Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 11 Distress Signal


Lin Tian crawled out from the wall with a broken neck.

He twisted his sore neck and looked at the large hole in the wall, “Old man, I just want to wake you up, but you did it too hard.”

Garp directly ignored Lin Tian and turned back to the stunned marine soldier, “What’s the matter?”

‘Oh!’ The marine soldier reacted at once, and he took the transponder worm and explained, “Just now, we received a distress signal from a merchant ship from the transponder worm.”

“Playback the distress call,” Garp instructed.

After staying in this world for a year, Lin Tian also studied the transponder worm, but he didn’t even get it first.

In the end, Lin Tian understood, don’t think about the principle of this world. This is something you can never figure out. This is a comic book world with little logic.

The marine soldier immediately did as he was told and pressed the transponder worm’s head. First, a raspy voice came out of the transponder worm.

“Help! …come and help us …… It’s scary. We are going to die…”

After Garp listened to the distress call, the crowd sank into silence, waiting for KGarp’s order.

But when they saw the eager look in their eyes, they knew that these were the Marine’s duty, but the marine soldier was still waiting for Garp’s orders, and it all depended on Garp’s opinion.

Garp didn’t say anything but looked at Lin Tian, obviously wanting to hear Lin Tian’s opinion first and see what he had to say.

Lin Tian didn’t answer but asked the marine soldier to play it again.

The marine soldier looked at Garp first, and after seeing Garp nod his head in agreement, that’s when he held down the phone bug again and played that distress call.

“Help! …come and help us …… It’s scary. We are going to die…”

After hearing this for the second time, Lin Tian had a smile on his lips and nodded to Garp.

Since Lin Tian had agreed to go, Garp had no problem with it. Anyway, this trip was to find some pirates for Lin Tian to practice with.

“Now, get everyone up and head towards the signal at full speed.”


The battle alarm sounded over the warship. The entire ship was illuminated, and all the marine soldiers immediately ran to their work stations.

Dozens of marine soldiers immediately pushed the huge winch, pulling several tons of iron anchors out of the sea.

At the same time, the sails, which had already been put away, were also quickly hoisted.

Under the blowing sea breeze, the sails immediately bulged. The warship began to accelerate slowly, riding the wind and breaking the waves, speeding toward the source of the signal.

Garp came to Lin Tian’s side and asked, “Stinky brat, did you find something strange?”

“Yes,” Lin Tian nodded his head and returned, “Yes, there is something wrong with this distress signal. It could be a bait that the pirates are deliberately luring people to take the bait”.

It was in the middle of the night. Even the pirates have long since gone to bed, who would come out in the middle of the night to seize something.

And that voice from the distress signal just now, on the surface, sounds full of fear, as if the sender had met something terrible.

But if you listen carefully, you can find an obvious flaw. That is, when that person was talking, his breathing was very steady, with no sense of shortness of breath at all.

Through these two suspicions, Lin Tian decided that the distress signal was probably fake. But he couldn’t rule out the possibility that someone is playing a prank on us, but the probability of this happening is zero.


After a day and night of sailing, Lin Tian and the others finally reached the signal’s source on the second night.

At Lin Tian’s request, except for a few lights that really could not be extinguished, the entire ship’s lights were all extinguished.

Now, under cover of night, the ship could not be seen from a distance.

The distress signal was sent from a small island not far away because it docked a little far from the island.

The people on the ship could only see a black outline.

From the little light on the island, it was certain that the island was not deserted and that people lived on it.

One of the Commodore wondered: “Vice-Admiral Garp, shouldn’t we docked closer to the island now? Why did we put out all the lights and stop so far away from the island?”.

Before Garp could speak, Lin Tian explained, “This is my opinion. I suspect that the distress signal was a fake and a decoy from the pirates”.

The Commodore bowed his head and contemplated in a deep voice, “Is there any reason for that? You know that if it were true if we were a little late, a few lives would be lost in the world”.

Lin Tian told his reasoning in detail.

The Commodore again raised his concern: “But it’s not good for us to stay here like this.”

“So I’m going to check out the situation by myself first.”, Lin Tian spoke out his plan.

The Commodore didn’t know Lin Tian’s strength, so he disagreed with Lin Tian’s plan. Garp clapped his hands and said, “Let’s do what Lin Tian says and prepare a small boat for him.

“But…” the Commodore still disagreed with the plan because it was too risky, and it wasn’t appropriate for such a youth to do such a mission.

Execute the order!

“Yes!” The Commodore led the order to leave, to prepare the boat for Lin Tian. Although reluctant, as a marine soldier, obeying orders from their commander was the first principle.

Lin Tian sat on the dinghy and was slowly put on the small buat by the marine soldiers.

He put the flare gun that the Captain gave to him on his waist, Lin Tian picked up the oars and rowed towards the island.

Floating in the silent sea, Lin Tian controlled the boat’s direction, oar by oar towards the island.

The first thing you need to do is take a look at the newest addition to the list. The first time when he stepped on land, Lin Tian found a familiar feeling.

He stayed on the swaying ship for the past two days, and now Lin Tian felt his feet walking lightly.

After dragging the boat to the shore and hid it in the bushes, he cleaned up the beach drag marks.

And he marked his trace. Lin Tian quickly strode through the forest with the help of the bright white moonlight.

When he entered the forest for a while, to prevent the wrong direction, Lin Tian stopped. After marked his direction, he continued to walk.

Suddenly the bushes on the right trembled violently, and a ten-meter long, half-meter thick serpent swooped out of the bushes.

It opened its mouth to bite Lin Tian, and the fishy smell emitted from the snake’s mouth could be smelled before its mouth reached Lin Tian.

Aware of the snake’s attack, Lin Tian did not panic, raised his right hand, and gripped it gently against the snake.

He waved his right hand toward the snake and locked it in midair, unable to move.

As Lin Tian’s fist became tighter and tighter, the space around the snake became tighter and tighter.

Under the intense pressure of space, the giant snake was pressed to become a mass of flesh and hung in midair.

After he killed the snake, Lin Tian streaked toward the bright light, killing a few behemoths along the way.

Soon, Lin Tian passed through the forest and could already see a small town not far away from the sea.

Now that he was at the edge of the town, Lin Tian planned not to go as fast as he had done in the forest.

He was afraid that he would be discovered at the speed he was going before entering the town. In order not to be discovered, Lin Tian had to sneak towards the small town carefully.

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