Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 104


Ai Siqi watched as Lin Tian’s back slowly disappeared from sight. She couldn’t help but feel pain in her heart. The tears in her eyes finally couldn’t be stopped, like a thin stream of water, gliding over her white and flawless face. Like the colorless paintbrush over her paperwhite quiet face, those strokes drew a bleak picture.

“Dad, I really don’t want Lin Tian to leave. I really don’t want him to leave.” Ai Siqi suddenly turned around and flew into Goodritt’s arms. The tears in her eyes instantly soaked Goodritt’s clothes.

“Hey…” Feeling the wet face on his chest, Goodritt sighed deeply and gently stroked Ai Siqi’s head. 

“I know, I know. But people have their own business. You can’t just order Old Teng to put them under house arrest here.” Goodritt looked at the crying daughter in his arms, with a distressed look on his face and softly persuaded her.

Who knows what kind of magic power Goodritt controlled? Under his gentle touch, Ai Siqi slowly squinted her eyes and fell into sleep.

Seeing Ai Siqi fell asleep in his arms, Goodritt asked, “Old Teng, say, what did they experience over the past half-day that made Ai Siqi regard that Lin Tian so seriously?”

“Master, just so you know, I’m not necessarily comparable to Lin Tian’s position in Young Lady’s heart anymore.” Uncle Teng replied with a bitter smile. “As for their half-day experience, no one knows what happened.”

Uncle Teng suddenly thought of a different possibility but he was afraid that he would guess wrong. He wanted to say but didn’t dare to say it.

Seeing Uncle Teng’s eagerness to speak, Goodritt questioned him with a fox-like expression, “Old Teng, you do know something after all.”

Uncle Teng nodded and hesitantly said: “Actually, that is just my speculation, I… I… I think Young Lady might have fallen in love with Lin Tian. Young Lady’s actions and words towards Lin Tian are not like friends at all, but more like….”

Hearing Uncle Teng’s words, Goodritt was suddenly lost in thought, “Actually, I also thought that way, but I can’t be sure of that. What you said, Old Teng, is probably pretty close to the truth.”

Immediately afterwards, Goodritt’s conversation turned, “So what about it? Ai Siqi is still young. How does she know what feelings she has? The reason why she has a good impression of Lin Tian is just that Lin Tian was the first friend she made in so many years, and after a while, she would forget him.” 

“But…” Originally, Uncle Teng wanted to say that Ai Siqi might not forget Lin Tian so easily. Looking at Ai Siqi’s painful look, Uncle Teng was sure Lin Tian left a deep mark in Ai Siqi’s heart. 

However, Goodritt waved to interrupt. “Old Teng, I understand what you said. Wouldn’t it be better for her to forget?” Goodritt asked with a smile. 

“That’s…” Uncle Teng was immediately at a loss and couldn’t understand what Goodritt was thinking.

Goodritt said with great pride: “As Goodritt’s daughter, she must marry a strong man in the future. I will give her such a large family property in the future. How can I protect her without strength?” 

When Uncle Teng heard this, he didn’t understand why. Master actually agreed with Lin Tian and Ai Siqi, but he wouldn’t admit Ai Siqi’s ability to recognize feelings. 

“That Lin Tian can be hailed as the Marine soldier with the most potential in the history of the Marine by those old men, after all. I’m afraid that few people in this world can match his talent. As for his strength, you must have seen it too.”

“That’s right!” Under the stare of his Master, Uncle Teng nodded. Although Lin Tian’s strength was nothing compared to him, his strength is already a sin at that age.

‘When I was Lin Tian’s age, who knows how big the difference between his strength and mine is? ‘

“Furthermore, his commercial attainments are actually stronger than mine. If my assets are taken care of by him, he will definitely be able to increase them. Unfortunately…”

Goodritt suddenly stopped and shook his head with a trace of disappointment on his face. “I can see that Lin Tian only regards Ai Siqi as a friend. Ai Siqi’s love for him might be unrequited.”

“Hahaha…” Uncle Teng suddenly laughed, “Master, don’t worry. Young Lady is so beautiful. Her character and personality are excellent and she is also the daughter of the world’s richest man. Who can resist the charm of Young Lady?”


