Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously

Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously Chapter 65


Jiang Nan was anxious!

If this Diamond King were to recover, both of them would die!

Without a second word, he deals with him!

Jiang Nan did not believe that he would not be able to handle such a huge lump of diamond!

If you want to give Jiang Nan 200 catty of brick, he might not be able to carry it!

Try it for 200 catty of renminbi?

He would be able to pick it up; he would even run with it!

He could even jump!

What’s more with this 200 catty of big diamonds?

Jīngāng saw the evil light in Jiang Nan’s eyes and could not help but swallow his saliva!

He had a bad premonition!


It should be fine!

Jiang Nan pulled out his Triangular Army Thorn!

He then stabbed it at Jīngāng’s neck!

A burst of sparks burst out!

The shock made Jiang Nan’s arm numb, and even the blade broke!

“Damn it; it’s quite hard!”

Jīngāng said proudly, “Let’s see what you’re going to do.”

Jiang Nan was furious!


I can get anything else!

But I can’t get this money?

His eyes spun!

He picked up the military knife and pointed it at Jīngāng’s lips!

“Open your mouth!”

Jīngāng clenched his teeth and did not speak!

“Alright! Just you wait!” Jiang Nan said.

As he spoke, he picked up two stones and stuffed them into Jīngāng’s diamond nose!

He then laughed coldly!

If he didn’t open his mouth, he would not be able to catch his breath if he was a person, right?

[From Sergey Markov’s Resentment Points + 1000! ]

Blocking his nose?

Your playing dirty with me!

Damn it!!

Jīngāng, who had been holding it in for more than three minutes, could not keep it in any longer and opened his mouth to gasp for breath!

Jiang Nan took the opportunity to stuff Detoxification Small Soybeans and Reiki Leek into his mouth!

Jīngāng’s eyes are wide open, but he can only swallow them to breathe!


“What did you give me to eat?”

Jiang Nan laughed mischievously!

“What? You will know in a while!”

After a while, Jīngāng reacted, and his reaction was not ordinary!

His body twisted uneasily!

The key was that he didn’t dare to move!

He was about to go crazy!

Jiang Nan took this opportunity to stab Triangular Army Thorn into the crack and frantically dig at the diamond!

The effect was remarkable!

Jīngāng was angry!

If this continued, he would be dismantled by this kid sooner or later!

He could no longer suppress his anger and roared madly, “I’ll fight it out with you!”

Jīngāng suddenly stood up and smashed his diamond fist at Jiang Nan!

Jiang Nan reacted quickly and caught it!

Just like that, the two of them exerted force like a tug of war, and diamond fragments continuously fell from Jīngāng’s body!

Jiang Nan was so stifled that his face turned red!

However, the tremendous force coming from his arms made it impossible for him to resist!

The difference was too great!

Then, he teleported behind Jīngāng!

He grabbed his head and pressed it down fiercely. Both of his arms were tightly clasped his neck, and then he suddenly raised it!

It was a standard Rear naked choke!

Jīngāng was so caught off guard that he couldn’t breathe, and his fists crazily smashed onto Jiang Nan’s back!

A muffled sound like a drum rang out!

Jiang Nan felt that he was hammered by the rammer again and again!

His ribs must have been broken!

A mouthful of blood rushed up to his throat and was swallowed back!

At this moment, Jiang Nan’s eyes were full of viciousness!

“F*ck! Let’s see if I die first, or you die first!”

Bobcat said weakly, “Run! Ignore him, and don’t worry about me!”

“Don’t put yourself in this place!”

Jiang Nan gritted his teeth, “You want me to give up on such a large diamond? How is that possible?”

Bobcat was getting anxious!

At this time, Jiang Nan was still joking!

“Didn’t you promise me just now? If I die, you will run! We have an agreement!”

Jiang Nan spat out a mouthful of blood and smiled brightly!

“A man’s mouth! Is a liar!”

“Little Meow Meow, your cultivation is still too shallow!”

