Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 107



Although they didn’t understand why this little demon was suddenly let them go, escaping now was the most important thing. The fight just now must have alerted many people. If they waited any longer for the Peak’s security team to come, all six of them would undoubtedly die. 

However, when they were about to move, they suddenly felt cold. The team leader quickly stopped. He squinted his eyes and saw a black-clothed person appeared next to him, holding a dagger on the group leader’s neck.

The five people on the side also spotted the black-clothed person at that instant. They looked at the black-clothed person with a vigilant look and there was a hint of panic in their eyes. 

The group’s leader’s enemy was Goodritt. As the saying goes, “The one who knows you best is your enemy”. They immediately recognized that this black-clothed person is one of Goodritt’s four major guards. Each of them has an unfathomable strength.

‘My team will not stand a chance. Not to mention that I’m unable to fight and one of our team has broken hand. My entire team is dead this time!’

At this point, the team leader understood why the little demon stopped. It turns out that person had discovered the black-clothed person long ago and deliberately left them to the black-clothed person.

And the last smile of that little demon was not for him, but for this black-clothed person… The group leader understood that it was too late now. Understanding the power of this black-clothed person, the six also knew that it was impossible to escape. A trace of determination appeared on their faces. 

They prepared to bite down hard on the poison sac in their mouth so that they would die happy and would not undergo any torture. 

However, the black-clothed person quickly grabbed the group leader’s chin.

The other five people committed suicide, but the group leader was not so lucky. 

Discovering that he couldn’t even commit suicide, the group leader’s eyes showed a trace of fear! 


At this time, Lin Tian had already walked out of the commercial street. 

‘With that black-clothed person taking action, those six people can’t possibly escape.’

Lin Tian thought secretly. 

Although Lin Tian had not seen them take action, they serve as Goodritt’s personal guards. Those four people must be very strong. 

‘None of those matters anymore. Now I have one very important thing to do.’

Passing through this busy commercial street, Lin Tian couldn’t help shaking his head when seeing those people who were not the slightest bit worried and were happy to shop.

As ordinary people, how would they know that Korod had long been in turmoil anyway? Now, Korod seemed to be sitting on an explosive barrel and it would explode at some point, sending the entire Korod into the sky.

However, this was also a blessing for ordinary people. They don’t need to think too much. 


After staying in the Peak for a while, it was dark outside.

The bright sky was covered in darkness, countless stars broke through the darkness to come out and the night’s moisture permeated the air. With the murmurs of the crowd, a sentimental atmosphere spread out. 

Strolling along the street, looking at the countless colorful neon lights that were constantly blooming, lighting up the whole street. The advent of the night made people feel that the night is the most vibrant time for the commercial street. 

Walking along this busy street, feeling something collide with his shoulders, Lin Tian felt like he had returned to his previous life. Back to the fascinating nightlife from his past life.

The same crowds, the same brilliant lights, the same abundance of goods and countless eye-catching shops. 

All of this was just like his previous life.

However, in this world, Lin Tian had obtained a lot of things he has always hoped to have; familial affection, love, friendship and many people worthy of his cherishing. So, Lin Tian must have enough strength to protect these things and prevent them from disappearing in front of his eyes. 

‘Forget it. Why am I thinking useless things? Let’s finish the situation with the Heavenly Gold already.’ 

Lin Tian didn’t just stay in the Peak to wait for the pirates to gather. Instead, he walked in the opposite direction and left the Peak. This was because Lin Tian has already been told by Uncle Teng that the Peak Hotel was on the entire tenth floor. 

‘Besides, it’s getting dark. But it’s still too early compared to the meeting time written on the white card. It’s not like I can’t make it in time.’

So Lin Tian decided to spend time learning information about the Heavenly Gold.

There is only one place in the entire world where complete and accurate information can be quickly obtained and that is the Underground World.

In the Underground World, as long as you have money, you can get anything in this world. Of course, there are some things that money can’t buy—for example, the head of Goodritt. No matter how much money you’re willing to shell out, I’m afraid no one will do it. 

In the Underground World, information is all clearly priced, especially the incident involving the Heavenly Gold which has so many people partaking in it.

Many people would have seen the business opportunity and taken advantage of it so the price would be a bit higher. However, this was only a small amount of money for Lin Tian, who had obtained the wealth of the dark port on Sexon Island. 

A small island like Korod Island, which is both prosperous and has a large flow of people would definitely have an Underground World base.

‘I still have to find a bank and withdraw some money, though…’

As the most prosperous place on Korod Island, there is naturally no shortage of money.

Lin Tian didn’t need to run around for a long time before he saw a bank. 

“Alright, I choose here!”


Carrying the black suitcase in his hand, Lin Tian suddenly felt a sense of steadiness in his heart. As a man, he feels more secure when he is rich.

Walking on this busy street, Lin Tian’s eyes kept scanning on both sides. 

As the dark side of society, the Underground World is destined to only exist in dark corners and no light can seep in. Therefore, the entrance of each Underground World base is hidden in various buildings like bars, shops… These buildings will have a special mark at the entrance to tell people that it is the base of Underground World. 

Now, Lin Tian was looking for this special mark to know where the Underground World base is. 

There are too many shops on this street. With so many people milling about, Lin Tian had to slow down and carefully observe whether such special marks are painted outside the shops. 

Suddenly, Lin Tian looked at a bar with a smile on his face and then moved towards the bar. 

Unlike other bars on the street, this bar was deserted. Not many people went in, and no one came out. As soon as he was about to enter the bar, the two black-clothed bodyguards at the bar’s entrance reached out and stopped Lin Tian.

In this regard, Lin Tian didn’t say anything. He just pointed to the painting on the side of the bar door. Perhaps this should not be called a painting. To be exact, it was a map of the world. But this map is a bit strange. The map only has one color, black. There was a skull in the middle of the map, which makes people shudder. 


When the two bodyguards saw this, they quickly retracted their hands and let him through. 

This painting is actually the symbol of the Underground World. The black world map and the skull in the middle represented an authentic entrance to the Underground World. 

Point to the sign with your finger is to show that you know the existence of the Underground World. Otherwise, you are not allowed to enter the Underground World base. 


 Looking at the door in front of him, Lin Tian exhaled.

In a sense, this door could no longer be regarded as a door but a dividing line of the world. 

This dividing line divides this world into two halves, one side was full of light and order and the other side was filled with endless darkness where the strong preyed on the weak.

Stretching out his hands, Lin Tian slowly opened the door of the bar and stepped in.

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