Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously

Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously Chapter 69


In the end, the teacher really didn’t count it!

The top one!

7.6 catty!

The big screen of the hotel also displayed the rankings flashed wildly!

Their school teams score was:

Striving To Become First Team: 4 bronze-grade spiritual beads! 17 black iron-grade spiritual beads!

A Go In My Go Go Team: 3 bronze-grade spiritual beads! 11 black iron-grade spiritual beads!

And when Jiang Nan’s team submit their spiritual beads…

Jiangnan Said That The Team: Spiritual Beads: 7.6 catty!

Straight to the top!

Hey, hey, hey!

Was this a f*cking market?

Jiang Nan Team, whose spiritual beads scores were calculated in catty, was probably the first!

Speaking of which, wasn’t that team name a bit too showy?

Anyway, none of the Jiang City First High School team names were decent…

The resentment points crazily refreshed!

Jiang Nan smiled brightly and took a picture of the ranking list!

He put away the spiritual beads and ran back to Xia Yao. He said with an air of pride, “One month of underwear washing. We agreed!”

Xia Yao gnashed her teeth in anger!

Don’t you know to let others have their way?

Wouldn’t you still be able to go to Songjiang’s Martial Spirit if you took second place?

Well, I can just wash it alongside mine!

Killing two birds with one stone?

Thinking of this, Xia Yao’s face suddenly turned red!

No! Why are you thinking of arranging yourself in?

[From Xia Yao Resentment Points +1000!]

She couldn’t help but roll her eyes at Jiang Nan and say, “Hmph! Steel straight man!” 

(TL note: 钢铁直男, literally steel straight man/boy; or the more severe variation: 钢铁直男癌, literally steel straight man/boy cancer; are terms for a male who has no idea how to communicate with the opposite sex or does not understand what a woman/girl wants.)

Jiang Nan, “???”

He was stunned!

Why was he a steel straight man?

Could it be that Xia Yao, this evil dog, wanted him to wash her underwear?


How was that possible!

Do you think I don’t care about face?

After some calculations, there was no surprise!

Jiang Nan won first place with a score of 7.6 catty!

The school organized the students back to school.

When Zhong Yingxue found out that Jiang Nan was safe, she also drove back to Jiang City!

She originally wanted to accompany Jiang Nan for a while, but Xia Yao really couldn’t wait!

She couldn’t wait to go home and try the effect of the big white rabbit milk candy!

But before they separated they agreed to have dinner together during the holidays…

On the bus, Jiang Nan began to fiddle with his phone!

As soon as he connected to the internet, his phone began to vibrate like crazy!

Jiang Nan was stunned as he watched his phone vibrate for half an hour!

As soon as he opened Weibo, the notification was 99+!

It completely exploded!

When he saw that all of it were all worried about his safety, the expression pack of a little candle and prayer also exploded!

Jiang Nan felt warm in his heart.

Then, he posted on Weibo!

Nan Shen:

From iPhone 11 pro-Max!

Strength and attractiveness were indeed directly proportional!

I’m helpless!

Songjiang Martial Spirit, I’m coming!


The first one was the ranking list!

The other was the photo of the three people in Spirit Ruin!

Jiang Nan and the other two posed and smiled brilliantly in the photo!

Behind them, Li Xiang’s team was angrily hunting spirit beasts!

It formed a sharp contrast!

Just after posting it, Jiang Nan fell asleep in a daze!

When he woke up, the comments section immediately broke through ten thousand!

“Haha, I knew he was fine! Good people don’t live long! Bad people will live for a thousand years!”

“What kind of team name is this? It’s too amazing!”

“Well, you are right! Anything you say is right!”

“7.6 catty? Am I seeing things?”

“The other team is counted into pieces, and Nan Shen’s team counted in catty? 666!”

“As long as it’s safe!”

Xiao Yu: “Are you coming to our school? I’ll treat you to grilled fish! (Excited)!”

Jiang Nan was amused!

Reply to Xiao Yu: “Iron pot stewed koi! Roast it using yourself as a charcoal fire?”