As he spoke, he spat out another mouthful of blood. Jiang Nan refused to let go!

What a joke!

Can he run away just like that? Was he still a man?

In the end, the reason why Bobcat was like this was all because of him!

There were some things that Jiang Nan didn’t want to regret!

The emotions in Bobcat’s heart surged!

She bit her lower lip, unable to say a single word.

Jiang Nan loved to joke; he was glib!

However, he would never fail at critical moments!

In the end, he still didn’t want to abandon her and run away!

Bobcat knew that she hadn’t misjudged him!

She saw Jiang Nan staring at her with his eyes wide open and clenching his teeth!

He even made up his mind!

If I can’t kill you today, your father will eat sh*t!

Suddenly, Jiang Nan felt his heart beating wildly!

His blood flowed faster, and his body temperature soared!

What flowed through his blood vessels did not seem to be blood, but lava!

The high temperature even evaporated the sweat in Jiang Nan’s body and spread out through his pores!

His skin was a strange dark red color!

Green veins burst forth!

Waves of surging power surged forth!

Jiang Nan felt his ears and eyes become clear; his five senses and his physical attributes explosively increased in all aspects!

Bobcat widened her eyes!

Burning Blood!

The Burning Blood Reagent worked!

“Bring it on!”

There was a “Kacha” sound!

Jiang Nan snapped off a large head made of diamond!

Jīngāng’s body fell to the ground powerlessly!

Jiang Nan gasped for breath and looked at the big diamond head in his hand!

“Tsk, tsk, tsk! Such a big diamond! How much is it worth?”

Bobcat, “…”

She no longer knows where to start to complain!

She didn’t even have time to care so much!

Jiang Nan hurriedly checked Bobcat’s injuries, but when he looked at them, he couldn’t help but fall silent!

The blood on the ground had already gathered into a small pool!

Bobcat’s face was already frighteningly pale!

“Don’t save me! Where in the wilderness, I won’t be able to survive!”

“Go! With your ability, you can leave this Spirit Ruin!”

Jiang Nan squatted on the ground.


In the movie, people who are worse than you are still alive and kicking!”

“What are you doing? Can’t you be serious for a while?” Bobcat smiled bitterly.

Jiang Nan shook his head!

He had finally endured to the end!

How could he watch Bobcat die?

Looking at his nearly 2 million points of resentment!

He silently thought in his heart!


‘Don’t cheat this time!’

‘Give me something reliable.’

[Get out of the way! I am going to start acting tough! ]

Looking at the information that suddenly appeared in his mind, Jiang Nan was stunned.


He was speechless!

‘Then please start your performance!’

[Ten consecutive draws begin!] [Thank you for your patronage! ] A consolation prize, Hulk pants!

Jiang Nan thought that the system would act tough!

Wasn’t it all just fucking thank you for your patronage?

Looking at his dwindling resentment points, Jiang Nan’s face turned darker than that of coal!

19 ten-times consecutive draws!

A total of five Golden Age Beauty Pill were produced, and the rest were all Hulk underpants!

Jiang Nan was about to go crazy!

In the end, there was finally a new product in the twentieth time!

[Thank you for your patronage! ] Consolation prize, A Vitality Ginseng!

Jiang Nan opened the item information and took a look!

[Vitality Ginseng] [Function: Restore the health of the consumer! Cure all diseases! replenish blood and qi!]

Jiang Nan was suspicious!

It sounded very powerful and very reliable!

However, the system always showed such serious information!

But it was a f*cking huge pit!

Plus, this Vitality Ginseng identity of a consolation prize.

Jiang Nan could not help but panic a little!

But now that Bobcat was about to die, how could Jiang Nan have more time to think?

He immediately took out the vitality ginseng!

Jiang Nan was dumbfounded!

He saw that the vitality ginseng was not even the size of a thumb!

Wasn’t it too small?

It was dry and shriveled.

It looked like it was seriously malnourished!


This could cure all diseases and also replenish qi and blood?

Who the f*ck would believe it!

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