Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 115



Hearing the identity of this group, everyone present couldn’t help but suck in a cold breath. 

Donquixote Pirates is not only great and famous in New World but also in the entire Grand Line. All of Donquixote Pirates consist of Devil Fruit Ability Users. They are extremely powerful.

Especially Donquixote Doflamingo, which is a Great Pirate with a bounty gold of 340 million, and he also at the forefront of many Pirates in the New World. 

And all the people present were mixed in Underground World. No one had never heard of this name. Because Donquixote Pirates is not only just a pirate group but also a great influence of Underground World. Doflamingo is codenamed “Joker” in Underground World. 

At this time, everyone understood that it’s no wonder that this group of people is so powerful. Captain Fark, who had an extremely high bounty, turns out, was killed by Doflamingo. 

Seeing everyone was startled by Doflamingo, the old man calmly called one of his men and whispered. “Hurry up and gather all the security personnel in the hall. If the situation is not right, immediately protecting the boy with all your strength. And then send a person to notify the Master as soon as possible that the boy is in danger here.” 

Hearing the supervisor’s order, this subordinate was immediately confused. Shouldn’t they kill the Marine? Not protect him instead?

“Why are you still here? Go!” Seeing that this subordinate was still here and motionless, the anxious old man couldn’t help but shout. 

“Yes…Yes!” his hand nodded hurriedly and quickly ran towards the back of the bar. 

Seeing Lin Tian for the first time, the old man was shocked. As one of Goodritt’s close friends, the old man not only knew Lin Tian’s identity but his identity was investigated by the old man himself and then handed to Goodritt.

As for Lin Tian’s rescue of Young Lady incident, the old man knew about that too. Because at that time, the old man was also hiding in the crowd, secretly protecting Young Lady and dealing with those killers. 

When Joker said Lin Tian’s Marine identity, the old man immediately felt bad. 

This is Underground World, revealing Lin Tian’s identity was very bad. These people would not let Lin Tian go for their own safety. As the old man expected, these people did not hide their killing intent. 

Lin Tian is Young Lady’s benefactor. The old man must save him, or else, how would he explain it to Master and Young Lady?

But so many people here were scared of Lin Tian. Even if he wanted to stop them, he couldn’t stop them with only the power of the bar. He could only hope for the people from the Peak to come quickly. Actually, it was the cadre of Donquixote Pirates who the old man was most worried about. He guessed that Joker wants to kill Lin Tian. Otherwise, he would not say Lin Tian’s identity out loud. 

If there were no threats from Donquixote Pirates, the old man would only be afraid of the people in the bar. The old man would be able to solve them by himself without the help from the Peak.

This was not arrogance but confidence in one’s own strength. 

Detecting the old man’s movements, Doflamingo showed a sneer at the corner of his mouth but then disappeared quickly. 

“As a Pirate, I came to the Underground World base; this is a very normal thing. But you? Why did you come here as a Marine?

Doflamingo said with a slight smile, once again gathered everyone’s eyes on Lin Tian, his eyes fixed on Lin Tian. Obviously, he thought Lin Tian was a spy for the Marine, who came to investigate. 

Lin Tian didn’t change his face, smiled slightly, “Is there anyone who stipulates that Marine can’t come to Underground World? Marine is also a human. I heard that there are such good things in Underground World. I also want to buy some.”

“Really?” Doflamingo asked in an extremely unbelieving tone, “A Marine came to the Underground World to buy things. This should be the funniest joke I have ever heard.” 


Lin Tian lifted the box behind him, hugged it to his chest, and patted hard. “I brought this money; of course, I came here to buy things. Otherwise, why would I be here?” After that, Lin Tian gave Doflamingo a look of ‘Are you an idiot?’. After a pause, Lin Tian said in an exaggerated tone: “Could it be that you didn’t come here to buy things, Doflamingo? Are you here just to visit and travel?”

Hearing Lin Tian’s words, everyone present wanted to laugh at the time, but thinking that these people were the famous Donquixote Pirates, they immediately held back their laughs. 

The old man was surprised when he saw Lin Tian’s performance. Under such a situation, he could still keep his heart calm, and his face would not change. 

In just a few words, the crisis in Joker’s words was resolved and made Joker lose face. This boy named Lin Tian was really not simple either. 

Not only is he not weak and far better than his peers, even rivaling the powerhouse on the Grand Line in terms of mentality. No wonder the Master said that his evaluation of him is a bit low. 

