Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 114



The huge string of thread passed through Captain Fark’s abdomen, leaving only a large hole in the mouth of the bowl. The bloodstream flowed from the abdomen like water, flowed through the legs, and dripped on the floor.

The string column passed through the wall of the bar and disappeared in front of everyone. No one imagined the string column would be strong enough to cut a building in half. 

What kind of lethality would it cause after it entered the prosperous commercial street outside?

At the moment when the string passed through, Captain Fark’s whole body changed drastically.

At this time, Captain Fack has become a gray-haired old man, with countless wrinkles appearing on his face.

It was shown to everyone that Captain Fark had instantly gone from a middle-aged person to an old man. 

gu lu!

Who knows who made the first gulping sound, but it seemed to be a signal, and more and more gulping sounds came from everyone’s mouth. 

There was a look of horror on everyone’s faces.

For everyone, including Lin Tian and the others, this scene has never seen it before and has never heard of it. 

“The silk thread sent out not only has strong lethality but also makes people grow old instantly… What is this Devil Fruit Ability? How can there be such an abnormal ability in this world?”

Their eyes couldn’t help but look at Doflamingo on the side, and they became even more frightened. At this time, in the eyes of everyone, Doflamingo is not only a true powerhouse but also a devil… a terrifying devil. 

Lin Tian looked at Doflamingo, but Lin Tian’s eyes were full of puzzlement. Although Doflamingo was much stronger than himself, Lin Tian, who has the heart of a strong man, would not be intimidated by this. 

‘How is it possible? What’s going on? In Marine’s records, Doflamingo’s Devil Fruit Ability is just strings. How can it suddenly make people grow old? This aspect has never been written in the comics. Is the Doflamingo that I see now different from the comics?’

Doflamingo’s men were also puzzled. They looked towards Doflamingo with a look of puzzlement and surprise. You need to know these men often stay with Doflamingo. Who knows how many battles they have experienced with Doflamingo but have never seen their Young Master make people grow old. 

“When did Young Master possess this ability? We all know how his power works… Can it be said that Young Master is…?”

Doflamingo’s men couldn’t help but think of something. 


Seeing that everyone’s situation was not right, Trebol* couldn’t help but lightly coughed. It awakened everyone who had fallen into chaos. 

[*TL note: AnimeTrebol is one of the top three officers of the Donquixote Pirates, acting as a Staff superior. He occupies the Club seat of the Donquixote Family, and is the leader of the crew’s Trebol Army subdivision.
He is also personally responsible for fostering Donquixote Doflamingo‘s cruelty from a young age, making him the indirect cause of an inhumanly large amount of evil and suffering brought about by Doflamingo’s wrath.]

“Young Master, what’s the situation?” Trebol asked in a low voice.

“In order to stimulate his own potential, he overdrew his vitality. It seems that there’s nothing wrong with him… at first that is. But in fact, his life came to an end from the start. There isn’t enough life force, of course he will die.”

Hearing Young Master’s explanation, Trebol nodded. He glared at the others and everyone bowed their heads sorry.

Doflamingo turned around and said, “Gladius**, give that suitcase to our bar manager.”

[**TL note: AnimeGladius wears a long black coat with gold metal rings on the arms and chest, gold rivets studded around the collar and shoulders, and black and gold metal gears on the elbows, along with matching black boots.]


A man complied and walked over with a black suitcase, gently placed the suitcase in front of the old man, and then returned to his position. 

This man was wearing a bowler hat, a face mask with round lenses, suture scars on both sides of his eyes, and wearing a deep blue long windbreaker with gears and other metal decorations on his clothes. 

“This is 10 million Belly. I think it should be enough to compensate for the loss in the store.” Doflamingo said, pointing to the black suitcase on the ground. 

The old man smiled slightly and said: “Joker is indeed the Joker. It is really refreshing. I will accept the money.”

After the old man spoke, a waiter voluntarily bent over and walked out, lifted the black suitcase, and replied behind the old man. 

Humhhhhhhhh…” Another unpleasant laughter sounded. “I think such a small amount of money is just a drop in the bucket for your master. I think it is quite profitable to spend 10 million to buy the favor of your master. If we can cooperate, I’m afraid that the benefits I want to obtain far exceed this million.” 

