Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 121


“Vice-Admiral Garp!”

The Marine general walked over and greeted Garp, showing respect and admiration in his tone. 

Although they are both Vice Admirals, Garp’s qualifications, prestige, and battle strength are unmatched in the Marine, and only Fleet Admiral Sengoku can be compared.

Since the Roger’s era, Garp and Sengoku have been leading the front line of Marine, striving to be at the forefront of Marine and safeguarding the absolute justice of the Marine. 

Every soldier who reaches the Marine headquarters will hear the talk legend of Garp from their seniors. According to the Marine soldier, Garp is the “Marine’s strongest Guardian”. 

The Vice-Admiral in the field had witnessed the legendary path of Vice-Admiral Garp from entering the Marine to now the Vice-Admiral. In the Marine, neither Rear Admiral has received the favor of Vice-Admiral Garp. Even if it is the current Marine Headquarter, in front of Garp, everyone has to call him “Hero Garp” or “Mr. Garp.”

He is also such an awesome teacher. With Lin Tian’s own powerful innate talent, he can be described as a mess in the Marine, and his status has also risen since Garp started teaching.

Regarding these people’s greetings, Garp just nodded back. His eyes swept to Tsuru in the front. And a smile appeared on his face. He was thrilled to see Tsuru. 

He happily said: “Hey, little Tsuru, long time no see. It’s been a long time since you went to the New World. I haven’t seen you for a long time.”

Regarding Garp’s words, Tsuru only glanced slightly and then put her eyes on all around the crowd as if looking for something. She had understood Garp very well after working with him for many years.

‘This old man is getting more and more regressive. He is getting old. He’s not a young man anymore. He hasn’t seen any serious business all day long. He’s not making any sense. How long have I not seen him? I just met him at the Marine base last month.’

Seeing that, Tsuru ignores him. Garp immediately felt bad and said helplessly. “Hey, little Tsuru, I’m a huge person, so there’s no way you didn’t see me.” 

She glanced at him again, “Well, it is a big silhouette.” and her eyes swept elsewhere. 

A black line appeared on Garp’s head. What happened to Tsuru-chan today? Why does she seem to be absent-minded? 

After a glance again, and didn’t see the person she was looking for. She looked towards Garp and asked aloud: “Hey, Garp. Why didn’t I see Lin Tian? Did you beat him again?” 

Hearing what Tsuru said, Kuzan and the others glanced quickly and found that there was no Lin Tian. A trace of puzzlement appeared on their faces. Lin Tian should be here at this time. 

Lin Tian, who had just been reborn in One Piece World, was very curious about everything, so he often wandered around in the Marine Headquarters, the Marineford. He often met many senior Marine generals because of it. Lin Tian was accepted as a disciple by Garp at that time, so most people treated Lin Tian well.

In addition, Lin Tian looks like a young man in his teens, but in his heart, he is an orphan who has experienced the warmth and coldness of the world. His mental maturity is similar to those of these dozens of years old. In this way, Lin Tian had friendships with almost all Marine generals.

The deepest of that friendship is with Tsuru. Among Marine generals, Lin Tian is the favorite of Tsuru. She treats Lin Tian like a biological grandson. Sometimes, when Lin Tian is chased, he will run to Tsuru to ask for help. When Tsuru is out of the horse, Garp becomes obedient and honest. 

Therefore, Garp has always been very uncomfortable with Lin Tian, this stinky brat who is too good. He and his colleagues have been in the Marine for so many years, and none are as good as that stinky brat. 

Fortunately, it was Tsuru that mention Lin Tian. When Lin Tian is mentioned, Garp is very angry. Who knows if it is because Lin Tian ran away again or because Tsuru-chan didn’t pay attention to Garp because she was looking for Lin Tian. 

“That smelly brat, as soon as he got here, he ran away. From morning till now, I don’t know what he’s doing. He hasn’t come back yet.” 

“En!” Tsuru nodded understandably. She looked up at Garp and asked: “Garp, you still don’t want to take action this time? If you take action, Marine’s plan can change. It can completely eliminate a lot of pirates this time.” 

The other Marine generals also looked at Garp with a trace of puzzlement on their faces. They had heard that Vice Admiral Garp was also here. These Marine generals thought that the results of the Marine headquarters plan could increase a lot with him in the plan. But in the end, they heard that Vice Admiral Garp was here but not to participate. Everyone didn’t understand. Even if Garp has important things to do, it would only be a day’s delay. And as far as everyone knows, Garp has nothing to do recently. 

When she said that, Garp put away his smile, his face gradually becoming serious. “This time, it’s enough to leave me out. This is what I proposed to Sengoku, and Sengoku also agreed.” Garp then glanced at Kuzan, “As for the reason, you should also be clear.”

Of course, Tsuru and Garp understand the root cause. Meanwhile, the rest of the Marine Vice Admirals were puzzled, but they could probably guess the reason. 