“Smelly brat, you want to die?” A man wearing a fur-brimmed hat with two facial lines on his face, wearing a red cloak, dressed like an aboriginal tribal man, walked out and said with an angry look. 

Before the man took a few steps, he was blocked by Doflamingo’s hand, his eyes lightly curled, and he said two words. “Retreat.”


Although the man was unwilling, this was the order of the Young Master. The man had to retreat obediently.

When he retreated, he gave a fiercely look, as if saying, “Brat, don’t let me see you again. Or I won’t be able to spare you.”

Lin Tian didn’t seem to see this man’s threatening eyes but instead stared at Doflamingo completely. 

Don’t look at Lin Tian and Doflamingo. On the surface, it seems to be just ordinary conversations, but they were engaging in secret, invisible, and fatal confrontations. 

Lin Tian must delay the time so that he can have time to think of a way to escape here.

“It seems that our Lin Tian Commodore is not only known as the most potential Marine soldier in Marine history but also so capable in this spying aspect thing.” 


“Commodore Lin Tian, the most potential Marine soldier.”

These few words instantly flooded everyone’s minds.

Since Lin Tian was called the Marine’s most potential soldier, countless pirates were immediately interested in Lin Tian. If this Lin Tian is caught, it will not only make the Marine a big shame but also instantly improve that pirate reputation in no time. 

Moreover, you can get a big bounty with Lin Tian’s head. Lin Tian’s bounty was 400 million Berry in the Underground World. Regardless of life or death, that is a number that makes people crazy. 

This is a good thing to kill two birds with one stone. That was why many people tried to investigate Lin Tian’s identity. Unfortunately, the Marine kept Lin Tian’s identity confidential. How could these folks find out? 

Even if they had some magical powers and found Lin Tian’s identity, they wouldn’t dare to do it. Because Lin Tian had always been by Garp’s side. 

Garp is the Hero of the Marines.

Roger, the Pirate King, back then were being chased by Garp. And you can imagine Garp’s battle strength. 

With him by Lin Tian’s side, who would dare to attack? Even if you send a killer, most likely they would have been solved by Garp before they met Lin Tian.

And this is too dangerous. If Garp finds out that his only student was assassinated, only a few can withstand Garp’s anger.

But now, this Lin Tian was out here alone. And Doflamingo, of course, will not let go of this good opportunity. 


At the gate of the Peak, Doflamingo saw everything clearly.

Even Doflamingo was shocked by Lin Tian’s achievements. At least Doflamingo knew that he was far from Lin Tian at Lin Tian’s age.

(How high Doflamingo aptitude is, the official did not respond. But it was known that Doflamingo awakened Conquerer’s Haki at the age of ten. You can imagine what Doflamingo’s aptitude is.)

[*TL note: Conqueror’s Haki. Haoshoku Haki is a rare form of Haki that allows the user to exert their own willpower over others. This type of Haki cannot be attained through training. Only one in several million people are born with this ability. It is said that whoever possesses this type of Haki has the qualities of a king and are known as Supreme Rulers (覇王 Haō?).]

Lin Tian can’t be allowed live. Otherwise, within a few years, an expert will appear in the Marine, which is not what Doflamingo wants.

However, Doflamingo dare not kill Lin Tian by himself. With so many people here, if he did it, Garp would know. With Doflamingo’s current strength, he would not stand a chance against the angry Garp. Therefore, Doflamingo exposed Lin Tian’s identity and let these fuckers take action. This would have nothing to do with him.

Sure enough, when these people knew the identity of Lin Tian and after thinking of the benefits of killing Lin Tian, they couldn’t bear it.

A brutal color appeared on their faces, and there were wisps of powerful murder in their eyes, staring closely at Lin Tian.


Everyone slowly approached Lin Tian, step by step. The distance from Lin Tian was getting closer and closer.

Lin Tian had the shit energy to take care of Doflamingo, but now he has to deal with these people first. These people were not that strong; therefore, Lin Tian did not need a few tricks to solve one. But facing hundreds of people and all attacking together, Lin Tian wouldn’t be able to hold them! 

Armor of Space! 

Looking at this scene, Doflamingo smiled even more at the corner of his mouth.

‘Kill him! Kill him! Korod’s chaos is not enough. Lin Tian’s death can add a bit fiercer material to make Korod’s storm more violent.’

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