Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously

Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously Chapter 62


Jiang Nan shuddered!

He scratched his head.


How did things turn out like this?

I didn’t do it on purpose!

You were the one who asked me to hit you!

You even said that if I have the ability, I can continue to spank. I am just following orders!

It was the first time Jiang Nan had heard such a strange request!

Yes, it wasn’t because of the feeling when he spanks her!

Absolutely not!

Seeing Li Muyan’s expectant small eyes and flushing face…

Jiang Nan suddenly felt a little guilty.

He stood up and took out a pair of pants from his alternate dimension to cover Li Muyan’s body.

His face was full of melancholy!

“Put it on!”

It would be more perfect if he had a cigarette at this time!

Li Muyan put on his pants with a look of grievance and did not make any more noise!

Her buttocks were numb from spanking, and she struggled at first!

Later, for some reason.

It was also… a little comfortable!

Jiang Nan stopped spanking her and felt a little disappointed!

What was wrong with her?


“Humph! Scumbag!”

Jiang Nan, “???”

F*ck me!


I’m scum! I’ll admit it!

After all, not everyone had the chance to beat Ansai Waist Drum in this life!

It was great! It was not a loss!

The two of them did not speak!

The atmosphere in the cave was somewhat awkward!

When the Earth Bear heard no more sound coming out, it gave up!

Jiang Nan also breathed a sigh of relief. If he were chased all the time, teleportation would not be enough!

Just as the Earth Bear was about to go back!

The sound of wind suddenly came from the horizon, and a tall black shadow fell from the sky!

It smashed into the ground, sending dirt and stone flying!

Jiang Nan and Li Muyan widened their eyes!

The person was tall, about 1.9 meters tall!

She was wearing a black military uniform and a beret!

Her eyes flashed with a cold light!

If not for Bobcat, who else could it be?

The Earth Bear was completely enraged by Bobcat, who had suddenly appeared out of nowhere!

He raised his bear paw and smashed it at Bobcat!

Bobcat didn’t even bother to dodge as she charged forward with a single punch!


With a loud sound, smoke and dust rose into the air!

Half of her body was nailed into the ground!

However, she managed to resist it, and her hands were covered in a hard black iron color!

Her expression did not change as she held onto the Earth Bear’s paws with both hands!

She let out a breath and did a shoulder throw!

The Earth Bear that was more than 20 meters in size fell to the ground!

A cloud of dust rose up!

It made Jiang Nan’s scalp tingle!

Oh my god!

Was this Bobcat a human?

What level of power was this?

Throwing such a big Earth Bear without effort?

The code name Bobcat was too soft!

You should be called the human-shaped tyrannosaurus!

The Earth Bear let out a wild roar and crawled up!

Blacklight burst out from its body, and it actually condensed into a thick shield!

Spirit Skill: Bear King Shield!

It covers his whole body to block Bobcat’s next attack!

But Bobcat didn’t care!

Her two arms had completely turned into black color, glowing with a metallic luster!

She took a step forward and punched out!

Her arms actually glowed with a blazing red light!

It instantly broke through the speed of sound and unleashed a terrifying explosion!

A punch!

The thick Bear King Shield shattered!

The huge Earth Bear was sent flying!

It slammed into the cliff, unable to get up even after struggling for a while!

Bobcat jumped up and landed on its huge bear face!

The fist fell like rain, and the loud bang was like a tank bombardment!

It sounded for a full 30 seconds!

The Earth Bear was completely cold dead!

Jiang Nan swallowed his saliva!


Was this a human can do?

The Gold-Ranked Earth Bear had been hammered to death by Bobcat with two fists?

Wasn’t this woman a little too violent?

Jiang Nan was still thinking of turning her into an obedient little kitten?

That would be a little difficult!

Wouldn’t she just slap him to death!

Thinking about how he had been flirting with her before, he couldn’t help but feel scared!

Bobcat straightened up, took a deep breath, and shouted, “Jiang Nan!”


