Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously

Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously Chapter 71


With a thought, Wormholes appeared in front of Jiang Nan.

Two Space Wormholes appeared side by side in front of him!

An entrance, an exit!

It was the size of a washbasin!

Jiang Nan reached his arm into one of the Space Wormholes!

Then it just sticks out from another space wormhole!

He even touched his face!

Jiang Nan’s eyes lit up!

Wasn’t this a space folding?

The entrance and exit of the wormhole could be randomly set up!

Can any part of his body go from the entrance to the exit regardless of distance?

Wasn’t this too awesome?

No wonder it used such a high and mighty name like Space Wormhole!

He gave it a try!

If Space Wormhole really could be controlled at will!

As a result, he could open within a range of 300 meters!

Even the range of his teleportation also increased to 300 meters!

In a split second, Jiang Nan became interested!

Space Wormhole opened!

Jiang Nan stretched out his hand and entered!

At the same time, an arm appeared out of thin air from the kitchen refrigerator!

He opened the fridge door and brought back a bottle of Coke!

Jiang Nan was amused!

With this Space Wormhole, wouldn’t he be able to get with everything within 300 meters?

No wonder they had to control it strictly!

It was a necessary artifact to rob a bank!

As he thought about it, he opened another Space Wormhole!

One was under the bathtub, and the other was in the sewer!

The bathwater in the bathtub was gone in a short while…


This was so f*cking convenient!

Wouldn’t it be possible to use the toilet while in bed?

Just do it!

Jiang Nan got up from the bathtub and opened a Space Wormhole!

His small waist entered!

The exit was under the old locust tree in the courtyard!

He was just thinking of applying fertilizer to it!

In the courtyard, Zhou Yuqing was cleaning the courtyard!

Suddenly, she found a crystal water column suddenly appearing under the old locust tree!

Her face was full of curiosity!

She hurriedly ran over and squatted under the tree to look at it!

She even wanted to reach out and touch it!

Could… could this be a supernatural event?

So magical!

She couldn’t help but shout, “Mom! Come and see!”

“The old locust tree at the door is showing strange things!”

“It’s actually watering on its own!”

Jiang Nan, “???”

Zhou Yuqing’s voice directly scared Jiang Nan to death!


Could it be such a coincidence?

How was he discovered?

Furthermore, he was being watched?


This was bad! He should stop it!

Zhou Yuqing, “????”

Why did it stop?

As expected!

This sort of supernatural event was something that could only be encountered by luck and not sought after!

“What happened to Xiao Qing?” Auntie Zhou asked.

Zhou Yuqing had a vexed expression, “It disappeared!”

Jiang Nan, who was in the bathtub, felt uncomfortable!

It is better not to use this kind of divine art in the future!

It was easy to be misunderstood!

After the semester examination, all the major schools began to have their summer vacation!

Jiang Nan was preparing to go to the night market and do a big job!

He would set up a stall and ruthlessly earn a small amount of money!

That evening, Jiang Nan, who was absorbing Spiritual Bead at home, received a video call!

It was from “Yingxue!”

After the call was connected, two breathtakingly beautiful faces appeared on the screen!

It was Zhong Yingxue and Xia Yao!

Xia Yao, who had eaten two pills of Golden Age Beauty Pill in a row, was so beautiful that she exploded!

A beautiful girl with silver hair!

Xia Yao, “Xiao Nan! Come out quickly! I’ll treat you to hot pot! Let’s also drink; I won’t drive today!”

Zhong Yingxue smiled and said, “Come on! I have something to discuss with you!”

“Yeah, come on! My fans want to see you!” Yu Qingqing, who had two buns on her head, also squeezed into the screen!

Jiang Nan raised his eyebrows, “Drink?”

Xia Yao smirked, “Let’s see if this girl doesn’t get you drunk to death today?”

Jiang Nan looked excited, “Where is it? I’ll go over right now!”

