Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 113



A burst of laughter came from Doflamingo, accompanied by laughter was a thick disdain and dismissal.

“Can you calculate it?” Pink spoke silently beside him. 

“What the hell did you say?” With this powerful force as the backing, Captain Fark spoke a lot of arrogance. “You just killed my most powerful subordinate, and you almost killed me just now. What more do you want?”


Such an extremely unpleasant laughter came from Doflamingo’s mouth. “So, let’s do the math first. You just bullied my family.” 

Fark pointed to the underground head and said, “That was just the bastard did it himself. It had nothing to do with me. If you want to find him, please find him.” 

The woman in the maid costume jumped out with an unhappy face. “This is the first time I have seen a shameful person like you. Just before you act like a dog, why are you suddenly tough now? Where did the dog go just now?” 

Hearing the words of the maid, everyone around remembered Captain Fark’s begging for mercy just now. They couldn’t help but chuckle. 

Although everyone covered their mouths while chuckling, the sounds gathered together since so many people laughed at the same time. 

Numerous ridicules, like an invisible blade, pierced Captain Fark’s heart through his ears. Fark was immediately furious, his eyes fixed on the woman in the maid costume, and a trace of killing intent flashed through his eyes. 

“Young Master said too much nonsense. This kind of person looks disgusting. Young Master should have solved him quickly. If Young Master doesn’t want to take action, then I’ll do it.” 

At this time, it was another woman who spoke. She wore triangle-framed glasses with eye-catching sharp features, curly hair, and a thin body with lip gloss. 

Oh… Oh…”

Captain Fark bulged up as if something was about to come out of his mouth, but Captain Fark desperately endured it.

Woohohohohoho! It seems that another person is fascinated by my beautiful face.” the aunt said extremely narcissistically. 

The woman in the maid costume waved her hand and said: “Auntie, can you not be so narcissistic? You scared me.”

Being exposed, Giolla* was immediately furious, and looked at the woman directly and said: “Baby5**, what are you talking about? You dare to call me an aunt!”

[*TL note: AnimeGiolla is a very large woman, with exaggerated facial features, a plump upper body and very skinny legs. She wears a purple dress, with yellow flowers on it, and has a pink bead necklace. Her orange and blonde hair (right and left side, respectively, and twisted together on top), large cheekbones, heavy make-up, and pink pointed glasses accentuate her face.] [**TL note: AnimeBaby 5 is the alias of a pirate who is married to Sai, the Happo Navy‘s 13th leader. She is a former servant and assassin of the Donquixote Pirates serving as an officer in the Pica Army. Her real name has not been revealed.]

“Auntie, you are a fat aunt. And I am ashamed to say that you’re beautiful…”

“Gah!” Doflamingo gave a glance at the two and said solemnly: “Can you two pipe down?! Look at how quiet Sugar*** is.”       

[***TL note:AnimeSugar is a special officer of the Donquixote PiratesTrebol Army. She was one of the most integral components of Doflamingo‘s plan in keeping Dressrosa in line, as any dissenters were turned into toys by her Hobi Hobi no Mi powers. She is also the younger sister of Monet.]

A little sister bear-shaped shawl wearing a speckled dress, a crown on the side, and single-sided glasses on his left eye, nodded and laughed at Doflamingo. 


Giolla and Baby5 coldly snorted to each other, holding their heads too far, not wanting to see each other’s faces. 

For these two people, Doflamingo felt very troubled. Every time they meet, they will quarrel. The same thing happens way too many times. 


Captain Fark, who didn’t have any sense of existence, couldn’t bear it anymore. An angry roar sounded. “Enough! I am here! I’m not here to watch your quarrel! I tell you, I’m in a bad mood now! If you’re not right about what happened just now, give us an explanation. We will definitely not let you go, and you will bear the consequences.” 

‘There’s no response… What are these bastards doing behind my back?’

Fark thought puzzledly. 

Looking back, there were no silhouettes of those subordinates behind him. His subordinates had already sneaked out a long time ago. 

As for why Doflamingo didn’t stop them, it was because those people were already dead to him, and it was useless for them to escape anywhere. 

Outside the bar, in a dark alley that no one would pay attention to, Captain Fark’s men were gathering here, cautiously peeping at the bar.

“What should we do?”

“Let’s go. The captain will not survive. Those people are very strong.” 

When they thought that the strongest captain and deputy captain stood no chance against them, especially the deputy captain, was solved instantly, everyone was horrified. 

