Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 122


“Garp, shouldn’t you wait for Lin Tian?” Tsuru asked while standing on Garp’s right. 

Garp turned his head and looked at Tsuru in a puzzled way: “Little Tsuru, what are you gonna do to that stinky brat? That stinky brat doesn’t respect the old and cherishes the young. He likes to act privately, get into trouble… What’s so good about that stinky boy?”

She gave Garp a look immediately. She turned her head and didn’t look at Garp, “That’s just your opinion. Lin Tian is much better than you, stinky old man. He is kind to people and smart. An extremely excellent Marine soldier who’s better than you. Why don’t you do your work?” 


Garp turned his head and asked the Vice Admirals behind him, obviously not believing that brat is much better than him. 

“En!” Everyone, including Kuzan, nodded. 

Garp suddenly felt that his heart was broken. Not only Tsuru but also the rest of Marine Vice Admirals think so. Is he really not as good as that smelly brat in everyone’s eyes?

But in a blink of an eye, a smile appeared on Garp’s face.

That stinky brat is so good because he was taught by me. I owe all this to myself.’

“Garp, I always feel that it is a great mistake for Lin Tian to worship you as a teacher. It might be better if he was taught by Zephyr. But fortunately, Xiaotian did not inherit your stinky problem.” Seeing the smile on Garp’s face, Tsuru said with no mercy.

Garp got closer to Tsuru and whispered, “Little Tsuru, my dear, can you save me the face in front of so many people?”

“That’s fine if you can fix your troubles and laziness at any time, even if it’s almost the same as the Kuzan.”

Kuzan touched his head and looked helpless.

‘How could this involve me again? I’ve done nothing.’

Just when Garp didn’t know what to say, a loud siren suddenly echoed over the base, and the lights were bright, which surprised everyone. 

The giant searchlight that had been turned off in the base turned on again. The light shot at the sky. The Marine on duty who heard the alarm bell hurriedly returned to their posts, picked up weapons, and watched the surroundings.

Suddenly something like this happened. Jonathan* was also shocked.

‘Why’s the sirens suddenly sounded? Could it be that those pirates couldn’t help it and were about to attack the Marine base?’

 [*TL note: Anime Jonathan is an anime-only Marine vice admiral stationed at the G-8 Marine Base. He is Head Chef Jessica‘s husband, and is also said to be Akainu‘s protege.]

He quickly ordered to the nearby Marine soldier: “Immediately contact the duty officer on the periphery of the base and ask him what happened. Is it because the pirates attacked?”

This Marine hurriedly took out the phone and rushed, looking nervously at Den Den Mushi**, sweating constantly on his head. All the Marines present were watching him.

[**TL note: Den Den MushiDen Den Mushi are a species of telepathic snail that are used for vocal and/or visual communication throughout the world. They are classified as type “B” creatures, being “Small Friendly”.]

With a beep, Den Den Mushi finally got through. Jonathan quickly took over the Den Den Mushi and asked. “What’s the matter? Why did the alarm go off? Are there pirates attacking the Marine base?”


“‘No? Then why did the alarm go off?”

“There was a great expert just now. There was a big battle next to the Marine base. Since it is too dark, we are not sure if it is the pirates.”

When Jonathan was about to speak, an urgent voice came from the other side, as well as the sound of firing. 

“The general is not good. The expert is in there. By flying in the air, the enemy has broken through the outer interception and has entered the range of the Marine base. The enemy will be coming to your side soon.”

“Not soon. They’re here.” Kuzan lowered his head, said solemnly. 

All of the Marine mid-to-high-end battle strengths were present. There was a person in the air who blatantly broke into the Marine base. 

However, the faces of all Marines were not so good. So blatantly breaking into the Marine base, it was too much for the Marine to ignore. Marine justice cannot tolerate the trampling of such people.


Hearing the words of Vice Admiral Kuzan, the Marine soldier next to him quickly looked up to the sky. Sure enough, there was a human silhouette, and then a burst of the gun bolt and steel collision sounded.


Kuzan opened his mouth and let out a cold breath. The water vapor in the air instantly condensed into tiny ice particles. Finally, it condensed, and several ice thorns floated in the air, with their tips pointed at the figure above.

Just when Kuzan was about to take a shot, a drop of blood fell from the sky, dripping on the white ice thorn, so dazzling. The Marine Vice Admirals nearby seeing this scene; their faces flashed a trace of doubt. 

Everyone looked up and saw that silhouette fell to the ground. Seeing that the clothes on his body were obviously seriously injured, Kuzan waved his hand quickly to signal the Marines to put down their guns. 