Goodritt patted his thigh and proudly said, “That’s right! My daughter is so good. How can a brat resist my daughter’s charm?”

Goodritt suddenly remembered that there were that many assassins who tried to kill his daughter.

Anger rose to the chest. A powerful murderous aura emitted from the body. The murderous aura was so strong that, if an ordinary person stood next to Goodritt, they would faint while foaming at their mouth.

Don’t look at Goodritt as a businessman. In this era of private military forces, becoming the richest man in the world meant Goodritt’s strength was not simple. He had killed a lot of people too.

“This time, I will definitely not let those people go. I can’t just leave them alone anymore. The black hands behind them all want to get rid of me.”

Hearing this, Uncle Teng arrived at the right time, “Some of the assassins who were caught have already spilled the beans, but some that are really tough still haven’t.”

Unsurprisingly, Goodritt knew that these assassins are not ordinary mercenaries and the secret masterminds behind them have an extremely high status. Why couldn’t the hired assassins resist even the most basic torture? In terms of confidentiality, it is always difficult to pry open these people’s mouths, at least with ordinary methods.

Goodritt held his chin in thought for a while. He lightly waved his right hand.

Black figures slowly emerged from the empty void behind Goodritt, like a ghost.

If Lin Tian were there, he would definitely recognize them. They were one of the four black shadows from before. They had been next to Goodritt, following closely. 

Goodritt did not look back but talked to the shadow behind him, “Those assassins who have not spoken can’t be dealt with by ordinary means. You, go and pry open everyone’s mouths. Alive or dead, I only need to know who hired these assassins and which organization they are from. The rest is up to you. I just want the results.” 

The shadow didn’t speak but just nodding slightly and walked to the sidewall. The figure disappeared into the air little by little.

“Those assassins’ organizations or families… since they dare to take on the task of assassinating my daughter, they must be prepared to bear my anger. It seems that I haven’t made a move in too many years, those people have forgotten my old methods. This time I want the whole Underground World to know that anyone touches my daughter, even if I have to chase them the end of the world, I will not let them go.” Goodritt exuded a powerful, imposing manner. In the enclosed hall, with Goodritt at the center, a powerful hurricane was set off. 

Ai Siqi, in Goodritt’s arms, felt this imposing manner. She was frowning, and the corners of her eyes trembling slightly as if she was going to wake up. 

Goodritt immediately controlled his momentum when he saw this and changed back to an ordinary man who was over half a hundred years old.

As this momentum disappeared, Ai Siqi twitched her beautiful nose and fell deeply asleep again, with a smile on her face, as if she had dreamed of something beautiful. 

Seeing Young Lady asleep, Uncle Teng asked, “Then, are we going to use our men who are in Korod and solve the black hands behind the scenes which have not reacted?”

“No!” Goodritt waved his hand, “This time, Korod was caught in a huge vortex because of this Heavenly Gold incident. As the host, we must not move now. As long as we move, we are very likely to be involved in this vortex. In particular, many people in the World Government think that I am involved in this matter.”

Hearing the words, Uncle Teng raised a trace of anger in his chest and couldn’t help but snorted coldly.

“How could we be attracted to the Heavenly Gold? Those people just want to use this as an excuse to deal with Master and get Master’s wealth. I’m afraid that there are the shadows of these people behind this assassination.”

“I have known the thoughts of these people for a long time now.” Goodritt said, “That’s why we can’t move. This will not only force us into the inferior position but also give the people behind the scenes a chance.”

“The people behind the scenes?” Uncle Teng curiously asked, “Could it be that we already know the identity of the person behind the scenes?”

Goodritt pointed to the document on the ground, “Well, this is just an investigation but it’s in this document.”

With his vast influence and network of connections, Goodritt knew more about the matter of Heavenly Gold than ordinary people.

As soon as the news about the Heavenly Gold came out, Goodritt already knew that there was a pair of invisible hands behind the scenes orchestrating this incident.

Looking at the entire document, there was a smile on Uncle Teng’s face.

‘I’m interested now!’

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