Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 118


The interior decoration of the bar was almost wrecked completely. 

In desperation, the old man had no choice but to announce that the Underground World base was suspended for a few days. After the renovation was completed, it would continue to open. 

Due to the arrival of Uncle Teng, Dragon and the others were waived, so Doflamingo spent 100 million Berry for nothing. 

The hundred million Berry were burned. After Lin Tian made the hundred million Belly did not even release a fart. The most fundamental purpose was not achieved. So, when Doflamingo left, his face was so gloomy. It was the rhythm of anger to the extreme. Even Doflamingo’s men discovered the anger in Doflamingo’s heart. They didn’t say much, just obediently and honestly followed behind him. 

Dragon and the others have already left after getting what they want after thanking them. 

At this moment, at the side of the bar, beside the only one intact table, Lin Tian, Uncle Teng, and the old man were sitting with each other. 

“Uncle Teng, why did you come suddenly?” Lin Tian said with joy. 

Uncle Teng glanced at the old man next to him and said: “This time, it’s mainly because of this old ghost bastard. He sent someone over and say that your identity here has been exposed, and your life is in danger, so I hurried over.”

“Thank you, Mr. Ye!” Lin Tian thanked him very sincerely.

‘It was really a life-and-death crisis for me today. If it weren’t for the old man to quell everyone then made everyone feel relieved, I might have to fight. Not to mention there was a Donquixote Pirates on the side, which has been changing into glare like a tiger watching his prey.’

The old man waved his hand, said with a faint smile: “It’s okay. It’s just a matter of effort. Besides, you are still the great benefactor to master and the Young Lady. Besides, I didn’t really do anything. I just stood up and said a few words.”

“No…no!” Lin Tian shook his head quickly and said, “I would really be in danger without you coming out.”

At this time, Uncle Teng interrupted and spoke to the two of them, who had been denying each other.

“Anyway, why did you even come here as a Marine? This kind of place is not for Marine.”

Lin Tian smiled. He touched his head embarrassedly. He couldn’t say that because of his own pride, he didn’t get the information from Goodritt and instead ran here to buy information. 

So, Lin Tian deliberately inserted the question and asked about Ai Siqi’s situation. “By the way, how’s Ai Siqi? After I left, did she….”

Speaking of this, Lin Tian suddenly realized that he didn’t know how to word it correctly. He was afraid of Ai Siqi looking sad when he left, so he didn’t look back at all. But when he heard the cry from behind, Lin Tian could also feel the pain in Ai Siqi’s heart at that time. 

“You brat is so embarrassed to say it? Do you know how sad Young Lady is? What kind of brat are you to actually come to this place?”

It would have been fine if Lin Tian didn’t say anything. When he talks to Uncle Teng about it, he gets angry for being reminded about it. Having been with Young Lady for so many years, he has never seen Young Lady so sad. 


The angry Uncle Teng hammered the table with a punch, and the whole table was cracked by Uncle Teng’s punch.

Just when the whole table was about to collapse, the old man quickly extended the hand and pressed his palm under the table. The whole table solidified in an instant. It didn’t break, but it was still covered with crack. 

Seeing this action, Lin Tian’s eyes shrunk.

This old man is not simple too. That should be a Devil Fruit ability, but I don’t know what it is. ‘

“Old Teng, why do you have such a mood? Don’t ruin my bar. People deal with their own affairs, and it’s useless for you to be angry here.”

Hearing the words of the old man, Lin Tian almost spit out the water that he had just drunk, but seeing Uncle Teng’s angry expression, Lin Tian still swallowed the water honestly without explaining anything.

After the old man said this, Uncle Teng’s anger immediately dissipated a lot. This was indeed a matter between Ai Siqi and Lin Tian, and it was better for both of them to solve it themselves. 

However, Uncle Teng still stared as if to say. ‘You stinky brat! You better treat Young Lady well! If I found out you bullied Young Lady, I will not spare you.’

