Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 105


Lin Tian stood by the elevator, looking at the castle. He thought he would feel nothing since he only met Ai Siqi today. But now, Lin Tian found that he was suddenly reluctant. 

He shook his head, slowly turned his body and walked into the elevator that had been prepared.

Lin Tian knew that once he walked in, it would be very difficult for the two of them to see each other again.

‘I will be travelling around the Grand Line all year round. It would definitely be difficult to meet Ai Siqi again’.

The one will stay in this huge steel castle from time to time, but the other one will be in a boat drifting all year round. When that time comes, when the two meet again, who knows how many days or years it will be.



The tourists who were waiting for an elevator saw a wall suddenly split open from the middle and were immediately shocked. 

“What’s happening? Is this elevator shaft broken?”

Damn, if it breaks, how would the elevator above work?!”

“You don’t understand.” said a man who obviously knew the reason: “This is actually an elevator shaft, and this elevator leads to the top.”

‘I just got out of the elevator, so why are there so many people welcoming me?’

“How come it’s a child? Man, do you know what’s going on?”

The man thought in his heart: ‘Why should I know?! How the hell would I know everything?’

Listening to the whispers of everyone, Lin Tian immediate understood what had happened and a wry smile appeared on his face. 

“Who designed this elevator?”

Shave! Shave!

“Hey, where did that kid go?”

“Did you see him?”



On the next floor, Lin Tian looked at the puzzled people, a smile turned up the corner of his mouth and he turned back and walked towards the passage behind him.

Just as Lin Tian left, several figures who had been sitting beside them also stood up and hurriedly trotted towards the passage where Lin Tian entered.

“Group leader, that kid- do we need six people to go in?”

“Of course, that kid is very powerful. The girl must have been hidden by this little kid.”

After a pause, the man in front said again, “Moreover, that kid is valuable. We must try our best to catch him alive. Otherwise, the six of us would not have been sent out, understand?”


Although these five people all responded in a deep voice, with relaxed expressions on their faces, it was evident that Lin Tian was not in their eyes.

In fact, this group leader didn’t take Lin Tian seriously either. No matter how powerful a kid is, he can’t surpass those who have experienced hundreds of battles.

These were the personal guards of the Captain. There were only five groups. Each group was very powerful but the Captain actually dispatched an entire group to deal with a kid. If it hadn’t been for the Captain’s order, the man would not lead the entire group over!

Looking at Lin Tian, who disappeared around the corner, the man-made a left-right gesture and the whole group was divided into three groups, moving towards each direction. 


Lin Tian knew about his stalkers. That was why Lin Tian walked into this passage and deliberately walked towards an area with fewer people to solve his tails.

The six people who thought they were the hunters didn’t realize that the roles were reversed.

Leaning against the wall, the man nodded to the two groups next to him and took a deep breath.

‘Three, two, one.’

Six people rushed out at the same time, but what appeared in front of everyone was an empty passage. There wasn’t even a silhouette, let alone Lin Tian.

Faced with this situation, a trace of anger flashed in the eyes of the six people at the same time. Anyone would be upset when being played like a monkey by a little kid. 

That little kid had spotted them a long time ago. They were initially happy to see the little kid deliberately walking towards an area of fewer people. After all, this is the enemy’s territory. If there are too many people, let alone completing the task, it will be problematic to escape. 

It would be too naive to think that they will be able to leave the Peak fully intact.

Thinking of this, the group leader’s eyes flashed with a little regret and he eagerly said to the five people who were fuming on the side: “Retreat, get out of here quickly.”

After he finished speaking, the group leader quickly turned around, shot towards the back corridor and escaped from this unpopulated corner. 

Ordinary people will naturally go to places with many people after they meet people, but this little kid prefers to go to places with few people. 

‘There is only one possibility. This little kid planned to deal with us.’

 Of course, the group leader didn’t think Lin Tian had the strength to but guessed that Lin Tian had used a concealed technique to call some helpers over to them. 

Although the group was puzzled by the group leader’s order, they obeyed. After so many years of cooperation, everyone trusted each other.

The five people who stood in place hurriedly set off, followed behind the group leader, and left this place as soon as possible.

It’s a pity that they realised too late. Lin Tian had already led them to this remote corner with no one passing by. Lin Tian wouldn’t let these people escape so easily!


Just a few steps away, the group leader bumped into something, made a dull noise and then fell to the ground.


The few people behind were surprised to see this scene. There was nothing in this alley, so how could the group leader hit something.

With the group leader’s experience, several people stopped when the group leader fell and slowly reached their hands forward.

The group leader, holding his head, was not as careful as they were, clenched his right hand and punched forward.


A louder and dull sound rang out and a powerful counterforce pushed back on the group leader’s hands. The group leader took a few steps back before stopping himself.

At this point, the few people who reached out their hands found that, in this passage, at some point, a barrier invisible to the naked eye appeared.

Now, they and the others have been trapped in this small corner.


Lin Tian, who had been hiding his figure, slowly revealed his figure from the void.

Seeing Lin Tian suddenly appeared from the void and the trapped six people were not surprised. He could escape their tracking so, of course, this kid must have some invisibility abilities.

Looking at the pirates trapped in the barrier, Lin Tian smiled slightly. This smile gave the six people trapped a bad premonition.

They can’t stay trapped in here. This barrier must be broken. If the others come to help the kid, they will definitely die.


It should be said that death is the best-case scenario. The six people understood in their hearts that people like themselves must not be caught. Once caught, they would lose their rights to live or even die. Therefore, all six of them kept poison sacs in their mouths. Once something goes wrong, they can bite the poison sacs and commit suicide immediately so that they can die quickly.

But if even ants are greedy for life, how about humans? 

Who actually wants to die?


The group leader only said one word, and they rushed forward. The group leader didn’t need to mention the consequences. Everyone present understood.

Break the barrier, and you can live. If you don’t break the barrier, you can only die!

Knowing that time was tight, the group leader went all out. He immediately used his Devil Fruit ability. 

Big! Big! 

The right fist stretched out, which quickly became bigger. In an instant, the group leader’s huge fist filled the entire passage. Even the extremely hard wall on the side was slowly shifting away to make room for the entire huge fist.

But the walls of the Peak were made of special materials. Needless to say, the toughness is amazing. Even if a cannon shell hits it, not even a mark would be left let alone a scratch. Every wall is several meters thick. 

Not many people in this world could break this kind of wall with one punch and this group leader was no exception.

The group leader soon realized that his fists were no longer getting bigger. Seeing this, the group leader’s eyes gleamed with a fierce light. 


He furiously shouted.

His huge fist suddenly grew a bit larger but this is already the group leader’s limit. The group leader overdrafts his vitality to perform this move but he did this regardless of the damage to his body.

Feeling the tremendous power in this fist, the group leader showed a trace of excitement on his face. How could a kid block such a strong attack? He gritted his teeth, mobilized all the strength in his whole body, pushed the huge fist forwards and moved towards the invisible barrier in front of him.

Faced with the group leader’s full-strength move, a heavy grimace flashed across Lin Tian’s face. This move was not easy to block. 

With a deep breath, Lin Tian touched the space barrier with both hands. Lin Tian’s spatial ability created a spatial barrier that was invisible to the naked eye.

‘Thicker and become stronger!’


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