“But what if the captain is not dead? Then we…”

“No buts! Such a powerful expert, the captain must have died. I’ll run first!”


“He had no chance!”

Seeing that there was no one behind, Captain Fark cursed in his heart.

Those rubbish, dare to run away! When I solve these people, I must kill them all!’

“By the way, Sugar, what time is it?” Doflamingo asked. 

She gently lifted up her sleeves, glanced at the delicate little watch on her arm, and replied: “It’s 8:30 now.”

“8:30… There is not much time left before the meeting time. Without the cannon fodder, this’ golden in the sky’ would be no fun.” 

Seeing the people in front of him still not paying attention to him, Captain Fark was furious, “It seems you won’t listen to me.”

Captain Fark stomped lightly with one foot, and the entire ground instantly turned into stone. This is not over yet. Countless stone spikes are under the control of Captain Fark. Like a long dragon, it rose from the ground one after another, moving towards Doflamingo and the others.

Seeing this scene, there was no change in Doflamingo’s and the others’ facial expressions. Doflamingo’s right hand trembled lightly. 

Captain Fark’s body was under Doflamingo’s control again.

Suspended in midair and those ground thorns fell to the ground without Captain Fark’s control. It merged into the ground, and then the whole ground returned to its original state. 

Captain Fark’s face changed drastically. He wanted to use the old method to turn those threads into stones and break free again. 

Unfortunately, Doflamingo actually used the same method. There was no way to guard against this move. Captain Fark exhausted his methods and couldn’t break away. 

At this time, Captain Fark finally panicked.

“Spare, forgive, forgive, don’t kill me. I have money. I have hundreds of millions of Berry. I will give it all to you. Just treat me as a fart and let me go.”

When Lin Tian watched this scene, he was really puzzled. The Awakening should improve his battle strength a lot. Though, it was certain that Doflamingo could not be beaten by Fark anyway. The difference in strength between the two parties was really just too big, after all. It’s no simple feat to make up that difference. 

It wasn’t that Doflamingo doesn’t have the slightest backhand power in his hands. Just, this Devil Fruit Ability Awakening was a little too watery. 

Only Doflamingo, who had experienced the Awakening, understood the root cause. 

Don’t look at how Captain Fark could affect the surrounding things. That is indeed the characteristic of Devil Fruit’s ability Awakening, but Captain Fark is actually just experiencing an illusion of Awakening. Captain Fark’s Awakening is far different from the real Awakening, and it’s not even comparable.

Although Captain Fark could affect the surroundings, his actual battle strength has not improved that much. This improvement does not reduce the gap between Captain Fack and Doflamingo.

Captain Fark felt that his strength has increased by more than ten times. But that was just an illusion. A kind of overdraft life and bursting out with great potential, causing Captain Fark’s brain to have the illusion that he thought he became a lot stronger. 

You need to know that the Devil Fruit Ability Awakening is very rare. Even in the entire Marine with so many Ability Users, but only a few have awakened.

Whoever is on this Grand Line has not experienced the crisis of life and death, who has not been through the ups and downs, is fine to naively want the “Awakening”.

If you are driven into a desperate situation, you will be able to awaken your explosive potential, and those who have the ability to “Awaken’ would have already run all over the world.

Captain Fark’s Awakening, just in the crisis of life and death, through the overdraft of life, forcefully squeezed out the internal potential of his body, caused him to enter a state like the ‘Awakening’.

Just like a machine, regardless of its damage, no matter how large the energy output is, the whole machine will run at a high load. —But no matter how much energy you output, the efficiency of the machine will only be so much. It will increase as your energy output increases. Because this machine is already fixed, it can only reach so much no matter what you do. 

Now Captain Fark’s body is like this machine. No matter how much Captain Fark overdrew his life, he could only do so much. 

If the overdraft is forced to continue, then Captain Falk will only face death.

He didn’t need to wait until that time. Doflamingo didn’t want to waste time here. He has important plans to implement. 


Doflamingo’s palm suddenly sprayed out dozens of almost transparent silk threads. These threads quickly wound together to form a thick thread column-like hair. 

Stretching forward, this string of thread passed exactly through Captain Fark’s lower abdomen, without any reduction in castration, through the bar wall and shot towards the outside. 

At this time, there happened to be a line of unique clothes outside, all wearing black cloaks, and people with black hats walked towards the bar.

Doflamingo’s line pillar with a powerful offensive power attacked the leader, who was walking in the front row like an arrow.

“hu~ hu~ hula~”

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