Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 106



Under the flurry of punches of the group leader, one after another, cracks spread across the entire spatial barrier. To the naked eye, it was as if a thin white line suddenly appeared in the void.

A warm current rose from Lin Tian’s chest, passing through his throat and stopping just before his mouth. Lin Tian swallowed lightly and forced the blood back into his abdomen but the fiery sensation in his chest made Lin Tian realize something. The attack had slightly injured some parts of his internal organs but this man was probably more injured than Lin Tian. 

Lin Tian could tell at a glance that this man was not that strong, at most about as strong as himself. He could defeat him with one move.

The issue is, this was not a power he could sustain. Using such a powerful move definitely requires him to pay an even greater price.


The group leader opened his mouth to spit out a mouthful of blood. The bright red blood splashed on the white wall, painting a desolate picture. 

Wiping the blood off the corners of his mouth, the group leader had no choice but to restore his fist to its original shape. That move caused the group leader’s body to be significantly damaged and didn’t leave him with much fighting power. 

“Don’t give him a chance to repair the barrier! Take this opportunity to break the barrier!”

Retracting his fists, the group leader could only weakly lean against the wall. He had almost broken the barrier but he could only leave the rest to them.

There were no flashy lights, no billowing clouds of dust, only a simple but powerful attack. In such a small space, you can only use one attack method.

Crack, crack…

These people were powerful. Under their series of attacks, Lin Tian could only maintain the barrier but not for long. As soon as he stops, the barrier will immediately shatter and those powerful attacks will hit him. The small space not only restricted his opponent but also restricted him. 


Seeing the barrier finally shattered, everyone smiled.

Now that the barrier is broken, with their strength, they can kill the kid.

Looking over they saw a smile on the kid’s face. The six people immediately became puzzled.

‘The barrier was broken. Shouldn’t this brat run? Why are you still here laughing?’

Suddenly, the group leader, who was alone at the back, looked up. The sky was covered with several giant black balls spinning constantly. A trace of panic appeared on his face…

Lin Tian didn’t wait for him to alert the five people. Several Death Balls suddenly surged down, and the five people below heard the sky-splitting sound from above and looked up. 

At some point, several rotating black balls appeared above their heads and now they have started to fall down. 


Obviously, these five people were ready to fight hard. The space was so small that there was not enough room to escape. They could only resist.

Although they didn’t know deadly those black balls are, based on years of experience and their life and death experiences, the five concluded that these black balls would not be powerful. 

However, feeling the attack and defensive power brought by their Armament Haki, immediately calmed down the five’s hearts. 

“IMPRISON!” Lin Tian yelled softly.

The five people who were going to resist found that they could not move, causing a trace of panic and shock to appear in their eyes.

The upcoming attack above forced them to expel unnecessary thoughts from their minds. The five people hurriedly summon all of their body’s strength, accumulating in their body and then letting it burst out in an instant. Under this powerful force, Lin Tian’s imprisonment was smashed in an instant.

Although they broke free, Lin Tian had already achieved his goal. They had entered the attack range of his Death Balls. 

The man who reacted the quickest brought up all his strength and punched towards the dark balls in the sky. 

As soon as he touched the black ball above his head, the man felt countless knives cutting his hands. The man clearly felt that his fist was being slashed and torn open. 


He had Armament Haki covering his fist, but a black ball actually hurt him. How could it not shock the man?

These minor injuries are nothing to the man. Without hesitation, the man used his strength and punched the Death Ball again. 

Lin Tian felt a little bit of pity, seeing the man actually put his hand into the Death Ball. 

But Lin Tian also could not help showing a sneer! 


The man let out a scream. His fist remained in the Death Ball but his arm was dripping with blood as he fell down weakly. 

Death Ball is formed by compressing space. The inside of a Death Ball is actually a chaotic space that is full of spatial faults. 

Seeing the miserable situation of their companion, the four people who had been imprisoned quickly stopped their movements and looked at each other. They ignored the attack above, them and turned around, rushing towards Lin Tian, who was not far ahead.

The attack above can’t be stopped, so their only option was the kid in front of them.

If they can solve this kid quickly, then the above attack will naturally disappear. Otherwise, they will die.

So this was a gamble. They were betting that this kid wouldn’t be able to resist their attacks.

The group leader looked at this scene with regret. He knew that he should have obeyed Captain’s words. He should not have been less vigilant because of the apparent age of the kid. If they were a little more vigilant at the start, they wouldn’t have gotten to this point where they fell into a life and death situation.


Looking at these four people charging towards him, Lin Tian’s complexion changed slightly. He immediately disappeared. Even Lin Tian couldn’t bear the attacks of four people at the same time.

Taking a deep breath, a sharp light shot from his eyes. He loudly shouts. “DARK BLADE STORM!”

The sky around Lin Tian was quickly filled with small black dots that appeared one after another. As soon as these small black dots appeared, they revolved around Lin Tian, moving along irregular paths. 

The speed of these black spots increased, getting faster and faster. Finally, Lin Tian was surrounded by an uncountable number of black lines.

This is when the speed of the black dots reached a certain limit, the naked eye cannot lock into any specific dot, causing the illusion of a cloud of black lines.


As Lin Tian shouted in a low voice, the surrounding black lines quickly dispersed and filled the entire passage. As the distance increased, the four of them finally saw what these black lines were!


The four of them couldn’t help but take a deep breath.

These black lines were actually thumb-sized black half-crescent blades. It makes your scalp numb as you look at it. Who knows how many semi-circular blades were spinning in the sky?

If you wanted to attack Lin Tian, you would have to break through the blockade of the dark blade storm… but look at the countless blades in front of you. 

The four had to wonder, can they break through this blockade? I’m afraid they would be cut into pieces by these blades before they knew what’s happening.


Under Lin Tian’s control, the Dark Blade Storm in front and the Death Ball at the back moved slowly towards the five people in the middle.

The four stopped. In such a small place, facing such an attack, if their strength was too different, there was just there is no way to breakthrough.

“Hey!” The leader sighed, “I’m sorry this time. If I hadn’t reminded you all properly, we wouldn’t be trapped in such a place and die feeling so aggrieved.”

In such a small space, the six of them couldn’t exert their true battle strength. 

‘Over the years, I have experienced countless battles, but I didn’t expect to die like this today or in such a pathetic way.’

“Group leader, this time it is our own fault. We all underestimated that kid.” a man glanced at Lin Tian, who was standing behind countless blades.

A few others nodded, regretful in their eyes. 

The five people looked at each other. There was a decisive light in their eyes, they had made their peace. Ever since they embarked on this road, they had been ready to die at any time.

But at this moment, Lin Tian made an unexpected move…

Lin Tian actually released the Death Ball and Dark Blade Storm. And then, he glanced at the six people who were puzzled.

With a smile on his face, he turned around and leisurely walked out of the passage.

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