Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 10 The Grand Line


In his previous life, he had read in comics that the weather on the Grand Line was unpredictable, and this time Lin Tian finally experienced it.

Not long after going out to sea, the sunny weather in front of them suddenly became dense with dark clouds, followed by a downpour.

On the sea’s surface, the strong winds raised tens of meters high waves. Lin Tian, who was standing at the ship’s bow, was drenched on the spot when Lin Tian followed the many marine soldiers to put up the sails.

As a result, the soldiers who put up the sails were exhausted. On his first day at sea, Lin Tian encountered a giant whirlpool, stormy winds, and waves.

On his first day at sea, he worked like a horse. Lin Tian finally knew why the Grand Line was called the pirate graveyard.

In this kind of weather, you really have to rely on luck to survive without a good navigator.

The ship almost capsized a few times, and the marine soldier was almost scared to death.

After many years of practicing with elite marine soldiers in the Marine Headquarters, they now encountered extreme weather.

There was no change in expression at all. Under the navigator and helmsman’s orders, the entire warship was like a vast machine, rotating quickly, nimbly avoiding crisis after crisis.

Previously Lin Tian was worried about the wooden ship’s sturdiness, but now Lin Tian found it was even more sturdy than he had imagined.

The industrial of this world had developed to its peak, and even it could sustain such strong winds and massive waves.

It was not easy to found a sunny and windy day, so Lin Tian lay on the deck and took this time to rest.

A Marine Captain who looked to be in his thirties came over and sat next to Lin Tian, “This is your first time sailing, isn’t it?”

Lin Tian nodded his head, puzzled: “I see you guys are fine, is this kind of weather common on the Grand Line?”

Lin Tian extended his hand and introduced himself, “Oh, by the way, my name is Lin Tian.”

“My name is Roberts, Buga… I’m Roberts, Buga Roberts”.

On this ship, Lin Tian didn’t know anyone but Garp, and now it was hard to find someone to talk to. So he asked questions about the Grand Line.

This Marine Captain was a talkative man and knew a lot about the world, could basically say a word or two to Lin Tian’s questions.

Through Roberts, Lin Tian had a general understanding of what was usually happen on the Grand Line.

The weather on the Grand Line was unpredictable, but it was not always like today. Most of the time, the weather on the Grand Line was also quite stable, but the changes were relatively fast like today was rarely encountered only once.

“But for someone as young as you to become a Captain in the Marine is amazing. I’ve only met a person like you once so far”, Roberts said in amazement.

Lin Tian touched his head and accosted, “Ahaha, thank you!”

“Did you eat a kind of Devil Fruit?” Roberts was curious.

Now Roberts’ intrigued by the fact that someone who ate the Devil Fruit at such a young age either had a background or was extremely lucky.

Roberts was a gossiper. Otherwise, he wouldn’t know so many things and rumors, “So, what happens?

Seeing that Roberts was so interested, Lin Tian didn’t want to spoil it. At that moment, he told how he got the Devil Fruit experience, but of course some of the important things, or just a summary of it.

Roberts exclaimed, “I didn’t expect your experience to be so torturous.”

Lin Tian leaned on the railing in boredom, watching the marine soldiers gathered in front of him, enjoying the refreshing sea breeze.

After the previous interest had passed, Lin Tian felt that sailing was actually a very dull thing, especially for Lin Tian.

From Lin Tian’s point of view, he could be considered as the second idler on the ship, the first idler being, of course, the old man Garp. Even Roberts, who was chatting happily with him, had something to do.

Now alone and bored with the sea breeze, these marine soldiers were at least in their twenties. He was afraid that only Roberts, an easy going guy, can talk to him.

The most important thing that Lin Tian hoped to do was found the pirates so that he won’t be so bored sitting here. But after just one day out, it’s impossible to meet pirates so quickly.

This was his first night without fighting with Garp, and Lin Tian could not sleep if he had to go to bed too early. Lin Tian was unlike Garp, who could fall asleep at any time and any place.

Lin Tian shook his head speechlessly as he looked at Garp, lying asleep on the side.

But sometimes, fate was a strange thing. Lin Tian just wanted some pirates to keep himself from being so bored, and some pirates actually came to his ship.

A marine soldier ran out of the cabin with a transponder worm in his hand. He looked around and ran over to the location of the Garp’s room.

Urgently, he shouted: “Vice-Admiral Garp, we just get a distress message from the transponder worm.”

That marine soldier’s voice was so loud that everyone on the ship heard the message, immediately stopped what they were doing, and waited for Vice-Admiral Garp’s order.

The marine soldier saw that Garp was still asleep, also felt a hint of helplessness, and called out again, “Vice-Admiral Garp! Vice-Admiral Garp! Please wake up!”

Lin Tian laughed lightly at the marine soldier who kept calling out ‘Vice-Admiral Garp.’ Lin Tian, who was familiar with Garp, knew that he couldn’t just wake Garp up like that. He had to do it violently.

“You can’t do that. You have to use some special methods to wake him up”, Lin Tian said with a small smile on the side.

The marine soldier looked to the side and saw that Vice-Admiral Garp’s disciple talked, thinking that the disciple should know his teacher quite well. He took a few steps back and moved aside.

Lin Tian stretched out his finger and gently clicked it towards Garp. A small Black Ball appeared next to Garp, which was Lin Tian’s mainstay move, the ‘Death Ball.’

This was Lin Tian’s mainstay move, the ‘Death Ball.’ He controlled the Death Ball floating in the air and slowly move it to Garp’s forehead.

The marine soldier looked puzzled and saw that Lin Tian suddenly made a small black ball and slowly moved it to Garp’s head.

Although he felt very strange, he didn’t say anything. From that marine soldier’s point of view, as Garp’s disciple, Lin Tian must have done this for a reason.

Just as the Death Ball was about to reach Garp’s forehead, Garp woke up at once and punched the Death Ball away, followed by a ‘Shave,’ which flashed in front of Lin Tian.

‘Iron Block’

Garp’s speed was so fast that Lin Tian didn’t have time to dodge before Garp hit him. He hit one side of the wall, and his whole head went straight through the wooden board, leaving only the lower half of his body outside.

“Are you trying to kill me, you stinky brat!” cursed Garp.

As Garp punched Lin Tian, the Death Ball flew away and exploded in the air. A cloud of fire flashed in the air, but there was no smoke or dust.

The explosion created a powerful wave of air that acted on everyone present from top to bottom. Some of the marine soldiers were unprepared and shocked, but it was gone in the next instant.

The marine soldier looked up numbly into the air and then looked at Lin Tian, who was stuck in the wooden board.

How can this be a calling method to wake people?

This is completely attempted murder. It seems that Vice-Admiral Garp and his disciple are not ordinary people.

At the same time, I feel sympathy for Lin Tian, such a small child, and was knocked by Vice Admiral Garp like this.

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