Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 103


The lobby.

Goodritt had a look of joy and there was a hint of kindness in Lin Tian’s eyes.

As a figure who had struggled with the maritime business for so long, step by step from the bottom to the top, Goodritt was very good at reading people.

From Lin Tian’s words, Goodritt felt the sincerity from Lin Tian’s heart, which is also why he was pleased. 

For some reason, Ai Siqi was usually alone. Even if she met her peers, they would flatter and fawn over Ai Siqi. 

But Ai Siqi was just an ordinary girl. It was difficult for her to find a genuine, normal friend but today she finally found a friend. Why wouldn’t it make Goodritt happy?

It’s a pity that Ai Siqi herself didn’t know she wanted to have friends from the bottom of her heart!


As a reincarnated man, although he never went into business personally in his previous life, he had still seen those advanced economic theories from his previous life.

The other person was an old hand who had experienced the ups and downs of maritime trade, relying entirely on his long-sighted vision and experience. Still, he lacked some of the theory needed to make groundbreakingly new inventions.

When the two people met, it was as if Mars collided with Earth. They couldn’t stop talking to each other. Even Uncle Teng and Ai Siqi sounded like they wanted to sleep.

In the end, Ai Siqi, who couldn’t stand it. She looked at the time, it had been more than an hour, and she quickly reminded them. 

“Can you two just stop and take a rest already? You’ve been talking for more than an hour, and I’m hungry.” Ai Siqi touched her stomach to indicate that she was starving. 

Ai Siqi had not eaten anything since she ran away from home. She was caught by the pirates later before she ran into Lin Tian.

Hearing Ai Siqi’s complaint, Lin Tian and Goodritt finally stopped, took a look at the time and realised that it was precisely what Ai Siqi had said. 

However, Goodritt still felt unsatisfied. The theories that Lin Tian spoke of, Goodritt had never heard of it before. He could never have imagined that such profound theories would come from the mouth of a teenager.

If not for Ai Siqi’s complaints, Goodritt really would have continued talking with Lin Tian. However, as soon as Ai Siqi complained, Goodritt became hungry.  

Seeing Ai Siqi coming out to save him, Lin Tian sighed in relief. He didn’t study finance back then, but he read some books in that area. He just mentioned a few things that he remembered. 

After talking with Goodritt for so long, Lin Tian was about to vomit the ink in his chest.

“If that’s the case, I’ll tell the maids to start preparing meals.” Uncle Teng said.

Goodritt nodded, “Well, go get ready. Little friend Lin Tian, let’s continue talking in the restaurant later.” 

Ai Siqi said quickly, “Uncle Teng, today I want to eat clover, deep-fried deep-sea finfish, fried mandarin snails….”

After talking about six dishes in one breath, Ai Siqi stopped. These were the dishes that Ai Siqi liked very much. Today Ai Siqi was in a good mood.

“Lin Tian, do you have any favourite dishes? I want the people below to prepare it for you.” Uncle Teng asked Lin Tian on the side.

Lin Tian waved his hand, “You don’t need to prepare. Now that I’ve sent Ai Siqi back, I will leave….”

“No! I forbid you to leave. You said that we’re friends. How could you run away like this?!” Hearing Lin Tian’s intention, the joy on Ai Siqi’s face disappeared instantly.

“Ai Siqi, we are still friends. But I still have things to do.” Faced with Ai Siqi’s crying, Lin Tian felt distressed but he really needed to go. The partings are always like this, full of sadness. 

“Then, if Uncle Teng does that thing for you, can you stay?” Ai Siqi looked at Lin Tian expectantly. 

It was difficult for Ai Siqi to find a friend and the friend that she found today was going to leave. The thing is, who knows when and where they will meet again. 

Faced with Ai Siqi’s expectant eyes, Lin Tian really wanted to nod and agree with the lonely Ai Siqi.

‘But I must leave. Telling lies now will not make Ai Siqi happy but will cause more severe pain.’ 

He took a deep breath. Lin Tian closed his eyes and shook his head because Lin Tian dared not look at her eyes that were full of expectations. “No, this is my job. I have to do it myself, so I must leave.” 