Remembering that misunderstanding of Uncle Teng and the others from before, Lin Tian can only answer with a wry smile.

‘I’m really not interested in Ai Siqi. Ai Siqi is beautiful and has such a great and loving father. She is indeed a perfect wife candidate.’

But Lin Tian is not a stallion. When he sees a beautiful woman, he thinks about it. Lin Tian was not interested in Ai Siqi now. —However, Lin Tian only imagined these words but did not dare to say them out loud. If this were said, Lin Tian didn’t think he could walk out of here intact, facing these two furious old men.

Uncle Teng seemed to think of something and asked: “By the way, shouldn’t you be doing things in the Peak? Why did you come here? And how did you even provoke Doflamingo? And you know those people?”

The old man also looked at Lin Tian with a puzzled look. These problems had always been strange in the old man’s heart. 

Lin Tian said: “Hey! Uncle Teng, that’s too many questions. Which one do you want me to answer first?”

“Of course, in order. Answer the first one first.”

Because of too many questions, Lin Tian can only answer briefly one after another. 

“I do have business at the Peak, but the time hasn’t arrived yet, so I went outside for a while. I saw the Underground World logo outside, and I thought of buying some’ Heavenly Gold’ information. After all, I came out this time to coordinate this matter. As for Doflamingo, let alone messing with him, it’s the first time I saw him today. I’ve seen his deeds in the Marine archives, though. As for that group of people(Dragon); I have some connections with them, so I just offered to help.” 

After listening to Lin Tian’s explanations, Uncle Teng and the old man were in deep thought. No one knew what they were thinking. Even Lin Tian didn’t know. 

Lin Tian just sat there quietly, picked up the glass of water in front of him, took a few sips. He said that many sentences in one breath, of course, he would be thirsty. 

Uncle Teng could understand the previous answers. But for the last question, Lin Tian’s response was a bit vague.

Uncle Teng knew the group of people(Dragon) were Revolutionary Army cadres, although the name Revolutionary Army was not yet apparent. But Uncle Teng knew that this group of people was not simple. Even with the old man’s intelligence network, it was still difficult to reach them. Uncle Teng knew about their existence for the first time because they bought large quantities of arms here.

Just simply knowing the ideas that they are spreading, Uncle Teng was shocked. To oppose the entire World Government and overthrowing them.

Lin Tian is a Marine; how can he have friendship with these people? This made Uncle Teng wonder. 

Uncle Teng and the old man glanced at each other slightly, and they were puzzled by each other’s eyes. 

“You asked where the Peak Conference Hall is earlier; could it be that the matter you investigated is related to this matter?”

“En!” Lin Tian nodded. He took out a white card from his pocket and placed it on the table gently. 

“This is what I found from the pirate captain who hijacked Ai Siqi. I went to the Peak because of its content and the words of a pirate.” 

“Card?” Uncle Teng picked up the card with a suspicious face and looked in front of him, then suddenly laughed. 

The old man took the card from Uncle Teng, read the content on the card, and laughed. 

Seeing that the two suddenly laughed, Lin Tian immediately looked at the two old men with a bewildered expression. 

Seeing Lin Tian look puzzled, Uncle Teng stopped his smile and said a sentence that shocked Lin Tian. 

“Young Master, if it is you who are going here, you don’t have to go. Just ask us.”

Seeing that Lin Tian was still looking forced, the old man opened his mouth and explained: “You’re going there, just want to find out who initiated this, correct?”

“Hmm.” Lin Tian nodded and responded. 

The old man continued: “In this case, you don’t have to get in. You can just ask us directly. We have records of people who use the Conference Hall in the Peak. And for such people, we generally have their information and backgrounds.”

“I see.”

Lin Tian suddenly realized that he was really stupid. He didn’t think about such a simple question clearly. He thought about stuffs too complicated.

“Well, who’s gathering so many pirates?” Lin Tian asked quickly. 

“You saw that person just now.” Uncle Teng said. 

Lin Tian suddenly burst out of a silhouette in his mind. “Is it him?”

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