Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 108


Walking into the bar, the first thing Lin Tian felt was music!

Then the dazzling lights and the dancing figures on the dance floor. Of course, this Underground World base is actually just a place for trading. So not many people were standing on the dance floor. Some people that were standing on the dance floor were are professional, well-built, and well-dressed. It wasn’t so much dancing as it was just showing one’s body. Most people just sat on the side decks, talking with smiles on their faces, making valuable but sinful transactions.

Hearing the bar door open, everyone in the bar looked to the door on instinct. Seeing that it was a teenager who came in, everyone was surprised.

But they just glanced over in surprise. Each one still sat down with their own affairs. Everyone knew that anyone who could come to the Underground World is either rich or a noble. Ordinary people wouldn’t know of the existence of the ‘Underground World’, let alone come inside. In such a place, silence is golden.

After a quick glance, Lin Tian moved towards the bar. He walked straight to the Underground World. He knew the basic rules.

The real face of the Underground World is not here. Regardless of the large number of people here, these people were just making small transactions. The real trading center is inside. If you want to enter, you must ask the management here.


Lin Tian put his hand on the suitcase.

The people at the bar were all old folks. Seeing such a big black box, they immediately understood that it might be money.

When coming to Underground World, who would carry such a big black suitcase without money?

Without Lin Tian’s words, a bar attendant walked over, bowed and said: “Sir, what do you want?”

“Information.” Lin Tian said the word gently.

“Sir, what do you want?” the waiter asked again.

“Heavenly Gold.” Lin Tian said: “I want to know if there is complete information about the Heavenly Gold.”

In response to Lin Tian’s answer, the waiter showed a predictable expression in his eyes. The past few days many people had come to buy information about Heavenly Gold.

“Understood, sir. Let me take you inside. Someone in there will guide you.”

After speaking, the waiter extended his hand and pick up Lin Tian’s box.


Suddenly, Lin Tian stretched out a hand and patted it on the black suitcase.

Seeing Lin Tian doing this, a hint of anger flashed across the waiter’s face. Usually, the waiter will help you pick up things, and you have to pay them some tips. This is an unwritten rule of Underground World.

Generally, those who enter the transaction are rich or expensive. Those people wouldn’t care about such a small amount of money.

Lin Tian didn’t seem to see the waiter’s displeased eyes and instead, pulled the box over. “Call your supervisor out. I want to talk to him about this business.”

The waiter said in a displeased tone: “Our supervisor has many things to do. Like this kind of trivial matter, our supervisor generally won’t bother.”

In the eyes of the waiter, this kid that couldn’t even give a tip seemed to be here just to show off.

At the end of his sentence, there was contempt in his tone.

Hearing the contempt in the waiter’s tone, Lin Tian smiled disdainfully. With a light swipe, he turned the black box and opened the black box, revealing stacks of neatly arranged banknotes.

The waiter estimated that there was roughly tens of millions worth of Berries in this black box. The man’s forehead was instantly covered with cold sweat. Lin Tian was carrying tens of millions worth of Berry with him. How could he provoke him? He even despised him just now.

“I really don’t understand how a person like you survived in Underground World. It seems like you’re a lucky person, but now… I don’t know.”

How could the waiter not understand Lin Tian’s unspoken implication? Whether this gentleman would hold him accountable depends on his performance.

“Wait a moment, sir. I will notify the supervisor right now.” the waiter hurriedly bowed and spoke.

Before Lin Tian could respond, the waiter ran towards the small door behind the bar.

Seeing this waiter’s behaviour, Lin Tian looked even more disdainful.


Lin Tian thought that threatening the waiter would raise the waiter’s work efficiency to the extreme. But Lin Tian waited for a while and there was still not a single silhouette.

Da, da, da……

The bored Lin Tian decided to hold his head, knocking on the bar with the other hand as he watched the wonderful bartender performing over there.


At this time, there was a burst of laughter. It came from the side, drawing Lin Tian’s attention.

Lin Tian saw a group of people nearby laughing at a handsome man. The others who were attracted by the noise were surprised when they saw how the man dressed up, and then laughed too.

If you only look at the face, this man is indeed very handsome, but along with his outfit, you’d just find him funny and perverted.

He was a middle-aged man who wears a pink baby cap, sucked a pacifier and wears a yellow diaper with a star pattern.

Anyone who sees this can’t help but laugh at it.

However, when Lin Tian saw this man, there was a hint of surprise and curiosity on his face, because Lin Tian knew his identity.

Senor Pink*, a member of the Donquixote Family on the Grand Line, has a high battle strength.

