Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 111


Within a few minutes, the Fark pirates who were very confident had to lower their heads and admit defeat.

The people who had been watching the development of the matter were really embarrassed. This is the importance of strength. This group of pirates that are not strong enough can only bow their heads obediently and honestly.

However, this pirate group was to blame for all this… They were all laughing just because someone was wearing something abnormal and daring to provoke that someone’s group.

Feeling the aura exuding from Pink, no one dared to look down on this man in baby clothes. They just stood silently.

Doflamingo, who laughed in a low voice, stopped laughing and said: “Hey, begging for mercy- it’s too late. I said, if anyone hurts my family, I will kill them.”

“What!” Captain Fark cry out in surprise.

Captain Fark thought these people would just make some abnormal demands, but he didn’t expect that them to want to kill them.

Doflamingo slowly extended his hand, aligning his palm with Captain Fark’s.

Captain Fark and the deputy captain were already trapped. They couldn’t avoid Doflamingo’s tricks. They could only stand there, motionless, and become the opponent’s target.

“Overheat!” [ ED Note: Name taken from]


A thick and long pale red thread stretched out of Doflamingo’s hand and passed directly through the middle of the deputy captain’s eyebrows.

Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air, with a hint of surprise on their faces.

The deputy captain’s body is famous for being extremely hard. He was stabbed by a sword just now and nothing happened, but this person used a white thread that emerged from his hand.

Unexpectedly, the head, the hardest part of the deputy captain’s body, was instantly pierced effortlessly.

Immediately after, Doflamingo waved to the right, and a thick white thread flew out of the head of the deputy captain. Then he grabbed a bunch of white threads, flew into the sky and sprinkled them onto the crowd.

Seeing these white threads dropping from the sky, the crowd immediately panicked, hiding in the surroundings, and crowding into cover. These white threads just came out of a human head… Any normal person can understand that that had the remains of a human brain.

Looking at the brains flying in the sky, Lin Tian didn’t feel uncomfortable at all, but the corner of Lin Tian’s mouth revealed a slight displeased arc.

The old man was also a little unhappy.

You haven’t damaged anything, but you made someone’s brain rain down. Isn’t it a bit too shameful?’

As Doflamingo waved, the sharp white thread moved towards Captain Fark.

The imprisoned Captain Fark could only look at the sharp white thread, moving towards him.

Seeing the captain of Fark Pirates, who was somewhat famous on the Grand Line, being solved so easily amazed everyone.

“Hey, Captain Fark died pretty pathetically this time.” A man shook his head and whispered.

“Yeah, if they weren’t idiots, they wouldn’t have provoked these people.” Someone agreed.


It’s a pity that the next scene disappointed everyone. Captain Fark used his Devil Fruit ability at a critical time… He turned into a stone man. With his extremely hard body, Captain Fark blocked Doflamingo’s “Overheat”.

Seeing that his skill was blocked, Doflamingo showed a surprised face, but it disappeared instantly.

Lin Tian looked at Fark’s ability with a ghostly expression on his face.

The ability of Captain Fark was obviously the ability of the Stone-Stone Fruit. Lin Tian remembered this fruit ability very clearly.

This ability had left such an impression on Lin Tian because it was the first Devil Fruit ability user Lin Tian encountered on the Grand Line when he left the Marine headquarters, and it was also the first pirate captain Lin Tian encountered.

Fan Di, this was the name of that pirate captain.

This “Fan Di” pirate captain was still fresh in Lin Tian’s memory, not only because he was the first pirate captain he encountered, but also because of the way he died.

Over the last two years of Grand Line, Lin Tian had seen many Devil Fruit ability users. Of course, many Devil Fruit ability users had been killed too.

But like ’Fan Di’, Lin Tian hadn’t seen him before. He had just turned into stone and didn’t even have a chance to make a move before he was hit by a seastone bullet.

[*TL note: Kairōseki. Official English Name: Sea Prism Stone; Cherry Stone. Seastone is a rare naturally occurring metallic mineral substance. It was stated by Vice Admiral Smoker that Seastone “gives off a wavelength that is the same as the sea itself” and referred to it as the sea in solid form. It is also said to be as hard as diamond.]

Lin Tian even almost died under the turmoil of fighting with Fan Di. In the end, Lin Tian took action and solved the problem himself.

What Lin Tian didn’t expect was that this Captain Fark had the same abilities as Fan Di. Obviously, Captain Fark also ate the Stone-Stone Fruit.

