Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 112


Hearing Doflamingo’s answer, Captain Fark looked horrified, as the other party was obviously not going to let him go. 

Crack, crack!

Thin threads, invisible to the naked eye, made harsh scraping sounds as they raked across Captain Fark’s stone body.

When facing death, many people’s potential would explode, gaining extreme power for an instant at the cost of their life.

Captain Fark was in this situation now. With the threat of death, Captain Fark kept condensing and tightening his body. 

Doflamingo and the others could not help but show a sneer watching this scene.

Although it is possible to stimulate one’s potential when facing death, that’s only meaningful if their potential was good enough. There are so many experts in this world, how could you even compete with them? It does not matter whether you have eaten Devil Fruits or not. 

Be aware that becoming a powerhouse is not impossible without a Devil Fruit ability. Devil Fruit just places you at a higher starting point on your road to becoming a powerhouse. 

Just like the “Marine Hero” Garp, “Dark King” Rayleigh, one of the Four Emperors Shanks… These people don’t have a Devil Fruit ability. Instead, they use their own effort to stimulate the potential of their bodies and stand at the peak of the world. 

This world is fair. To get something, you have to pay the price. And by gaining a Devil Fruit’s ability, you become hated by the sea.

There is no difference between the strengths and weaknesses of each Devil Fruits. All of that is merely based on how each person uses their ability. The same Devil Fruit may have different effects in different hands. However, if you can use it well, even a rubbish Devil Fruit ability can allow you to beat anyone. —No matter how weak or powerful the Devil Fruit’s ability is.

(Luffy is a clear example of this. With his rubber ability, many Devil Fruit ability users have found it difficult to defeat him.)

In short, everyone has the potential to become the strong person in their hearts, but the potential of the man currently in front of Lin Tian was not too amazing. Otherwise, Doflamingo and the others would not watch Captain Fark struggled so casually.

What’s more, this Captain Fark looked like a trivial ant in everyone’s eyes. But sometimes, ants can also perform miracles and do things that shock the world. 

Lin Tian, who has been paying attention to Captain Fark’s actions, looked at Captain Fark’s struggle with sympathetic eyes. 

This Doflamingo is an extremely ruthless pirate. He is ruthless and uses any means necessary to achieve his goals. Even Fleet Admiral Sengoku* described him as the scum of the sea.

 [*TL note: 

Sengoku the Buddha is a former fleet admiral of the Marines, succeeding Kong and preceding Sakazuki. Sometime during the timeskip, he became an Inspector General. He was also one of the major figures along with Whitebeard, Shiki, and Monkey D. Garp during the times when Gol D. Roger was still alive, and still continues to be in the present, even after his retirement from the Marines. He raised Donquixote Rosinante like his own son.]

But then, Lin Tian found something unusual. Looking closely, Lin Tian’s sympathetic eyes were suddenly dyed with shock.

Doflamingo is an ability user of the String-String Fruit. His ability reminds Lin Tian of Spider-Man from his previous life and other heroes similar to him. Of course, Doflamingo is much stronger than Spider-Man. 

Doflamingo can make thin, almost transparent threads from the palm of his hand. These kinds of threads are difficult to detect with the naked eye and can only be discovered through strong observation. 

What shocked Lin Tian was that the silk thread had changed. These silk threads changed color and turned gray, like a stone.

Near the body of Captain Fark, those parasitic threads have turned into lime gray. Although it is not very clear, even ordinary people can find it after some careful observation.

Not only Lin Tian, Doflamingo, who has been controlling Captain Fark’s body, also felt that his control over Captain Fark was disappearing.

His eyes revealed a bright glint. Upon a closer inspection, he immediately noticed the change in Captain Fark. A glimpse of shock immediately appeared on his face. 

Even Doflamingo, who has extremely strong psychological qualities, was shocked. 

As time went by, more and more areas were dyed a lime gray, and many parasitic threads had become lime gray. 

Looking from a distance, Captain Fark appeared to have many half-meter-long needles that look like cow hair inserted into his body. By now Captain Fark looked like a hedgehog covered with quills. 

