Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 12 Strange Small Town


Initially, Lin Tian thought that there were still people passing by in the town, but he didn’t expect to see even a single figure on the streets.

At that moment, Lin Tian was observing in the thick grass, but then he planned to climb a small double-story building placed ten paces from him, so he put his sword in the bush, hid it, and sneaked towards the building.

After he was sure that no one around, Lin Tian nimbly climbed up to the building’s roof and headed towards the town center.

The most prosperous place in a small town was the town center. Lin Tian observed from the outside.

He found that the town did not look like it was under attack at all. It was utterly peaceful and calm. But Lin Tian just felt that something was wrong.

As he walked along, Lin Tian walked on top of the houses. Due to his height, Lin Tian’s vision was much wider, and at a glance, Lin Tian could clearly see the several streets.

Lin Tian found no problem at all in this town. It was very peaceful and calm. Every home’s light was lit up. Lin Tian even snuck into a few homes just in case, and there were people in them.

Since the town was so peaceful, there was no attack at all. Then why did that distress signal come from here?

Is it really a prank, Lin Tian thought.

But in the blink of an eye, Lin Tian passed up this possibility. In the sea, the consequences of sent a distress signal were very serious.

As long as the sender’s head’s contents were normal, he would not do such a thing. If the navy found out, the sender would afford the consequences.

If Lin Tian hadn’t wanted to get more information, he wouldn’t go to the town center.

Instead of a town center, it was more like a square. Most of the town centers in this world would build a square of some size to hold some events.

When Lin Tian arrived at the square, there wasn’t a single person there. Only countless street lights were still on.

Lin Tian didn’t see a single person outside; the entire town was staying in their homes. And the stores in this town were all closed.

Even though it was night, most people would stay at home and eat. But it was too strange, not every person in the town wouldn’t go out, and even all the stores were closed.

Many stores were supposed to be open at night. And most people would come out to take a walk and do some shopping after having dinner. But now there wasn’t even a shadow of a dog, moreover a person.

The word ‘curfew’ popped up in Lin Tian’s mind, and the current scene was very similar to the curfew.

As if threatened by something, these residents couldn’t go out at night and had to stay in their homes.

Just as Lin Tian was about to go down and find a local people to ask what was going on, a sudden sound of panicked footsteps came from behind, and Lin Tian hastily moved his body back to the unseen side.

When Lin Tian looked in the footsteps’ direction, he saw a little girl running out of the street corner.

The little girl was wearing a dress, looked panicked, and her little head kept looking behind her. It seemed that there was something horrible behind her, hunting her.

Seeing that it was a little girl, Lin Tian did not go out immediately. Because the footsteps Lin Tian heard could not be made by just a little girl, and there were people behind her, Lin Tian was ready to hide and see what happened.

It didn’t take long, just as Lin Tian predicted. The two figures ran out from the corner with knives in their hands and chased after the little girl.

When Lin Tian saw their appearance, he instantly recognized them as pirates. Seeing this was the pirates’ routine, Lin Tian knew that his deduction was correct and that the distress signal was indeed a decoy sent by the pirates.

This town, which looked so peaceful on the surface, was secretly controlled by the pirates.

The behavior of the entire town’s inhabitants was under the pirates’ control, and they were forced to accept the pirates’ oppression.

But Lin Tian found that he still didn’t understand many things like the pirates dominated the town, but nothing was damaged, and after searching for half a day, he only found these two pirates, and the rest of the pirates’ crew were can’t be found.

However, he found a way to solve the problem for himself. Just ask the little girl down there, and you’ll know everything.

The little girl, spotting the pirate right behind her, ran forward as fast as she could. But after all, it was only a child. How could she escape from two ferocious pirates?

Just as the little girl ran downstairs to where Lin Tian was hiding, the two pirates behind her were already only a step away from her.

“Little kitty, stop right there. By chasing you is wasting my time.”

“Kid, you will never escape from us!”

The little girl felt their voice getting closer, and she became more panicked, not seeing the road under her feet. She tripped over a stone and fell to the ground.

As soon as the little girl fell, she was immediately caught up by the pirates behind her. The little girl looked at the pirates who were walking step by step towards her, and she tried to get up, but her feet were already strained, and she couldn’t stand up at all.

“Little kitty, how dare you to run out alone. We don’t want to kill you this time, but we can’t help it. The orders from that guy are to kill you and show those residents what happens when they disobey us.”

The other pirate said impatiently, “Hurry up, kill her and go back to drink. Why are you talking so much to this kid? If we fail, Lord Bert will not forgive us.”

When one of them remind him about that, another pirate’s whole body trembled as he thought of Lord Bert’s terror.

If Lord Bert were angry, he would be dead. He raised the knife in his hand and slashed at the little girl on the ground with a fierce face.

As she looked at the knife, the little girl held her head in her hands and trembled with fear.

The little girl held her head in her hands and thought she would die, but after waiting for a long time, she was still all right.

The little girl slowly raised her head to look and saw a child no higher than herself, is looking at her scared face with a smile.

The pirates who had been chasing her were standing still for some reason, and one of them was still in the position of slashing down with his knife.

Their face looked shocked, if not to see the two pirates’ eyes are still moving, the little girl thought that the two pirates are dead.

When he saw that the little girl would die under the pirates’ knife, Lin Tian immediately made his move and imprisoned the two pirates in place.

When she saw that the two pirates were not moving, the little girl was relieved and asked curiously, “Big brother, did you subdue these two pirates?”.

Lin Tian nodded his head and helped the little girl up, “Little girl, can you tell me what happened?” The little girl saw that Lin Tian had trounced the two pirates.

Then she wept and said, “Big brother, can you save my father? The pirates captured him.”

Seeing such a cute little girl begging to him, Lin Tian immediately nodded his head and agreed.

He wiped the little girl’s tears and whispered, “Let’s find a safe place first, then you can talk to me slowly.”

While he calmed the little girl, Lin Tian gently grasped his right hand, and the two pirates were already dead with a trace of blood coming out of the corner of their mouths.

The two pirates didn’t understand until the day they died that they were only chasing a tiny little girl to carry out such a simple task, but they would actually bring danger to their own lives and die at the hands of such a little kid.

In the last moment of the pirates’ death, it was as if they saw the rest of the pirates’ fate.

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