[*TL note: 

Senor Pink is an assassin and officer of the Donquixote PiratesDiamante Army. He was also the husband of Russian and the father of Gimlet.

Senor Pink is a tall, obese man with brown eyes, large lips, dark shaggy hair, and a double chin. He wears a pink bonnet and purple aviator sunglasses and carries a yellow pacifier in his mouth. He also wears a blue scarf with white polka dots around his neck with a pink bib underneath it. He wears a purple cut off, sleeveless shirt with the logo “Let’s Baby” in yellow on it, and what appears to be small swim trunks with stars all over it that are folded over to resemble a diaper. The baby outfit is a homage to his late infant son.]

Donquixote Family is Pirates led by Doflamingo. But, Lin Tian didn’t know his specific battle strength. It was only because of the fact that through comics in his previous life he learned about Doflamingo’s power. That was why Lin Tian chose to be in the Marine.

However, currently, Doflamingo was no longer a part of the Seven Warlords of The Sea**. He has since been hunted down by Grandma Crane*** who hates the Great Pirates with passion.

[**TL note: Ōka Shichibukai/The Seven Warlords of the Sea, also referred to as just the Seven Warlords, were a group of seven powerful and notorious pirates allied to the World Government. As a group, they were one of the Three Great Powers that kept the world in balance.] [***TL note: 

“Great Staff Officer” Tsuru is a veteran Marine Vice Admiral and an old associate of former Fleet Admiral Sengoku and fellow Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp.

Tsuru is a tall, thin, and elderly woman with gray hair tied in a bun. Her attire appears to be less formal than the other high-ranking officers’, consisting of an untucked shirt, with the sleeves rolled up and a tie around her neck, and calves-long pants, which makes her somewhat resemble the animal of her name, the crane.]

But turns out, the ‘Donquixote Pirates’ wasn’t in the New World**** all this time.

[****TL note: The New World refers to the second half of the Grand Line, and is the main setting of the second half of One Piece. It is located between West and North Blue, and Fish-Man Island and the other side of Reverse Mountain.]

‘Now that Senor Pink is here, the Donquixote Pirates would definitely be in Korod. It seems that the matter of the Heavenly Gold this time even attracted the New World’s Great Pirates!’

Lin Tian glanced around. He didn’t see the other Donquixote Pirates members. Those people should be inside the Underground World though.

At this point, Lin Tian turned his gaze back to Senor Pink. His surprise grew as he looked at Senor Pink, not only because he is Donquixote’s subordinate, but also because of the changes that have taken place in him.

In Marine records and pictures, Senor Pink was very handsome, has a habit of smoking, and wears a standard suit, acting like an English gentleman. But now… He has changed too much! What is the reason for a man like him to give up everything and become like this!

In the face of everyone’s ridicule, Senor Pink didn’t move. He was holding a photo in his hand, in a daze, with a hint of happiness on his face.

The picture shows a woman who is not very beautiful, standing outside a house, holding a baby in a wicker basket, her face full of maternal love.

Senor Pink was standing quietly, staring at it with a smile on his face.

‘What a warm family picture’.

As for the content on the photo, Lin Tian couldn’t see it, but Lin Tian could feel that the photo may be the reason Senor Pink changed so much.

Unfortunately, in this world, there are always people who do not have the eye for this sort of thing. A pirate took advantage of Pink’s unpreparedness and grabbed the photo from him.

He glanced at the content of the photo and laughed!

“Bwahaha! Didn’t expect a pervert like you to have a wife and kid. Look at that! You’re so handsome without these baby clothes. Hey! Hey! Let me show you all the content of this photo! This pervert has a family! But I think his wife was pissed off marrying this pervert.” The pirate laughed and slowly raised the photo in his hand, to make everyone sees it.

Hearing what the pirate said made the people watching the excitement immediately become curious. They all turned their attention to the picture in the pirate’s hand. Except for Lin Tian.

Following the pirate’s words, Senor Pink’s face was full of anger. His hands tightly grasping the edge of the table.

As the pirate moved, this photo slowly appeared in front of everyone. At first, it was Pink in a suit, just when the woman was about to appear in that photo, the pirate suddenly found that he couldn’t move. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t move the hand holding the photo. After that, for some reason, the pirate showed a hint of horror and his whole body trembled unnaturally.

But if you observe carefully, you can see that there was a bloodstain on the pirate’s neck, and the bloodstain was getting bigger and bigger, and more and more blood was flowing out.

Suddenly, Lin Tian felt powerful killing intent from behind. He quickly turned around to look!

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