Devil Fruits are incredible fruits. Once eaten, you can gain a powerful ability, but Devil Fruits had existed in the world for so many years. No one knows how it is produced, how it can grant people abilities… Devil Fruits are full of magic. But after so many years, people gathered a lot of information, leading to the situation Lin Tian is facing now.

After the Devil Fruit ability user dies, this ability will not disappear from the world but will be reborn in the world, becoming a Devil Fruit again.

Some people have inferred that the types of Devil Fruit abilities are fixed and that each Devil Fruit is unique, only reappearing after the last user is gone. This is just a law of the world, much like how one person can only eat one fruit.

But Lin Tian knew that this law was not entirely correct, as Lin Tian knew the future due to reincarnation.

“Blackbeard” Teach** would possess two Devil Fruit abilities. Lin Tian has always wanted to see the final boss of the One Piece series, but it is a pity that Blackbeard has always been in the New World, and currently, Lin Tian could not enter the New World.

[**TL note: 

Marshall D. Teach, most commonly referred to by his epithet Blackbeard, is the captain-turned-admiral of the Blackbeard Pirates and currently one of the Four Emperors. He is also the only known person in history to wield the powers of two Devil Fruits.]

Devil Fruit is just a more magical version of a normal fruit. Once people can understand it, the secret of Devil Fruit’s ability would be unlocked. You can have the power to rule this world.

According to Vegapunk*** in a recent letter, his research on Devil Fruit abilities had made a breakthrough but Lin Tian still didn’t know how it will progress.

[***TL note: 

Dr. Vegapunk is the leading scientist in the employment of the Marines. His work includes discovering the secrets and uses of seastone, the secrets of how Devil Fruit powers work, the co-discovery of the Lineage Factor and its applications, and various other scientific achievements that are said to be at least 500 years ahead of current technology.]

Regardless, Lin Tian could probably guess that it was the old man Vegapunk, who solved some of the secrets regarding the Devil Fruit’s ability, such as allowing inanimate objects to gain Devil Fruit abilities!


We’re a bit off-topic, so back to the topic!

Now that Captain Fark had the Stone-stone fruit’s ability, Lin Tian was of course surprised. This showed a problem. The death of the fruit Ability User cannot make a Devil Fruit ability disappear.

Looking at this scene, Lin Tian had an idea buried in his heart. If he could grasp the rules that govern the reappearance of Devil Fruits, then he would be confident in getting the Devil Fruit that he had been looking for. Especially since, at this time in the comic, the fruit should be eaten.

As long as you understand the rules, you can kill that person and get their Devil Fruit ability. Such a powerful ability, staying in the hands of that person who can’t fully develop it was a waste.

‘Forget it. It’s too early to think about this kind of thing. Let’s think about it after this.’ Lin Tian thought as he kicked the extraneous thoughts out of his mind.

Lin Tian continued to lower his head slightly, watching the scene play out.



Discovering that he was still alive, Captain Fark immediately sighed in relief. At that moment, he felt an aura of death.

Fortunately, it was blocked by his Devil Fruit ability. This Stone-stone fruit was found on a small island by Captain Fark. Obtaining the fruit was a coincidence. At the time, Captain Fark had arrived on a small island and, while slaughtering the residents of that small island town, happened to find this fruit in a pile of fruits.

“I see… Turning into a stone raised your defensive power quite high. But I don’t know if you can stop my next move, though.” Doflamingo said with a wicked smile.

Doflamingo slowly stretched his hand back, apparently preparing to make the next move.

After feeling that aura death just now, Captain Fark was really scared. And Captain Fark didn’t want to die after finally grabbing so much money.

Captain Fark still wants to use his blood-stained money to enjoy the world.

He quickly said: “My friend, all of this is a misunderstanding. We don’t at all have much of a grudge. This bastard caused all this. I will give you what I have, whatever you want.”

Captain Fark pointed at the head that fell to the ground. He cursed at this fucker in his heart.

If it hadn’t been for this shit’s mess, his deputy captain wouldn’t be dead and he wouldn’t have to lose face. Even if he survives this, can he still roam the Grand Line with a straight face in the future?

Doflamingo showed a very disdainful expression at the corners of his mouth and continued: “I think I have already said it several times. Those who attack my family, I will definitely kill them with my own hands.”

“So, we only need one thing,” Doflamingo said expressionlessly.

When Doflamingo said this, there was a hint of joy on Captain Fark’s face. Thinking that, as long as he could pay a sufficient price, Doflamingo would let him go.

“I will give you everything as long as I have it!”

But in this world, some things are more important than money…

Doflamingo smiled and said.

“Your life!”

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