Did she really come to find him?

Jiang Nan stood at the cave entrance and waved his hand, “Sister Bobcat! Here!”

Li Muyan was so scared that she didn’t dare to speak!

This woman in military uniform had hammered the Earth Bear to death with a pair of fists!

Wouldn’t she be even more terrifying?

Did Jiang Nan just call her so intimately?

Were the two of them so familiar with each other?

When she thought about the event in the school, Bobcat personally came to take Jiang Nan away!

In Li Muyan’s eyes, Jiang Nan’s identity became more mysterious!

Even though they were classmates for three years!

She really did not understand Jiang Nan well!

When everyone was mocking him and looking down on him!

Little did she know that Jiang Nan had already reached a height that her classmates could not even look up to!

When she recalled the small conflict between her and Jiang Nan, she felt that she was a little childish!

Her heart also felt uncomfortable!

Seeing that Jiang Nan was unharmed, the coldness in Bobcat’s eyes gradually melted away.

Then she reprimanded, “What are you running around for? Are you a thief?”

Jiang Nan chuckled and ran forward, “I knew that Sister Bobcat loves me! So I’m not worried!

You have a sharp tongue but have a soft heart, at first glance! You…”

Looking at Bobcat’s eyes that gradually turned cold!

Jiang Nan immediately shut his mouth!

Let’s stop talking, or I would be beaten up…

When Jiang Nan arrived in front of the Earth Bear, he was excited!

He went up and dug out its Spiritual Bead!

How could Jiang Nan let go of a Gold Rank Spiritual Bead who even had a spirit skill?

Bobcat glanced at Li Muyan and Jiang Nan, not saying a word!

She picked up Jiang Nan’s trouser belt with one hand and picked up Li Muyan with the other!

All of a sudden!

Jiang Nan had a bad feeling!

It reminded him of the experience of jumping off a building!

“Ah! Don’t!”


Bobcat jumped, and her body sprang out!

The strong wind that blew against his face made Jiang Nan’s face deform!

Because the speed was too fast, the scenery on both sides blurred for a while…

He experienced the pleasure of riding a roller coaster!

The cold wind was blowing towards the back of Jiang Nan’s neck!

Then he looked at Li Muyan!

She was being appropriately carried, and yet he was being held like a little chick!

They were both people!

Why should she treat them differently?

Even so, Li Muyan’s face was pale with fright.

They sped through the forest!

After a while, Bobcat arrived at a station. Night Legion Army was arranging for the students to evacuate!

The students only saw a tall woman carrying two people down.

After leaving Li Muyan behind!

Once again, she brought Jiang Nan with her and jumped, disappearing in a few moments!

The night sky was still echoing Jiang Nan’s scream!

Li Muyan was stunned. Were they saved just like that?

Where’s Jiang Nan?

Why did she take Jiang Nan away?

The students were also stunned!

“What? What’s going on? Was that person Nan Shen?”

A certain girl said, “You’re so blind! Can’t you recognize such a handsome Nan Shen?”

Male classmate, “???:

“What? Isn’t Nan Shen retreating with us?”

“He was taken away again? If you say that Nan Shen has nothing to do with Night Legion Army, I won’t believe it even if you beat me to death!”

“Let’s not talk about anything else when we were at the safe zone just now! If not for Nan Shen, we would have been dead by now!”

“Li Muyan? You’re still alive? That’s great!”

Ling Feng’s face was full of surprise, but the looks of Li Xiang and Liu Quanwu beside him were not good!

Li Muyan forced a smile and looked coldly at Li Xiang and Liu Quanwu, but the other two did not say a word and did not walk over!

Care about it? No need to care about it after experiencing so much!

Li Muyan had grown a lot!

Ling Feng was puzzled. He didn’t know what had happened!

When he was running for his life just now, he was separated from the team and didn’t know anything!

Li Xiang and Liu Quanwu did not say, nor did they expect Li Muyan to survive…

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