Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously

Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously Chapter 70


After taking the photos, the principal felt at ease!

This time the final exam was a combination of the three schools!

But because of Jiang Nan’s existence!

Not to mention that the broadcast had earned a lot!

Jiang City First High School was also the best among the three schools!

Next year’s enrollment would definitely not be a problem.

At this moment, the principal felt a chill run down his back!

He turned back to look!

He saw Jiang Nan’s face full of resentment, and his eyes seemed like he wanted to kill someone!

If the system could collect Jiang Nan’s resentment point…

At this moment, it was estimated that he could draw ten times in a row!

The principal quivered and pretended not to see it!

Jiang Nan, “! ! !”

If he didn’t give himself an explanation today!

It was not over!

After the award ceremony ended, the principal called out to Jiang Nan, “Come with me!”

Jiang Nan had a suspicious look on his face.

What? Was he going to give him special treatment?

He was excited again.

In the principal’s office.

There were two documents on the table and a metal box!

Jiang Nan didn’t even look at the document and just grabbed the box in his hand.

There was a Spiritual Bead lying quietly and emitting waves of spatial fluctuations!

Jiang Nan was almost drooling!

This was a space attribute spiritual skill that he had longed for a long time!

The principal smiled bitterly, “Put it down! It’s not yours yet!”

With dissatisfaction, Jiang Nan was stunned and said, “I got first place!”

The principal pointed to the documents on the table and said, “Take a look!”

Jiang Nan took a look!

Spiritual Bead and a document transferred to Songjiang Martial Spirit were placed together!

On the other side, there was also another document!

The Night Legion Army document was asking Jiang Nan for the Spiritual Bead!

They said that Night Legion Army killed the spirit beast and not Jiang Nan’s. He had to return it to them!

Jiang Nan exploded on the spot!

How could I spit out the money that was in my pocket?

The principal handed Jiang Nan another document!

“What do you mean?” Jiang Nan was stunned.

“Sign this! The Spiritual Bead and the transfer documents are yours!”

“If you don’t sign it, the other document is yours!”

Jiang Nan, “???”

Choose one from the two?

Then why the fuck did he need to choose?

Of course, he wanted Spiritual Bead and the transfer documents!

But when he looked at the documents in his hand!

Jiang Nan was dumbfounded!

Night Legion Army enlistment document?

The name and other information had been filled up for Jiang Nan!

He just needed to press a fingerprint!

Wasn’t this too considerate?


Jiang Nan almost exploded on the spot!

No wonder Bobcat looked so confident!

So she was waiting for this time?

At this time, his phone rang.

When he checked who called, he then accepted it and began to curse, “Smelly Bobcat! Scheming B * tch!”

“Big pig trotters! Scumbag woman!”

“Humanoid Tyrannosaurus! Gundam Berserk!”

“EVA 01 machine! Iron Arm Astro Boy!”




The principal was stunned!

What the hell was this!

You dare to chat with Night Legion Army like this?

Your courage was not ordinary!

You were a little too arrogant!

Who knows how many people dream of joining Night Legion Army!

How come when it came to Jiang Nan, it was like going to the execution ground?

Jiang Nan glanced at the phone that had been hung up!

His phone rang again!

But before Jiang Nan could speak.

Bobcat said lightly, “Do you want to die?”

Jiang Nan’s body stiffened. He still said with a grievance, “Is this how you treat your savior?”

Bobcat sitting in her office, tried her best to hold back her laughter!

She tried her best to calm her voice down, “Hurry up and press your fingerprint!”

“In the future, you will be mine! Since you have made a great contribution this time, I will let you be a lieutenant first!”

She could imagine the pitiful look on Jiang Nan’s face!

Her heart felt refreshed!

“I still have to go to school!”

Bobcat, “I won’t stop you from going to school! Don’t you have winter vacation, summer vacation, and rest days?”

Jiang Nan, “???”

“F*ck! So I have to go to Night Legion Army to do a part-time job during my holiday?”

