Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 116


“Stop!” The old man, who had been silent, saw this situation and had to stop by aloud. 

Of course, everyone was very curious if someone dared to shout in front of so many people. They couldn’t help but glance at the old man.

Looking back, it turned out that it was the supervisor of this Underground World stronghold. Everyone dared not make a sound at the time, and they stopped approaching Lin Tian. 

Step by step…

A sound of neat footsteps sounded in the empty bar, and everyone did not react. 

A group of people wearing the same uniform ran out of the back door of the bar, quickly stood next to the bar, surrounding everyone. 


Being pointed at by these dozens of gunpoints, many people felt their scalp became numb, and their minds were blank and puzzled.

These people were the guards of this Underground World stronghold; how could they point their guns at them? Shouldn’t they aim at this Marine little demon? 

The old man walked through the crowd at a steady pace, wandered to Lin Tian, smiled, and glanced at Lin Tian, who was also puzzled, and turned around. 

A stranger stepped forward from the crowd and asked the old man very politely. “Mr. Ye, can you tell us what happened? This Marine right here; might be a spy for the Marine. If he escapes, I’m afraid he will inform the Marine…”

The old man did not answer the man’s question but glanced around all around, taking everyone’s puzzled expressions in the entire scene. 

“We have secured this boy.” 

When everyone heard the old man’s words so rampant, they didn’t feel a little angry but fell into contemplation because he had the confidence to say this, and he had the strength that everyone has to think about. 

If they are in this stronghold, these people won’t certainly be afraid. Although their strength is nothing in Lin Tian’s eyes, they would have no problem dealing with these security personnel.

This old man is a powerhouse. Many people knew that the old man used a trick to solve a pirate with a bounty of hundreds of millions on his head. Since then, no one had looked down upon the old man. But this was not what worried everyone. What really worried everyone is the master behind the old man, the man with a powerful influence.

The richest man in the world—Goodritt! 

Although this man was low-key, everyone knew that he stood on top of the world, looking down on everyone. 

In case you offend him, there will be no way for you to survive. This was also the reason they stopped and did not dare to attack Lin Tian.

Seeing this situation, everyone unconsciously looked towards Doflamingo. Obviously, it depends on what Doflamingo does next.

The benefits in front of them are too great, but now the situation had changed, and everyone had to consider whether they should do next.

This situation was obviously expected by Doflamingo. Doflamingo had certainly noticed the old man’s actions. However, with his statement just now, Doflamingo wouldn’t let that go. 

“Mr. Ye, is it a bit too much for you to do this? This Marine brat is related to the safety of everyone here. If this brat reports everything to the Marine, what are we supposed to do?” Doflamingo smiled slightly. His words were full of murderous intent.

Hearing Doflamingo’s words, everyone’s killing intent on Lin Tian raised again. If the Marine kid is let go, their lives will be in danger. They might have to ignore the old man’s background.

“Everyone, this young man had done a great thing to our master. Everyone knows that our master has a heart, and that is our Young Lady, correct? And I presume that everyone present must have known about the assassination on Young Lady today.”

Everyone nodded. They were all startled when they learned about the news. Goodritt only has one daughter, and he really loves this daughter. The Peak outside was specially built to prevent his daughter from being alone. From this, everyone could see what his daughter’s status in Goodritt’s heart. 

All the big guys present have nothing to do with the assassination. So how is this Marine kid related to this matter?

“This young man is a good friend of our Young Lady. And in today’s assassination, this young man saved the Young Lady.” The old man stopped suddenly. Squinting and scanning, the old man said in a threatening tone. “Our master owes this young man. If you have anything against this young man, you will also be against our master. Our master will not let anyone go.”

Lin Tian said in a timely manner: “I’m not Marine today, I’m just a person who came to buy things, so I didn’t see anything just now.” 

Hearing that there was a reason for this, everyone could not help but step back, facing the old man’s eyes full of killing intent. 

This Marine is Goodritt’s great benefactor. Who would dare to take action?

Offending the Marine itself would make them be wanted at most, but they could still run away. However, offending Goodritt would be the end.

Hearing the old man’s explanation, his confused face suddenly realized.

‘It was so strange. This supervisor helped me and said that he is… his master’s benefactor.’

It turned out that the old man’s master was actually Ai Siqi and her father, Goodritt. At this time, Lin Tian was sighed in relief. With Goodritt’s influence, these people would definitely not dare to take action. 

At the same time, Lin Tian couldn’t help but be grateful. If it weren’t for the chance to meet Ai Siqi and then having saved Ai Siqi, otherwise, he would really be finished today. 

‘A group of trash!’

 Seeing these people be horrified in front of Goodritt’s influence, Doflamingo couldn’t help but curse in his heart. 

“Young Master, what shall we do?” Trebol asked in a low voice when the situation suddenly changed dramatically. 

Doflamingo did not answer. Instead, he looked towards the old man. Doflamingo and the old man were both experts. Though they just casually looked at each other, it made the others feel tremendous pressure. 

Seeing the clash of eyes between the two, everyone involuntarily put their eyes on the two of them. Whether things can be resolved now depends on Doflamingo’s willingness. 

After a long silence, Doflamingo said with a smile on his face. “Since there’s Mr. Ye’s guarantee here, what can we do? We can only hope that Mr. Ye’s guarantee is useful.”

Doflamingo didn’t intend to make a move. Otherwise, he would not have instigated other people to kill Lin Tian. Now that these people didn’t do anything, Doflamingo wouldn’t make a move. 

If you really kill this Marine kid, you will offend Goodritt and Garp to death at the same time. Doflamingo didn’t want to face that situation. 

The old man said with a smile: “Everyone can rest assured that nothing happened today. Everyone is free from any consequences.”

“Thank you, Mr. Ye!”

Everyone hurriedly bowed their hands and thanked the old man, smiling. There is an atmosphere with swords drawn and bows bent just now. Their faces changed back so fast that it surpasses the speed of light. 

Seeing that this life-and-death crisis was resolved, Lin Tian’s hanging heart finally let go. And only then did he feel the coolness coming from his back. He stretched out his hand and wiped it. His back was drenched with sweat just because he had been so nervous. He didn’t even notice that his back was wet. 

Suddenly, Lin Tian’s eyes tightened, and even the hand extended to his back stopped. He lightly lifted his head. His eyes filled with deep meaning, and he looked at Doflamingo not far ahead.

Finding that Lin Tian was looking at him, Doflamingo also looked towards Lin Tian. The corners of his mouth slightly cocked, revealing an inexplicable smile. 

The fingers of his right hand are bent, constantly shaking for unknown reason!

The keen old man discovered something wrong with the two in an instant, but he glanced at Lin Tian and found nothing unusual about Lin Tian.

There was nothing wrong with Lin Tian on the surface, but he was clenching his teeth in secret, and his right hand behind his back that was pressing down rose at an extremely slow speed. 

Space Blade! 

A black round blade instantly formed on Lin Tian’s head. While everyone was not paying attention, it revolved around Lin Tian’s whole body at a very fast speed and then disappeared in the air. 

Feeling that the thread was cut off, Lin Tian showed a smile on his face. He slowly stretched out his right hand and deliberately shook it in front of Doflamingo a few times. 

Doflamingo’s smile disappeared long ago. He didn’t say much and looked at Lin Tian with a gloomy expression. 

The old man saw the changes on their faces. Although he didn’t know what happened, he could still guess it. 

“Let’s go!” Doflamingo said in a low voice, leading everyone. 


There was a sound of a door opening.

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