And Garp saw the dress on the silhouette clearly. His eyes showed a surprised look, and then he was filled with anger. Under this emotion, the fearful aura of his whole body came out.

A gust of wind was stirred up out of thin air, blowing up countless sand and dust, many Marine soldiers had to close their eyes. 

Without saying much, in the eyes of everyone in puzzlement, Garp moved towards the silhouette in the air bursting away, gently caught the silhouette, and landed on the ground. 

The face of the figure was blocked by the hair, but the figure’s body could still be seen. Reminiscent of Garp’s expression and behavior just now, a bad idea popped up in everyone’s mind.

Leaning on Kuzan, Tsuru, and the others, they just happened to see that Garp’s gloomy complexion was terrifying. —Even Tsuru and Garp’s colleagues had not seen Garp in this way for a long time. Normally Garp wouldn’t care. He would be joking with, hehe, and hahaha. Generally, even if something happens, Garp will take it with a smile. 

His right hand pulled away from the scattered hair on the head of the figure, finally revealing the true face of the figure. 


Seeing his true face clearly, all the Marine Vice Admirals couldn’t help being shocked. This person was Commodore Lin Tian, Garp’s only student.

Tsuru hurriedly speeded up a few steps and rushed to Garp at once, knelt down, and looked at Lin Tian’s appearance at this time. A trace of worry flashed on her face. 

At the same time, following Kuzan and the others, the six Marine Vice Admirals were worried about the child falling from the sky, and the Marines were shocked too. They couldn’t help wondering who this child was and his identity, so other Marine Vice Admirals were worried about who he was. 

Among these Marines, only one female Marine saw the silhouette’s face. Her whole body immediately trembled, and she hurriedly covered her mouth with her hands to prevent herself from crying out. Two rows of tears slipped from her eyes and slid over the white face like snow. However, everyone’s eyes gathered in front, and they didn’t notice the girl’s behavior or expression.

“Doctor! Hurry up and call the doctor in the base! Hurry up!” Rear Admiral Jonathan, who reacted first, hurriedly ordered the Marine next to him. 

Everyone was shocked by this figure dropping from the sky. This person was- Lin Tian. 

At this time, Lin Tian was unconscious, his clothes all over his body were incomparably tattered, his hair exuded a scorching smell, and there were dark red blood stains everywhere. His face was covered with black stains, his body smelled of gunpowder smoke, and he had obviously experienced a big explosion.

This was not the most serious. There were more than ten centimeters of scars on his shoulders, and the bones inside of him could be seen. There were also two crisscrossing scars on his chest, one of which was very deep, and the other was relatively better. These scars were still bleeding. In addition to these serious scars, there were many wounds all over his body, but they were not as serious as these two crisscrossing scars.

And Lin Tian was unconscious. He must have suffered extremely serious internal injuries. His exhalation speed was extremely slow, more than twice as slow as ordinary people. This is a symptom of life force polar. 


Seeing this miserable situation, the Marines couldn’t help but suck in a cold breath. What a fierce battle must it take to have such a severe injury? He is completely on the verge of death. 

“This is Commodore Lin Tian. Commodore Lin Tian was actually wounded like this…” A Marine soldier screamed the sentence out.

These Marines are all elites from Marine Headquarters. Many of them have met Lin Tian at the Marine Headquarters two years ago and even spoke and trained together. How long had the soldiers not seen him since then? That was why they didn’t recognize him at first. But after a while, someone finally remembered that this person was Lin Tian, who was known as Marine’s strongest genius. It only took him two years to go from a Marine Captain to a Marine Commodore. 

At this time, everyone understood why Vice Admiral Garp would rush forward and why the Vice Admirals’ headquarter showed concern. 

All this was because he is Lin Tian, a genius who shaped the Legend of the Marine. With Vice Admiral Garp together, they are called the Marine’s Legendary master and disciple! 

The Marine soldiers couldn’t help but wonder, where did Lin Tian Commodore go just now? Who beat Lin Tian like this again? Is it the pirates or something else? 

Thinking of this, everyone unanimously turned their eyes on Vice Admiral Garp. His only one disciple was almost killed by someone. What would the furious Vice Admiral Garp do? 

In this eventful season of Korod, Garp’s behavior would cause such consequences. These were exactly what Kuzan was worried about. He didn’t expect this happens right now. He really didn’t know what to do. Fleet Admiral Sengoku must be notified. 

However, saving Lin Tian was the most important thing currently!

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