Nowadays, there are two Admirals in the Marine. Usually, two Admirals are enough to be intimidating. But it won’t be enough if there is any unexpected situation. 

Just like this situation, the New World suddenly rioted, and all of the Admirals is here. “Heavenly Gold” is a tribute to the World Noble, and it can’t be ignored. This kind of thing must be deterred by the Admirals. Only the Admirals are qualified to command so many Marine battle strengths. 

So, if you add an Admiral must be on the itinerary. Those who have this qualification are Vice-Admiral Kuzan and Vice-Admiral Garp. But Garp thinks that being Admiral would be too tiring and has refused the promotion to be an Admiral many times, so Kuzan is the one who can be promoted. 

Admiral requires not only strength but also sufficient prestige in the Marine, that is, a record. This plan is not only to encircle and suppress the pirates but also to prepare the Marine headquarters for Kuzan’s promotion to Admiral. 

In the first half of the Grand Line, these pirates can be completely crushed with Garp’s strength. Pirates of the New World who have been intercepted by the Marine Headquarters have no chance to participate in this matter.

Doflamingo didn’t even have any idea to let them participate. If the New World’s pirates also participate, Doflamingo would not be strong enough to get the “heavenly gold”.

“Vice-Admiral Garp, thank you for this time,” Kuzan said softly. 

Kuzan, who is not good at expressing emotions, said such a thing, showing Kuzan’s gratitude to Garp. 

Garp waved his hand, “I only proposed this matter. Specifically, your own strength would be enough. So, Marine headquarters’ plan will go on like this.” 

Immediately after Garp’s conversation turned, he solemnly said: “However, I hope you live up to Zephyr’s* expectations of you.”

 [*TL note:Anime Z, also known by his real name and former epithet “Black Arm” Zephyr, was the leader and founder of the Neo Marines as well as a former Marine admiral and instructor before his resignation. Z had a great impact on the future admiral Aokiji during his training. Kuzan deeply respected him as a result and although he opposed his former teacher’s plan to destroy the New World, he never once attacked him.]

“En!” Kuzan nodded slowly.

Hearing Garp’s words, Tsuru couldn’t help but rolled her eyes. “Aren’t you ashamed you said that to someone else? You think it’s too troublesome and refused to be promoted to Admiral many times.”

“Hey…” Garp couldn’t say a word. Just touched his head and smiled with a lot of meaning. Tsuru did not say anything wrong.

“Oh, right.” Garp suddenly remembered of something and asked: “Little Tsuru, why are you here this time? Are you not in the New World? Why did Sengoku send you here?”

“It’s you to blame!” Tsuru replied angrily.

“Me?!” Garp pointed to his nose with an innocent look. He didn’t do anything. He was just doing his own business.

“This incident is related to the World Noble, and it also involves the world’s major franchisees. The World Government attaches great importance to it. Of course, the Marine has to treat it more seriously. I was going to send you here. In the end, you, a stinky old man who was too troublesome, also recommended Kuzan. Sengoku brought me back in order to guard against the unexpected.”

That’s why, when there are no Great Pirates in the first half of the Grand Line, the Marine still sent an Admiral-level battle strength, four Vice Admirals, and nine Rear Admirals. Such a formidable lineup… all of which because of the World Noble.

The last time the Holy Land Mary Geoise** was attacked and thousands of slaves were released. The World Nobles were very angry about this. Although the World Nobles were not very angry at the cost of the seventh branch, the World Nobles still have big opinions on the Marine.

[**TL note: Mary GeoiseThe Holy Land Mary Geoise (聖地マリージョア Seichi Marījoa) is the capital of the World Government, where its highest rulers, namely Im (from behind the scenes), the Five Elders, the World Nobles, and Commander-in-Chief Kong, reside and govern. It also hosts the Levely, a council of rulers of World Government nations that occurs every four years.
Mary Geoise is located on the Red Line and serves as the official route for people to cross between the two halves of the Grand Line, although only people acting inside the law are allowed passage; pirates and other criminals must go under the Red Line through Fish-Man Island to cross.]

If something goes wrong in the ‘Heavenly Gold’ this time, the World Nobles will probably take advantage of the problem, and the Marine will have to fall into a passive position.

“Sorry. I don’t know that you’re at the Marine headquarters from this coincidence.” but looking at Garp’s face, there was no sincerity in his apologize.

Actually, Tsuru had long shrug it off.

After rubbing his stomach, Garp suggested: “Let’s go eat. I’m so hungry to stand here.”

“By the way, everyone should be hungry after a long journey. We have already prepared meals.”

Tsuru and Kuzan looked at each other, and the two also nodded their heads and agreed to eat first. As for the following meeting, they should talk about it after dinner. Anyway, there was no need to hurry.

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