Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 100


Rushing into the door, Lin Tian was surprised by the scene inside the Peak. 

Compared with the chaos outside, there was not even an inkling of that inside the Peak. The only people coming and going were all looking at the dazzling array of goods.

At the entrance is a slightly curved commercial street. Considering the outside shape of the Peak building, the whole commercial street should appear as a circle. Moreover, this commercial street has many floors, with overpasses connecting the shops on both sides. 

Before Lin Tian could finish looking carefully, Ai Siqi suddenly appeared in front of Lin Tian, scaring Lin Tian so much he jumped in fright. 

“How is it, Lin Tian? I’m not wrong, right? Isn’t it super big?” Ai Siqi stretched out her hands and gestured.

En!” Lin Tian nodded and replied, “Indeed. It’s huge inside.” 

This immense shopping mall is indeed the largest Lin Tian had ever seen. The overall layout gave Lin Tian a feeling of returning to his previous life. 

“Of course, this mall is the largest in the world and the only one in the entire world. The products here are very complete. You can basically find everything you want here.” Uncle Teng came over and introduced Lin Tian with a smile. 

“Such a big shopping mall can indeed be called the number one in the world.” Lin Tian sighed. Lin Tian remembered something and asked: “By the way, don’t you need someone to solve that troublesome issue outside?”

Uncle Teng waved his hand indifferently. “This kind of thing is not my strong point. There are specialists to solve these things. We’re all good now. I’ll take you on a tour around.” Uncle Teng suggested. 

Lin Tian thought, “But aren’t we going to visit Ai Siqi’s father? And such a sudden visit like this-“

“Hahaha…” Uncle Teng chuckled softly, “It’s okay, we will be on the way to see Master. I’ll introduce you to this place first.”

Since that was the case, Lin Tian had nothing to worry about and Uncle Teng was also very curious about Lin Tian. 

“Okay! I also want to see how big this mall is.”

“Then let’s go!” Ai Siqi happily grabbed Lin Tian and ran to the elevator to one side. 

Seeing this heartfelt smile on Young Lady’s face which he hadn’t seen for a long time, Uncle Teng also showed a happy smile on his face. 

“Follow. Protect Young Lady.” Uncle Teng waved his hand, leading many security personnel, followed along. Although it was a lot safer in the Peak, it was still absolutely not safe.

After the thrilling scene before, Uncle Teng dared not lower his guard.


Outside the Peak. 

A man flattered the Young Master and said, “Young Master, there is nothing wrong with it. It seems that they are ready for everything.”

The Young Master didn’t seem to notice the flattering of his subordinates. Instead, he thought about the thrilling scene just now. As an expert, Young Master carefully observed that scene. 

“Rather than what happened. I’m more interested in that young man. That young man is not a simple character.” Young Master said meaningfully.

“The young man?” Everyone on the side looked curious.

Of course, the man saw the kid battle scene. From the man’s point of view, that kid just ate a powerful Devil Fruit. If he shoots the kid himself, he will definitely be able to beat that kid. 

“Let’s stop talking about this. We have to meet our colleagues. The next step can’t be done without them.”


In the Peak, under the guidance of Ai Siqi and the explanations of Uncle Teng, Lin Tian garnered a clearer understanding of the Peak. 

Uncle Teng introduced, “The entire Peak area is a circle with a radius of 500 meters, covering an area of nearly 780,000 square meters. If you walk in a circle, it is equivalent to 3140 meters.”

Lin Tian was shocked when he heard the number.

The largest square in Lin Tian’s previous life covered 440,000 square meters, equivalent to about half of the Peak building. This is a place that can accommodate 1 million people. 

“And the whole Peak is divided into two parts… And we’re currently in the lower part. The outer part of the lower part is a 100-meter-wide commercial street, that is what we’re currently seeing now. Here, there are thousands of shops. It is said that everything in the world can be found here. Here you can see all kinds of items and even people.” 

Lin Tian glanced at it.

There really are countless strange things here, like the kind of plants that can breathe, and flowers with smiling faces and long creatures that can fly but look like fish..’.

“This commercial street is divided into nine floors. Each floor is ten meters high, so every store is extremely tall, even some young giants can come in.” 

Under the explanation of Uncle Teng, Lin Tian did not spend a long time visiting the commercial street. He came to a tunnel. 

Lin Tian looked at this straight tunnel, and he asked: “Why is this tunnel here? Are there many tunnels like this in the Peak?”

