weren’t these harsh words too ruthless?

[From Konstantin Georgiyevich Paustovsky Yekov’s Resentment Points + 999!]

Jiang Nan was stunned!

What kind of bloody name was this? Such a long name! Wasn’t it too much?

Jiang Nan was very clear that White Shark had come for him!

As long as he could restrain this uncle!

This Gold rank uncle would not start a massacre!

At least, he could give his classmates time to escape!

In a split second, Tang Knife was unsheathed!

Come, I’ll play with you!

Konstantin smiled sinisterly and was about to attack!

However, the expression on his face gradually became terrified, and he took two steps back!

Jiang Nan, “???”


Are you scared now?

I just pulled out a knife!

Was this person as watery as his name?

Could it be that he was intimidated by my domineering aura?

Konstantin, “You brat, just you wait! You won’t be able to escape White Shark’s grasp! You better not die!”

After saying that, he ran away!

Jiang Nan, “????”

He just run away?

Were all the mercenaries this weak?

White Shark! Don’t give him a salary! This guy doesn’t do his work correctly!

In the end, a gust of wind suddenly came from behind him!

Jiang Nan turned his head to look.

He saw a twenty-meter-tall Violent Earth Bear rushing down the hill with red eyes toward him!

Jiang Nan, “Damn it! It’s so big!”

It’s almost as big as King Kong in the movie!

No wonder Konstantin ran away!

Such a big guy, at least a Gold rank, right?

The Violent Earth Bear stomped on the ground, and Jiang Nan thought there was an earthquake!

In just two or three steps, it arrived at a ruined camp!

At this moment, Li Xiang’s team was running for their lives!

Li Muyan was so unlucky that she tripped over a wooden stake, and the barbed wire wrapped around her jeans!

She struggled a few times but could not escape!

As for Li Xiang, he was running for his life in a panic. As for Liu Quanwu and the others, they did not stop at all!

Li Muyan said in a panic, “Save me! Save me! I am entangled!”

Li Xiang and the others turned around and saw that Li Muyan was more than ten meters away from them and was entangled!

Looking up, the giant Violent Earth Bear raised its huge palm and slapped towards Li Muyan!

Li Xiang gritted his teeth and ran away, “I’m sorry!”

Liu Quanwu and the other hesitated for two seconds, then looked at the Violent Earth Bear and ran away!

They didn’t say a word…

Li Muyan was stunned as if something in her heart had shattered.

Tears flowed out unwillingly!

Looking at the giant falling palm, her eyes were filled with despair!

“Is this end of my life?”

In the end, a figure suddenly appeared in front of Li Muyan.

“Hey, hey, hey! Big Sister Yan! What are you standing there, not moving? Being motionless is a tortoise.”

Jiang Nan smiled brightly, revealing a set of white teeth. Behind him was the giant palm of the Violent Earth Bear!

Li Muyan, “???”

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