Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously

Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously Chapter 64


Jiang Nan scratched his head.

He was having a headache!

Never ask?

This was f*cking embarrassing!

He couldn’t help but turn around and look at Bobcat, who was leaning against the cave entrance!

Bobcat has a reddish complexion, but she quickly recovered. She said, “I forgot to ask!”

Jiang Nan, “???”


Was she just thinking of beating up Konstantin?

Or was she just venting?

That was great!

She couldn’t help but cough slightly to cover up her embarrassment and said righteously, “I don’t ask! Because you should already know what we want to know, right?”

“You have no eyesight at all! You deserve to be beaten!”

Konstantin, “???”

Look at this!

Look at what you’re saying!

I wanted to tell you, but you beat me back and forth!

After beating him for half an hour.

He did not find a chance to open his mouth!

[From Konstantin’s Resentment Points + 1000!]

He heard Bobcat say, “How many people have come?”

Jiang Nan, “Tell me the truth!”

Looking at these two violent people, he was terrified!

He had to tell them everything!

Had it not been for Jiangnan, Konstantin would even tell them the family address of his accomplices and the name of his mistress!

Jiang Nan, “Hmph! Just one look, and I can tell that you have no backbone! Scum of mercenaries!”

Konstantin was so angry that he spat out a mouthful of blood!

No backbone?



It was you who told me to explain!

You’re a whore, yet you still want to establish a chastity arch?

Jiang Nan hurriedly dodged a mouthful of blood from Konstantin!

He pointed at him and complained to Bobcat, “Sister Bobcat! He spits at me!”

Bobcat’s face darkened!

[ Luo Tianhong’s Resentment Points + 555!]

Seeing Bobcat ignore him, Jiang Nan curled his lips!

However, he remembered what Konstantin told them!

This time, White Shark managed to sneak in quite a few people!

They wanted to use this final exam to restrain Night Legion Army using the students!

They wanted to take this opportunity to attack Jiang Nan and then take him to run away!

In the end, they didn’t expect to attract a Gold Rank Earth Bear!

Something outside of the plan!

Most of the white sharks had already been taken down by Night Legion Army!

The only thing that worried Jiang Nan was that Konstantin was already a Gold Rank!

He wasn’t even the leader?

At this moment, a bare-chested Russian man slowly walked towards the cave!

His expression was calm!

“I knew that this group of trash would not be able to do anything to you!”

“China’s Night Legion Army fights and guards! Its reputation is truly well-deserved!”

At this moment, a rare trace of seriousness appeared on Bobcat’s face.

“Jīngāng! This time, you will die in China’s land!” 

(TL note: Jīngāng() is just a name or codename given to him meaning Diamond, Vajra, King Kong, etc…)

“I promise!”

Jīngāng narrowed his eyes and said, “Not only I will kill you! I will also take them away!”

Bobcat said without turning her head, “Protect yourself. If I die, you run!”

“China needs a second space system!”

Jiang Nan’s face stiffened, and then he said heartlessly, “Don’t worry! If you die, I will definitely run!”

His heart was extremely solemn!

This Jīngāng was so fierce?

Even this human-shaped tyrannosaurus was not confident?

Bobcat nodded in satisfaction. Then, she twisted her neck and took a step forward. Her body was covered in a black iron color!

Jīngāng laughed loudly!

Under Jiang Nan’s astonished gaze, his flesh and blood actually turned into diamond little by little!

In the end, it turned into a human-shaped diamond!

Under the moonlight, it was pretty dazzling!

Jiang Nan, “! ! !”


What kind of fucking extravagant ability was this?

Can be diamondized?

Godly tycoon!

How many carats does it have for such a large tuft of diamonds?

Wouldn’t it be okay if he just cut a fingernail and sold it if he had no money?

A living Diamond King!

“This big idiot! With this ability, how can you still be a mercenary? You have no future at all!”

To be honest, Jiang Nan was envious!

Jīngāng, “? ? ?”

You are telling me I have no future?

So what if I’m a mercenary?


Do you know what a dream was?

[From Sergey Markov’s Resentment Point + 1,000!]

There was nothing to say between the two of them!

Their figure instantly collided with each other and exchanged fists!


The air exploded visibly!

Sparks even appeared at the point of their fists collusion!

In close combat, fists hit flesh!

Jiang Nan clicked his tongue when he saw this!

However, one could see that Jīngāng’s body was already stained with blood upon closer inspection!

And this blood was Bobcat’s blood!

The hardness of the diamond was 10 and could be said to be the hardest material in nature! 

(TL note: Mohs hardness scale from 1-10 in which 10 was the hardest)

Even Bobcat’s defense could not withstand it!

However, her tremendous strength was abnormally fierce, and even the diamond cracked.

Jiang Nan’s eyes lit up!

Looking at the diamond slag that Jīngāng had dropped, how could he endure it?

He immediately teleported to the battlefield!

He squatted on the ground and began to pick up the diamonds!

This was all money!

Looking at the diamond the size of a pigeon egg in his hand, his heart blossomed with joy!

He lowered his head and began to pick up the diamonds!

At the same time, a strange thought appeared in his mind.

Jīngāng was a human, and then diamondized!

The dregs that fell from his body…

Wasn’t that a scum? 

(TL note: Scum is a synonym for dregs in garbage topic.)

Thinking of this, Jiang Nan suddenly looked up at King Kong!

He coldly said, “Scum!”

Jīngāng, “???”


What kind of player were you?

Picking up the trash that I dropped?

And yet calling me a scum?

Don’t you have any shame!

Bobcat, “…”

The battle between the two became more and more intense!

Bobcat used that red spirit technique, and his offensive became fiercer!

As for Jīngāng, who knew what kind of spiritual skill he used, his body actually grew out a long diamond thorn!

It cut a bloody wound on Bobcat’s body!

It made Jiang Nan feel uncomfortable.

He wondered if he could go up and help Bobcat!

However, other than teleporting and running away, he had no other means of attack that could break through Jīngāng’s defense…

He was getting anxious in his heart!

Bobcat’s body suddenly burst out with dazzling red light!

With a loud explosion, the earth trembled three times!

Jiang Nan hurriedly looked over!

He saw three long diamond thorns stuck in Bobcat’s body!

One in her chest, one in her lower abdomen, and one in her thigh!

Fresh blood flowed out!

As for Jīngāng, he was lying on the ground. More than half of the thorn was broken!

The ground was littered with countless diamond fragments!

At this moment, his body was covered in cracks, like porcelain that was about to shatter.

He didn’t dare to move.

Bobcat wanted to go up again, but her body fell down powerlessly!

Jiang Nan was so scared that he hurriedly went to help!

Looking at the thorn stuck in Bobcat’s body, Jiang Nan was a little breathless!

Blood was also gushing out of her mouth!

Jiang Nan looked anxious.

“What do you do! What do you do! You can’t die.”

“F*ck! I have a first aid kit. Wait for me! I’ll wrap you up!”

Bobcat shook her head and said in a hoarse voice, “Jīngāng is not dead! Don’t worry about me! Kill him! Quick!”

Jiang Nan was stunned.

Jīngāng really did not die. He was staring at Jiang Nan with his big eyes!

His body was covered in cracks, so he did not dare move. If he moved, he would shatter! If he shattered and would really die!

Moreover, the cracks were slowly repairing!

Bobcat was already crippled, and Jiang Nan was only Black Iron Ten Stars; he was not worried at all!

Even if I stood here and let you chop me, you would not be able to break my defense!

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