Hehe…” Ai Siqi smiled, “Lin Tian, you know nothing. You will be startled when you walk in.” 

Looking at Uncle Teng’s similarly smiling expression, Lin Tian immediately became interested. He wanted to take a closer look at what’s in the tunnel. 

Without hesitation, Lin Tian directly stepped inside. He walked another ten meters and before staring at the sight in front of him. 

Lin Tian’s eyes were filled with blue. He saw a large area of blue water. Through the transparent tunnel, Lin Tian could see countless fish swimming and under his feet was the beautiful and colorful coral reef. 

Ai Siqi looked at Lin Tian, who was shocked and said softly with a smile: “Did Lin Tian never expect that there will be an underwater park inside?” 

“Yeah.” Lin Tian was stunned and nodded. He really didn’t expect someone to build an underwater paradise inside the building. What kind of local tyrant would have such an idea? 

Ai Siqi said something that shocked Lin Tian, “There’s not only an underwater park here but also a fascinating animal circle.” 

Hearing this, Lin Tian’s mouth twitched unnaturally.

‘He actually built a zoo.’

“That doesn’t mean there must be an amusement park, right?” Lin Tian said in passing. 

Eh, Lin Tian, you know that there’s an amusement park here?” Ai Siqi asked strangely.

Lin Tian’s legs softened and he almost collapsed onto the ground. If it weren’t for the railing, Lin Tian would be on the ground.

“Well, I guess- I just guessed if there’s an underwater park and a zoo, there must be an amusement park.” 

To be honest, he just guessed wildly.

‘Who knew that your dad would be so awesome that he really built these three together?!!’

At this moment in Lin Tian’s heart, his admiration of Ai Siqi’s father was like a surging river, actually, it was like the Yellow River overflowing out of control.

‘When can I so tyrannical and wilful?’

“In addition to those three parks, there are libraries, museums, book galleries, leisure centers, etc in the middle section. At the intersection ahead, there are detailed partitions. You can go wherever you want to go through these well-connected passages.” 

Uncle Teng pointed to the one in front and said at the intersection. 

Under the guidance of Uncle Teng, Lin Tian felt his worldview expanding. The Peak is like a small town, which contains a variety of things. 

Uncle Teng waved his hands and said to Lin Tian, “This is the middle area of Peak. You’ve almost seen the full picture of Peak now.” 

As Lin Tian stepped forward, a spectacular sight appeared in front of Lin Tian. 

A transparent pillar with a diameter of several meters stands in the middle. The entire column is composed of nine elevators. Each floor has nine passages connecting these elevators, and everyone can go up and down through these elevators. And there are circular corridors on the side. Basically, all of the food was located here.

Once Lin Tian entered, an extremely fragrant scent washed over him. 

Lin Tian walked to the edge and looked down. He found that, on the 5th floor, there was no passage but a round bar.

Seeing Lin Tian bewildered, Uncle Teng explained: “On the 5th floor, everything is related to pirates. This is also a gathering place for pirates.”

“Are you not afraid of Marine if you have such a large pirate gathering place next to the Marine base?”

Hahaha……” Uncle Teng burst out laughing when he heard Lin Tian’s words! Uncle Teng suddenly stopped laughing and asked, “What if I say this is what the Marine wants?” 

Lin Tian exposed a smile. He didn’t reply but ended the topic. Lin Tian could guess the probable reason. He could understand what the other party wants to express without saying more.

Seeing these two men playing dumb mind games, Ai Siqi was immediately upset!

Aiya, stop it, you two! Let’s go quickly. I also want to take Lin Tian to visit something.” 

At the urging of Ai Siqi, Lin Tian and Uncle Teng quickly walked to the elevator. 


When he came to the elevator, Lin Tian thought he could get in by just finding an elevator, but Lin Tian didn’t expect was that Uncle Teng went to a wall and tapped a few numbers on a keyboard.

The wall opened, revealing an elevator inside…

“The upper part isn’t open to anyone. You can only go up through this special elevator.” 

The elevator was very large. More than a dozen people can come in and it still wouldn’t feel crowded at all, plus it was very stable.

“Uncle Teng, you said the upper part isn’t even open.” Lin Tian really couldn’t figure it out.

‘Such a massive place can be used to do many things but it is not open to people. What on earth is inside there?’

“You can see for yourself when the time comes!”

At this point, the elevator door opened!

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