Bobcat, “The Space Attribute Spiritual Bead is strictly controlled by the country!”

“Void Sea Spirit Ruin is also not open to the public! Night Legion Army is the only way for you to obtain space attribute spirit beads!”

“You can treat it as a job!”

Jiang Nan curled his lips!

He had to admit that what Bobcat said was right!

He couldn’t possibly teleport and eat all over the world with one move, right?

“Then my Mercedes-Benz, small villa, money, and hug?”

Bobcat gritted her teeth and said, “I don’t have anything of those, but I can give you a hug!”

[From Luo Tianhong’s Resentment Points +1000!]

Jiang Nan shivered!

Bobcat’s hug?

If she hugged him, wouldn’t he ascend to heaven?

Jiang Nan was so scared that he quickly hung up the phone and pressed his fingerprint with hatred!

The principal was pleased!

“Um… First Lieutenant? You should be able to get a discount on the train, right?”

Principal, “???”


I’ll f*cking break your legs!

So you joined Night Legion Army and became a lieutenant just to get a discount on the train?

[From the Principal’s Resentment Points + 666]

Jiang Nan looked at the Space Attribute Spiritual Bead and asked, “Principal! What is this Spiritual Bead?”

Principal: “The Void Carp produced in Void Sea Spirit Ruin in Miaojiang! A Gold Rank Spirit Beast! It’s extremely rare!”

Jiang Nan was stunned. Gold Rank?

Was Bobcat so generous?

“You should be contented! The Void Sea is not open to the public! The lowest among them is a Gold Rank Spirit Beast!”

“This Void Carp Spirit skill: Space Wormhole is very rare! It is extremely difficult to get it!”

“Night Legion Army still likes you very much!”

Jiang Nan felt a burst of itch in his heart!

A Space wormhole?

It sounds pretty powerful!

Jiang Nan walked to the school gate and saw that Tang Qianya and Wu Liang were waiting for him!

Wu Liang chuckled, “What? Did they give you special treatment?”

Tang Qianya said expectantly, “What Spiritual Bead did they give you? It must be very powerful, right?”

Jiang Nan said with a sad face, “That’s right! But I sacrificed the rest of my life!”

“I sold myself!”

Tang Qianya, “????”

Wu Liang, “???”

On the way home, Jiang Nan was walking when he suddenly thought of something!

He took out a Spiritual Bead and stuffed it into Wu Liang’s hands!

Wu Liang was stunned, and he couldn’t help but jump in fright when he saw it!

Gold Rank Spiritual Bead?

“Brother Nan! This… this…”

“Why are you stuttering? That the Gold Rank Earth Bear Spiritual Bead! Its Spirit Skill: Bear King Shield is not bad! You have to absorb it!”

“Berserk and Bear King Shield. This is enough for you until silver rank!”

Wu Liang’s hand was shaking!

A Gold Rank Spiritual Bead with a spirit skill? And it was also so compatible with his beast transformation ability?

The value could not be measured by money!

No matter how much money was used, it could not be bought!

Jiang Nan gave it to him just like that?

Wu Liang truly felt that he had not followed the wrong person!

Speaking of which, that Earth Bear had been killed by Jiang Nan, or else how could he have gotten his hands on its Spiritual Bead?

“Brother Nan! Thank you!”

Jiang Nan smiled and waved his hand. After returning home, He arranged Vigorous Potion for a bath!

Jiang Nan, who was comfortably soaking in Vigorous Potion, felt the improvement of his physical fitness and felt very happy in his heart!

He takes another Golden Age Beauty Pill! According to the truth, the face will always win.

Jiang Nan then took out the Spiritual Pearl of the Void Carp!

This time… he should be able to break through, right?

After absorbing it, Jiang Nan felt that his spiritual energy had broken through to a new realm!

The spiritual energy contained within the Gold Rank Spiritual Bead was terrifying!

It had actually pushed Jiang Nan’s rank to 3-star bronze rank!

There was no time to be happy because Jiang Nan wanted to try out the new spiritual skill he had obtained!

A space wormhole!

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