The old man thought about it for a while.

This Joker is a very powerful person in Underground World and has a great influence. Cooperation with him can indeed bring great benefits.’

“I can’t be the one to decide. But don’t worry, I will faithfully relay these words to our master.”

By sending ten million to get this sentence, Doflamingo’s psychological expectations have been achieved. This goal has been achieved, and Doflamingo should also leave. 

“This gentleman- I finally found you. I have found our supervisor. I will take you to find him immediately.”

A waiter rushed out from nowhere and suddenly appeared in front of Lin Tian.

The waiter’s voice was not small, plus everyone saw what happened just now, which was taken aback by Doflamingo’s terrifying action, and everyone didn’t speak. Because everyone could hear it clearly, they all set their eyes on the corner where Lin Tian was. 

“Sorry, you got the wrong person. I’m not the one you are looking for.” Lin Tian lowered his head and said as if I didn’t know you. 

In Lin Tian’s heart, he had already cursed this waiter to death. In order to prevent Doflamingo from noticing him, Lin Tian took the initiative to move to this insignificant corner. He didn’t even dare to look up a little and kept his head down.

The waiter said with a smile: “How is it possible? I found you after I remembered clearly. How could I be wrong?”

‘Fuck me! With so many people, and I’m hiding in a corner, and you still found me, and yet you don’t see the surrounding?’

The waiter didn’t seem to see Lin Tian’s increasingly ugly complexion. He did not stop at all and continued. “Sir, I have found the supervisor. Do you want me to bring it now…”

Lin Tian interrupted the waiter directly and growled: “Stop talking. I see him. He’s behind you.” 

When talking to such an idiot, Lin Tian was helpless. What else can he do?

The waiter looked back, and sure enough, everyone was staring at him, and the supervisor was behind him with a gloomy expression. 

Looking at the supervisor’s gloomy face, the waiter was dizzy and fainted directly on the ground. 

“I’m really dead this time!”

As the waiter fell, the blocked Lin Tian also appeared in front of everyone.

No way to believe that Lin Tian was an adult. Lin Tian was still just thirteen years old; his height gave it away.  

Seeing that what appeared behind was the kid who came in just now, everyone pursed their lips. A look of helplessness flashed across their faces. 

“Why is this little demon still here? Does he think this is a playground? This is the base of Underground World.”

Doflamingo and the others, who were going to leave, saw the kid who was protecting the girl the other day. A hint of surprise and confusion flashed across their faces. 

“Shouldn’t that kid be on the upper floors of the Peak? How come he suddenly be here? Depending on the situation, this little demon seems to have been here for a long time.” 

Trebol moved half a step forward and whispered: “Young Master, this little demon is… shall we…”. 

“No!” Doflamingo raised his hand to stop Dole’s words. “Now is not a good time.”

After Young Master said so, and Trebol didn’t say much. But as to why Young Master would miss such a good opportunity, Trebol was very puzzled. 

“Didn’t expect Marine will also appear in Underground World!” Doflamingo said Lin Tian’s identity as soon as he opened his mouth, causing an uproar among all the people present and placing Lin Tian on the opposite side of everyone.

This is Underground World. Although the people present were not the worst evil, they were still doing some criminal transactions that violate World Government laws. 

“Marine! This little demon is actually a part of Marine!”

“How can hmph! Marine appear here? This place is not where Marine should come”

“Anyway, this little demon is Marine. We can’t let him go!”


They are all standing on the opposite side of the World Government. They violate the World Government law. People who should be arrested by the World Government. 

Since this little demon was the Marine, it was everyone’s enemy. For their own safety, this Marine can only die. 

In an instant, Lin Tian could feel hundreds of killing intents. Some people have already put their hands on their weapons. Most likely, when they changed, they would hit him with dozens of attacks. 

However, Lin Tian didn’t show a trace of panic. 

In the face of this situation, you can’t panic even more. If you panic, then you are really finished. 

“Neither did I expect that all the cadres of the famous Donquixote Pirates of New World would actually come to the first half of the Grand Line?”

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