[From Xiao Yu’s Resentment Points +333! ]

It’s great~

The bus drove to school, and the students who had been tired all day went home and slept for a whole day!

The next day was the awards ceremony!

Jiang Nan, Wu Liang, and Tang Qianya stood on the podium!

They were all a little excited!

Jiang Nan rubbed his hands excitedly!

Because the school would reward Spiritual Bead with a spirit skill!

The reward distributed by the Martial Spirit Association corresponded to the characteristics of their respective abilities!

Space-type Spiritual Bead?

He had been looking forward to it for a long time!

What surprised Jiang Nan was that Li Xiang’s team had actually managed to get second place!

However, on the podium, Li Muyan stood very far away from Li Xiang and the others, remaining silent the entire time!

She looked very depressed!

As if she had noticed Jiang Nan’s gaze, she glared back fiercely!

Jiang Nan, “Oh? You’re getting bolder!”

As he spoke, he raised his palm and imitated a slapping motion!

Li Muyan was so scared that she quickly covered her little butt!

Her face was full of shame and anger, and it was almost an instinctive reaction!

Her butt was still in pain!

There was still a big handprint on it!

This action made Jiang Nan laugh!

But how could she admit defeat?

She pouted and actually twisted her little butt at Jiang Nan!

It meant that…

Come on, come on~

Come and beat me!

Come on~I’ll happily accept it~in any case~we have a lot of time.

The smile on Jiang Nan’s face froze, and he broke out into a cold shiver!

He then retracted his hand resentfully!

This girl… was deeply poisoned!

It was better to stay away from her!

To avoid being entangled!

At this moment, Li Muyan realized that she was still on the podium and so many people were watching!

Her face turned red!

Sure enough!

The students below the stage looked at Li Muyan and Jiang Nan in shock.


What was the situation?

Jiang Nan raised his hand. Li Muyan covered his butt and twisted it at him?

Could it be?


Was everything like this now?

On the other side, the teacher began distributing Spiritual Bead!

One of them gave a small red box containing Spiritual Bead!

What Tang Qianya got was a Silver Rank Wood Attribute Spiritual Bead! Spiritual skill: Vine Whip!

On the other hand, Wu Liang was also a Silver Rank Spiritual Bead! Spiritual skill: Berserk!

Both were suitable for the abilities of the two!

When he arrived at Jiang Nan, the principal came forward to shake hands with him with a smile on his face!

“This young man is not bad! His performance is outstanding! He is a pillar of the country, blah blah blah blah…”

His mouth was like a machine gun as he spoke a lot!

It made Jiang Nan’s hand sweat!

He shook his hand up and down!

Jiang Nan nodded like a chick pecking at rice, and the smile on his face stiffened…

Hold it in!

Hold it in!

You’ve been talking for almost ten minutes!

Hurry up and give me my little box!

Finally, the principal finished speaking!

Jiang Nan hurriedly stretched out his hand.

The principal coughed twice and turned to leave…

“Okay! The award ceremony is officially over!”

“Come, students! Smile! Take a photo, and we will hang it in our corridor!”

Jiang Nan, “???”

Hey! Hey! Hy!

Did you forget something?

You didn’t take any medicine when you went out, did you?

He shook hands for more than ten minutes!

Where was my little box?

Where was the Spiritual Bead with spiritual skill?

Then, Jiang Nan stretched out his hand towards the principal!

Then, he even gestured with his finger!

Wasn’t this obvious?

The principal glanced at Jiang Nan, then turned his head and said, “Come! 123! cheese!”

Jiang Nan, “! ! !”


You did it on purpose, didn’t you?

You did not reward me in order to take revenge on me for blowing up the testing machine?

Where was my little box?

A box that was earned through life and death!


The shutter was pressed!

It also meant that this final exam was officially over!

Everyone in the photo revealed a bright smile!

In their hand was a small red box!

Only Jiang Nan was stunned and spreading his hands!

The meaning was self-explanatory!

Did you see it!

In his hand!


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