Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously

Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously Chapter 63


Jiang Nan was still experiencing the free roller coaster on the other side!

The oncoming wind blew up his face!

“Why don’t you put me down?”

They had clearly escaped!

Why did she take me away again?

Bobcat said coldly, “Their target is you!”

“If I don’t take you away, the others will be in danger!”

Jiang Nan, “????”


Then wouldn’t I be even more in danger?

Was she using me as bait?

While Bobcat was a fish pole?


At this moment, Bobcat seemed to have sensed something unusual!

However, she did not respond!

The moment she landed on the ground!

The originally solid ground instantly turned into sand, sinking half of her body into it.

Bobcat forcefully threw Jiang Nan out!

Jiang Nan, who was out of balance in the air, teleported and landed on a tree branch.


Finally escaped from the Demon Claw!

Konstantin, who was on the sand dressed in camouflage, sneered!

Jiang Nan was amused!

Wasn’t this that Russian uncle?

We meet again?

“Humph! You brat is dead! I finally caught you.”

“You’d better not run. Otherwise, I will let you experience what it means to be better off dead than alive!”

“I’ll deal with you after I deal with this woman!”

Jiang Nan shrugged. Instead of running away, he sat on a tree branch, watching with interest, and dangled his legs.

Deal with Bobcat?

I’m afraid you’re thinking of farting!

This Russian uncle’s brain doesn’t seem to be very useful!

You run away when you see a Gold-Rank Earth Bear!

Yet you still want to deal with Bobcat?

This ruthless woman used a pair of fists to hammer a Gold-rank Spirit Beast to death!

She could be called a human-shaped tyrannosaur!

What the f*ck are you going to do?

Were you trying to scare her to death with your long string of names?

Jiang Nan smiled brightly. “Russian uncle! Please start your performance!”

Konstantin, “???”

Was it really okay for you to be so arrogant?

You don’t play according to the routine every time?

You are so talkative!

[From Konstantin… Resentment Points + 666!]

Only to see Bobcat forcibly break free from the sand!

Step by step, she walked towards Konstantin!

Konstantin yelled and shook his hands!

The endless yellow sand gathered towards Bobcat like a demonic snake!

It completely wrapped around her body and fiercely tightened!

Then it formed a 10×10 pyramid!

Jiang Nan’s eyes lit up!

“Damn it! Gaara’s Desert Layered Imperial Funeral Seal! You’re awesome! You watched Naruto too much, right?”

“It’s just that this action of your\s a bit stupid!”

“You’re already forty to fifty years old, but you don’t know how to be ashamed.

Konstantin blushed. “Shut the f*ck up!”

[From Konstantin’s Resentment Point + 999!]

But at this moment, his expression changed greatly!

The pyramid that was completely made up of sand completely exploded!

Bobcat was completely unharmed!

However, her entire body had turned into a black iron metallic color!

Like a statue made of iron

There was a different kind of beauty!

Konstantin grinned, “You are something! Then accept my trick again!”

He stomped on the ground with one foot!

Sharp stone spikes emerged and stabbed towards Bobcat!

“Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!”

The stone spikes pierced into Bobcat’s body, cutting through her military uniform!

But the skin under the military uniform was also black!

Unexpectedly, sparks burst out, and all the stone spikes were broken!

Jiang Nan was stunned!

What kind of abnormal physical fitness was this?

He wouldn’t be able to catch up to it even if he drank with Vigorous Potion!

Jiang Nan was curious about what kind of ability Bobcat had.

Konstantin panicked!

Why can’t he take her down?

His face was red, and he raised his hand!

Boundless soil and rocks rose from the ground and wrapped around Bobcat’s body!

They formed a stone ball with a diameter of 20 meters and floated in the air!

Jiang Nan widened his eyes and clapped!

“Damn! Planetary Devastation? Is it this 6?”

“Did you really not watch Naruto?”

“Almighty Push and Universal Pull, do you also know this two?”

“Come on! Show it to me!”

Konstantin, “!!!”

What Naruto?

What Almighty Push?

Damn it!

I am a f*cking earth ability user!

[From Konstantin’s resentment value + 1000!]


The twenty-meter stone ball was directly shattered!

Bobcat rushed out like a sharp arrow!

She stretched out her hand, and before Konstantin could react, she pressed it against his face!


Bobcat pressed on his face and fiercely smashed it on the ground!

A sharp pain assaulted his head!

Bobcat’s hand grabbed Konstantin’s head as if she was grabbing a basketball!

And dribbled it on the ground!

Jiang Nan felt goosebumps all over his body!

Sure enough!

The retribution came too fast, like a tornado~

Konstantin was knocked out, and a Spirit Shackles were arranged!

Only then did Jiang Nan come over.

Bobcat gradually retracted her black iron color!

A large piece of snow-white skin was exposed under the broken military uniform!

The lines of the eight obvious abdominal muscles were so beautiful that they were exploding!

It was really white!

It was as white as suet jade, so Jiang Nan couldn’t help but reach out and press her belly!

It was soft and elastic!


How did it become the color turn black just now? The defense doesn’t seem to be very high.

Then, he pinched another piece of fleshy meat!

It was still very soft!

At this moment, Jiang Nan felt a chill run down his back!

He raised his head and saw Bobcat’s gaze that seemed to be able to kill!

Jiang Nan quickly retracted his hand, his face full of embarrassment!

“I… I was just looking! I was just curious!”

He lifted half of his sleeve as he spoke, revealing his belly!

“I won’t let you suffer any losses either! You can pinch me back!”

Bobcat, “????”

What kind of strange brain circuit was this?

[From Luo Tianhong’s Resentment Points + 666!]

“Don’t talk nonsense! Carry it!”

Jiang Nan heaved a sigh of relief!

He had escaped the fate of being beaten like a sandbag!

He swiftly carried Konstantin and followed behind Bobcat in a single step!

The two of them arrived at a cave!

Bobcat took Konstantin and walked in. She instructed, “Wait outside!”

Jiang Nan shuddered violently!

He had already guessed the outcome of Konstantin!

He could not help but feel sad for him!

Sure enough, there was a muffled bang from the cave, as well as Konstantin’s wailing!

Hearing this, Jiang Nan felt goosebumps all over his body!

Not long after, Bobcat, whose fists were covered in blood, came out.

Jiang Nan smiled brightly, “Hehe, are you tired? I’ll help you beat him for a while. You can take a rest first!”

As he spoke, he rushed into the cave in high spirits!

What a joke!

How could Jiang Nan let go of such a good opportunity to earn resentment points?

Looking at the blood-covered and pale Konstantin, he revealed a wicked smile!

He went up and gave him a good beating!

“Are you going to say it or not?”

[From Konstantin’s Resentment Points + 1000!]

“Are you going to say or not? Ah!” Jiang Nan asked.


[From… ]

Jiang Nan, “Oh? Your mouth is quite tough?”


“How dare you curse? Have you ever seen a fist as big as a clay pot?”

[From… ]

After beating him for half an hour, Jiang Nan was so tired that he gasped for breath!

Konstantin was beaten to the point that his eye rolled up!

“I’m just asking if you want to say it or not?”

Konstantin shed two streams of tears.

“You keep asking me whether I want to say it or not! But what are you asking?”

“Both of you just keep hitting me and never ask when you come!” 

“If you don’t tell me what you are asking, what do you want me to say?”

He was so wronged and crying on the ground.

Motherf * cker, I have never suffered this grievance in my life!

I wanted to say it, but you didn’t ask me what to say!

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