Everyone present wasn’t blind. Some people revealed a curious look as they observed Fark’s change. 

And people like Lin Tian, Doflamingo, and the old man… They all understand what this truly is, causing shock to appear on their faces. 

“This… this is… Devil Fruit… Awakening.” 

No one knows who said that sentence, but everyone present heard it very clearly. 

“‘Devil Fruit Awakening? What the hell is that?!”

“I’ve never heard of it. Devil Fruits can Awaken?”

“Hey, my dear friend. Looking at your surprised expression, you seem to know something. Can you tell me more about it?”

The man explained: “Devil Fruit Ability Awakening is a higher level of Devil Fruit’s ability. ‘Awakening’ affects things other than Ability User themselves.”

The general understanding is that this ‘Awakening’ can be developed when the Devil Fruit Ability is trained to the extreme. The Devil Fruit Ability is then not only limited to itself, but the Devil Fruit Ability can also affect other objects.

For example, facing the current situation, Captain Fark can not only turn himself into stone but also make things around him turn into stone. Thus, explaining why Doflamingo’s parasitic threads became lime-grey, as those parasitic threads are no longer threads but stones.

For Devil Fruit Ability Awakening, even Lin Tian knew very little despite being in the Marine. After all, this kind of “Awakening” is only a shame in the Marine. Lin Tian only knew that Devil Fruit has ’Awakening’. In fact, Lin Tian himself knew nothing more about ’Awakening’ than knowing that it exists.

That is because the awakened people are really too scarce. Lin Tian had asked a few awakened people in the Marine, and even they didn’t know how it happened.

That was why Lin Tian was so shocked when he saw Captain Fark actually awaken his Devil Fruit ability. Even Doflamingo was shocked. 

Let’s not talk about Awakening. Lin Tian was still scratching the surface of his ability. Most likely, he was still far away from Awakening. 

It doesn’t mean that Lin Tian never thought about it though. If Awakening Devil Fruit can raise one’s battle strength, of course, Lin Tian looked forward to his own Awakening.

Doflamingo’s men were more shocked than Lin Tian by this scene because Doflamingo had awakened his Devil Fruit Ability before, so they knew more about the hardships of Devil Fruit Awakening than others. 

“How could this person awaken, even Young Master….”

Knowing that what she said was a bit tactless, the girl in the maid costume quickly covered her mouth. Her eyes narrowed slightly. Seeing that Young Master was not angry, she breathed a sigh of relief.



As the parasitic threads turned into a stone, Doflamingo’s control over Captain Fark, of course, disappeared, and Captain Fark regained his freedom. 

Those parasitic threads became stones. Then, with a slight shake, these parasitic threads broke apart and became small pieces of stone.

In midair, these stones once again turned into broken, thin threads that were invisible to the naked eye.

Captain Fack, who had recovered his freedom, could not help but close his eyes, stretched out his hands, and breathed the free air. 

“For the first time, I realised how beautiful freedom is. Unfortunately, it makes hard for someone to extricate themselves from it, just like drugs.” 

Feeling the power constantly emerging from the depths of his body, Captain Fark couldn’t help showing a joyful expression. This power made him several times stronger than before. 

Clenching his fist, Captain Fark thought with excitement, “What a powerful force. Is this the power I’m looking for? This feeling is really wonderful.” 

As soon as his eyes opened, a strong pressure exuded out of his eyes, staring at Doflamingo and the others on the opposite side. Killing intent radiated from his body without any concealment. 

His newfound strength not only allowed Captain Fark to regain his freedom but also brought confidence to Captain Fark. Confidence that he could defeat these bastards.

Just now, this bastard humiliated him and even almost killed him. Captain Fark would have killed this bastard long ago, but the difference in strength was too great before.

Although he didn’t know how this power came to be, Captain Fark knew that he could control this power, and he wanted to get revenge for the humiliation he just suffered.

“Hey, you bastards. You’re going to regret what you did just now.”

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