Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 109


At some point, a group of people appeared behind Lin Tian. 

When the group of people saw the scene, their faces were full of anger, but the man at the front of the group had a smile on his face. It was a smile that makes people tremble from within and causes a wave of fear to arise from their hearts.

Characterized as blond hair, sunglasses, pink feather coat, cropped trousers and is used to wearing pointed shoes. 


Lin Tian recognized the identity of this man in an instant, as well as the identity of everyone behind Doflamingo! 

Trebol, Corazon, Sugar, Pica, Gladius…… and adding Senor Pink over there, all the members of Donquixote Pirates have arrived. 

Lin Tian thought only a few of the cadres from Donquixote Pirates came, he didn’t expect all of them to come!

As a Marine, it is Lin Tian’s duty to capture pirates, but looking at such a luxurious lineup of pirates, Lin Tian had to admit that it would be impossible.

Lin Tian didn’t think that he could deal with the entire Donquixote Pirates alone. 

In that case, let’s just keep quiet.

Everyone else on the scene didn’t know that this group and that pervert were in the same group.

After a while, the pirate’s comrades also noticed something wrong. They looked up, only to find that a bloodstain had appeared on the pirate’s neck. 

“Devil Fruit ability!”

“Captain…Fa…rk, save…save…me!”

Although he couldn’t see what slit his neck, the pirate could clearly feel that it was still in his neck, deeply embedded in his own flesh.

Because of this, the pirate didn’t even dare to speak loudly and could only speak slowly, word by word. The pirate was afraid that his neck might break if he spoke too hard.

“Don’t worry, I will save you.”

As soon as Captain Fark waved his hand, more than a dozen people by the side stood up and gathered around Captain Fark, confronting the Donquixote Pirates. 

This was not only related to Captain Fark’s pride but also his honor. If he let his subordinates be killed in front of so many people, then, in the Underground World, he loses all respect. 


Just when the two sides confronted each other, a cough sounded. An old man with white hair and a black suit walked out, standing between the two sides without a change in his face.

He said to Doflamingo, “Joker, this stronghold is the property of my master. Please give me some face. If you fight here, I’m afraid the entire base would be destroyed. You also know that specific juncture, this kind of thing would cause no small trouble for our master.”

Even Doflamingo has to be cautious of this old man. Old people are extremely powerful, and it is not good to offend others for this rubbish. 

However, Doflamingo didn’t want to leave it alone. In the eyes of Doflamingo, the members of the Donquixote Pirates were all his relatives. 

“So as long as I kill them without damaging too many things here, then you won’t care?”

Hearing Doflamingo’s words, the old man instantly felt that this “Joker” was a bit arrogant. Although it was true that there is a big gap between this group of pirates and the Donquixote Pirates, they wouldn’t go down without a fight.

Although that was what the old man thought, he still nodded. 

As long as the things are not damaged, the old man would not care about the life and death of this group of pirates. Who would care about this group of brain-dead pirates who offends people who they shouldn’t offend?

On the other hand, Captain Fark and the others who heard the conversation between Doflamingo and the old man were very angry. His pirates had a degree of fame on the Grand Line. Even if there were many pirates stronger than them on the Grand Line, no pirates had dared to despised them so much. 

Captain Fark said solemnly: “Friends, it’s indeed my fault for what happened just now, but your punishment is a bit too much.”

Oh!” Doflamingo was surprised that this pirate dared to talk to him like this. He asked with great interest: “Then how do you want to solve this?”

Captain Fark had already thought about the solution. “It was my fault just now, but now you’ve punished him, right? In that case, we should both step back. Let’s assume this never happened.”

In the eyes of Captain Fark, these people are not to be trifled with. There is no need to waste lives on such a thing.

To be careful of these people and not lose face would be the best solution.

‘The purpose of coming to Korod is for the immeasurable wealth of the ‘Heavenly Gold’. How could something so silly cost us lives? Furthermore, this method is good for both parties. For their group, they won’t need to move a muscle for a pervert.’ 

Unfortunately, Captain Fark notice it.

Thick creases appeared on Donquixote Family’s faces.

A strong killing intent flashed through Doflamingo’s eyes. He disdainfully said, “You’re not worthy.” 

Aware of the disdain in Doflamingo’s tone, Captain Fark also flashed a hint of anger. Captain Fark just didn’t want to cause trouble in this situation but it doesn’t mean Fark was afraid of Doflamingo. 

Captain Fark threatened: “Friends, aren’t you a little too arrogant? In this world, there are many friends and many paths. Some people can’t be offended so casually.” 

The old man looked helpless. It seemed that the pirate hasn’t recognized their situation. 

The old man also knew the information about this group of pirates. Although the Fark Pirates was not a weak group in Grand Line, with a total bounty of the entire pirate group worth about 200 million Berry. However, they were currently facing Donquixote Pirates of New World, yet they still dared to threaten them.

These Fark Pirates are arrogant and ignorant! 

“You. Are. Not. Worthy.” Doflamingo only said four words. 

Captain Fark winked at the deputy captain on the side and signalled that he was ready. Upon seeing this, the deputy captain nodded slightly and put his hands on the double guns on his waist, before he moved forward. 

In addition to himself, his deputy captain was also a Devil Fruit ability user. In his group, there was a total of two ability users. 

Although Captain Fark knew that this group was not to be trifled with, he still stood firm.

Captain Fark didn’t know that, aside from two people, the rest were Devil Fruit Ability Users while Captain Fark only had two Ability Users. 

At this moment, Senor Pink, who had been silent for a while, suddenly stood up. He slowly walked to the pirate’s side, who was still bleeding. 

The pirate saw the pervert walking towards him and a look of horror appeared on his face, obviously thinking that this pervert was here to kill him. But the pirate had long since been imprisoned by Doflamingo, unable to move even a little bit. He could only watch Pink moved towards him.

However, Pink didn’t even look at the pirate. He walked to the pirate and took back the picture from the pirate. He took a look and showed a hint of happiness on his face. This picture can be said to be Pink’s most precious treasure. 

“Captain, let me kill this person.”

Hearing Pink’s words, Doflamingo’s smile faded slowly. He nodded in silence. 

A powerful, imposing manner burst out of Pink’s body.

Pink turned around, and with one hand in the shape of eagle claws, he grabbed at the empty void. His arm swayed, along with his body, formed a strong wave.


By the time everyone reacted to what happened. The head of the pirate had flown away under the impact. 


The pirate’s head fell heavily to the ground, rolled several times, and finally hit Captain Fark’s feet before stopping.

No one knows if it was a coincidence, but the pirate’s head was facing upwards, and his face still kept the expression of fear at the moment he was killed. And those eyes happened to be looking at Captain Fark. 

As soon as Captain Fark lowered his head, Captain Fark met with the look in his eyes, feeling a little uneasy in his heart. 

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