Zhong Yingxue smiled, “Call Wu Liang and Tang Qianya as well! The more people, the merrier!”


After calling Wu Liang and Tang Qianya, the three of them set off for the hotpot restaurant!

Zhong Yingxue and the other two had already booked a private room!

The three of them pushed the door open and entered!

Not only was Wu Liang stunned, but even Tang Qianya was stunned!

How could a person be beautiful to such an extent!

It was almost suffocating, okay?

Xia Yao’s wildness directly pierced through Tang Qianya’s little heart!

Mom, I seem to be in love!

Xia Yao looked at their reactions and nodded with satisfaction!

Then she looked at Jiang Nan, “Hey, hey, hey! Why didn’t you praise me? Am I so beautiful?”

Jiang Nan curled his lips, “Because I know your true nature Wolf Extinction!”

Xia Yao bared her teeth, wishing she could strangle Jiang Nan to death!

Zhong Yingxue greeted with a smile, “The two of you have been strangling each other since we first met!”

“Come! Xiao Tangtang, sit here with me!”

“This is Xiao Yu! Our classmate!”

Yu Qingqing smiled shyly. “Hello, everyone!”

As she spoke, she waved her hand at the phone beside her, “Did everyone see that? The Nan Shen you wanted!”

The barrage in the live broadcast room was directly blurred!

“Damn! Nan Shen is still so handsome!”

“Sailor Moon warrior! I finally see you again!”

“Sorry, my mind is no longer on Nan Shen!”

“Drink him to death!”

Jiang Nan was stunned. This girl was good. Was she broadcasting her meals?

The last time in the mall when she was trapped, she was also broadcasting!

Zhong Yingxue smiled, “Don’t look at our Xiao Yu like that; she is a famous anchor! She has even signed a 10 million contract!”

Jiang Nan’s expression became serious!

“Sister Xiao Yu! Are you looking for a boy to support?”

Yu Qingqing blushed and did not know what to do!

Xia Yao rolled her eyes and then chuckled, “Don’t tease her! I will definitely bring you down today!”

Wu Liang patted his chest and said, “Today, I must let my Brother Nan drink well!”

Tang Qianya said shyly, “And… and me!”

Zhong Yingxue: “I’ll accompany you for a few drinks! But I can’t drink much…”

Jiang Nan look at everyone!

What the hell!

This isn’t right. Are they all targeting me today?

The situation was bleak!

He slapped the table and said, “Let’s fight!”

He releases an imposing aura!

Xia Yao asked curiously, “How much can you drink? Let’s confirm it out first!”

Jiang Nan shrunk his head and weakly raised a finger!

Xia Yao burst into tears, “Hahaha? Just one bottle! You still say you are from Jiang City?”

Jiang Nan slowly shook his head!

“One bottle? No! You’re wrong!”

“I can drink continuously without stopping!”

As soon as these words came out, several people at the table thought Jiang Nan was crazy!

Xia Yao curled her lips, “Just you? Tsk!”

Zhong Yingxue also snickered.

Wu Liang even chimed in, “Brother Nan! The bragging people eat instant noodles without seasoning!”

Jiang Nan rolled his eyes!

You don’t believe me, do you?

Then he said,

“If Qingdao doesn’t fall, I won’t fall!” 

(TL note: Qingdao, a subprovincial city in Shandong China. Tsingtao Brewery Co. Ltd. China second largest brewery is located in Qiangdao)

Yu Qingqing’s live broadcast room completely exploded, and the majority of fans were unhappy!

“Damn! I am not convinced!”

“It’s a video match! But I want a fight!”

“Nan Shen! You haven’t drunk yet, and you’re already drunk?”

“You’re already acting arrogantly! I want to see how much you can drink today!”

This wave of words immediately gained a lot of resentment points!

Jiang Nan was becoming more and more fond of Yu Qingqing!

What a good person!

Xia Yao, “um… I will just quietly watch you pretend!”

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