After saying this sentence, Lin Tian opened his eyes, revealing the extremely firm eyes. 

When Ai Siqi heard these words, two lines of teardrops appeared on her face, her face was sad and the whole lobby seemed to be plunged into a strange and miserable atmosphere.

“No, I won’t let you! Uncle Teng, stop him!” 

Although Uncle Teng understood Lin Tian, he still felt unhappy in his heart. 

As for Young Lady’s orders, Uncle Teng will, of course, obey and gently backed a few steps, leaning against the door. 

Looking at this scene, Lin Tian narrowed his eyes, what he had been worried about still happened. If Uncle Teng insisted on not letting him go, he really couldn’t go. Lin Tian didn’t think that he could defeat Uncle Teng with his own strength and Uncle Teng’s strength, in Lin Tian’s eyes, was comparable to that of Admiral!

The scene suddenly fell into a deadlock! 

After a while, Goodritt, who had been watching the development of the matter, finally came forward to solve the deadlocked scene. 

Goodritt waved his hand to Uncle Teng, “Old Teng, get out of the way. Our little friend thinks this is a small temple, so why bother staying?” 

“That’s not it.” Lin Tian said with a bitter smile: “This- I really have a task. I have to do it.”

Ignoring Lin Tian’s explanation, Goodritt took out a handkerchief and gently wiped away the tears on Ai Siqilian’s face. 

“Daddy, can you keep Lin Tian here?” Ai Siqi asked with a cry. 

Haa…” Goodritt sighed deeply, “A Marine has to do their work. I can’t just detain him. If he stays voluntarily, Daddy can still think of a way, but he doesn’t want to stay. Even if Daddy keeps him here, do you think you can really be happy?”

Goodritt deserves to be the man who can become the richest man in the world. With just a few words, he pointed out the essence of the matter.

Hearing Goodritt’s rhetorical question, Ai Siqi was lost in thought. If she kept Lin Tian here, Lin Tian would definitely be unhappy. Will she really be happy then? 

Goodritt continued, “I am a businessman and a person with clear grievances. Since you saved my only daughter, I will pay you accordingly. Let’s talk about it! Money, gold, status… if I can do it, I will meet your requirements.” 

When Goodritt said this, Lin Tian immediately felt unsatisfied. Although he also liked money very much, he was not a profit-seeking person, and his voice became more serious. “Mr Goodritt! I did not save Ai Siqi for money. I just did that friendship. I don’t want…”. 

But before Lin Tian finished speaking, he was interrupted by Goodritt’s wave. “Since you don’t want these vulgar things, I will give you something else….” 

Without waiting for Lin Tian’s explanation, Goodritt fell into deep thought. Thinking about what he had that would interest Lin Tian and what he could give to Lin Tian. Suddenly, Goodritt thought of a good choice. This thing made Goodritt worry. Yet, he decided to give it anyway. 


Goodritt slowly pulled out an unsealed document bag from the drawer on the side and threw it in front of Lin Tian.

With concerned eyes, Goodritt said to Lin Tian, “Didn’t you say that you are here to perform a mission? Since Korod works together with the Marine, only the Heavenly Gold can draw the Marine’s interest.”

“Could it be…this…is…the information related to the Heavenly Gold?” Lin Tian said excitedly. 

“Yes.” Goodritt nodded, “This information is your reward.”

Hearing Goodritt saying this, Lin Tian’s joy disappeared from his face. He shook his head, “I said, I didn’t save Ai Siqi for any reward. I just did it for the friendship between the two of us!”

Although Lin Tian wanted this information very much, Lin Tian still had his own principles. Once he accepts this document, it means that he saved Ai Siqi not for friendship but for profit. If that’s the case, Lin Tian will not accept it. 

Seeing Lin Tian’s behavior, Goodritt was not angry, rather a hint of appreciation flashed in his eyes.

“Since you don’t want it, don’t blame me…… Come and see off the guests.”


 The door immediately opened, two maids appearing outside the door. They bent slightly, their right hands pointed forward. 

“Ai Siqi, I’m leaving!”

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