Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 123


Seeing Lin Tian, who was injured like this, Garp was furious.

Lin Tian is his only one disciple for so many years. Garp has regarded him as a relative in the heart, such as his own grandson. Now he is beaten like this. How can Garp not be angry? How can he not be sad?

This is not the normal Garp. Normally, he doesn’t care about anything.

Even if Sengoku scolded him, Garp could pass by with a smile, eating a donut while smiling indifferently.—But it does not mean that Garp doesn’t have anger.

Dragons have inverse scales. And Garp also has them. In this world, Garp’s inverse scales are only his own relatives.

Lin Tian was beaten like this, and Garp wanted to kill whoever did this to Lin Tian. But Lin Tian was dying, so saving Lin Tian is the ultimate priority and cannot be delayed.


At this time, the paramedics arrived immediately.

A doctor and several medical staff pushed a hospital bed, and many medical tools came. After all, Lin Tian was injured so severely. Time wouldn’t wait. If they waited to move Lin Tian to the hospital, they had to waste time in the middle of the journey. For Lin Tian at this time, time was his life.

When the doctor came, he was very surprised to see the injury on Lin Tian. To still be living despite such injuries, how strong this person’s life force must be?

You must know that Lin Tian was still a 13-year-old child. He could escape from such a severe injury, and his life years must be drained a lot from this.

“Everyone spreads out! There’s no circulation. It’s too turbid.”

When they heard the doctor’s words, Marine Vice-Admiral were all taken aback. As Marine Vice Admiral, they are the ones that basically ordered others. Now being ordered by a doctor, everyone can’t respond.

“Everyone, spread out. Leave enough room.” Kuzan said.

In a blink of an eye, an open space about five or six meters in radius was vacated. Garp, who always uses his fists to solve all his problem, was stunned. He was also surprised about Tsuru. He could only follow Kuzan and the others to stand by the side together.

Everyone gathered their eyes here, silently, waiting for the final result of the doctor’s examination.

This is Marine’s strongest genius. In the future, he will be an Admiral. And he might even become from a Marine Fleet Admiral to lead the entire Marine. Does God have to be jealous of his innate talent? Will he die here today?

“Vice-Admiral Garp, don’t worry. Lin Tian is very witty and won’t put himself in danger so easily.” Kuzan persuaded in a low voice.


Garp just nodded. He didn’t say much. He kept his eyes on Lin Tian in the field.

Seeing this, Kuzan knew that no matter how much he said, Garp didn’t have the heart to listen. So, he stopped talking. After thinking about it, he beckoned to Vice Admiral Momonga and signaled to him to come closer.

He whispered in the Vice-Admiral Momonga’s ear: “Notify Fleet Admiral Sengoku about this. And see what instructions Fleet Admiral Sengoku has.”


After a glance at Vice-Admiral Garp, there was a hesitation between the Vice-Admiral Momonga’s eyebrows.

“The Marine headquarters must be notified of such a big event. Given Lin Tian’s position in the Marine and his friendship with the Marine, if something happens to him, it may cause great turmoil to the Marine. Fleet Admiral Sengoku must be notified to prevent it from happening.”

Thinking of the consequences, Momonga’s hesitation disappeared along with the wrinkles in his eyebrows and replied firmly. He took out Den Den Mushi and reported to Fleet Admiral Sengoku.

Although Garp was focused on Lin Tian, it does not mean that Garp did not hear the conversation between the two of them. Regarding Kuzan’s approach, Garp didn’t prevent it. Because as Kuzan said, Sengoku must be notified of the matter.

After a while, the doctor and Vice Admiral Tsuru walked over together and said to everyone who was eager to know about Lin Tian.

“According to the preliminary diagnosis, the patient is now out of the mortal danger. All this is due to his strong life force.”


Hearing that Lin Tian was no longer in mortal danger, everyone immediately relaxed. As long as there is no mortal danger, it’s fine. The rest is easy to say.

“Then Lin Tian’s injury; is it serious?” Garp asked eagerly.

The doctor shook his head. He took off the mask on his mouth and said: “It’s not a serious problem, but a severe problem. From the outside, the patient experienced a violent explosion. He still had countless wounds on his body. The rest of the wounds just need to be treated a little bit. There’s no major problem with that. The four shoulders and chest are the most serious. Let’s talk about the shoulders first. Cut directly to the bones. The meridian on the connecting hand is also cut off. His hands can be said to be useless. But there are powerful drugs that can recover him, but they’re far worse for use later.”


Everyone exclaimed, especially Garp was even more shocked. You must know that Lin Tian’s dream is to become the strongest in the world. If his hands have sequelae, Lin Tian’s road to be the strongest is half broken.

If Lin Tian wakes up and knows this news, how can he accept this news?

“What’s with the noise?” Tsuru saw everyone so loud and shouted: “You’re being too loud! You’re gonna wake up Lin Tian, and the doctor hasn’t finished speaking yet.”


Many Vice Admirals hurriedly responded in a low voice like children.

The Marine soldier on the side was stunned when they saw this scene. This scene will be told many times in the future. “The most powerful one in the Marine is Vice Admiral Tsuru. Back then, Vice Admiral Tsuru reprimanded Admiral Kuzan, Hero of the Marines Garp, and the other Vice Admirals so much that they could not even speak.”

The doctor continued to explain: “The external trauma is not the most serious. The real serious is the inside. Several ribs are broken, and there are breaks on the lumbar vertebrae. There are many injuries to the internal organs, and no part of the whole body is intact from the inside to the outside. However, I didn’t know that the patient had taken a drug with extremely high medicine efficacy before. This drug has been repairing the patient’s body. This is also the reason despite suffering such serious injuries, he is not in mortal danger.”

The whole body was wounded. One can imagine how tragic a battle Lin Tian went through. Everyone couldn’t help but wonder who could beat Lin Tian like this.

As Marine’s strongest genius, Lin Tian lived up to this reputation. His battle strength surpassed the Marine Rear Admiral and was slightly lower than Vice Admiral. This strength is not weak in the first half of the Grand Line. He can deal with one or two billion pirates. But he was seriously injured. Which group of pirates can do this?

“Doctor, with Lin Tian like this, even if he’s healed, will there be any sequelae?” He asked softly, with a hint of heaviness in his tone.

The doctor glanced at everyone, “It’s not that it will, but how serious sequelae is. For such a serious injury, I’m afraid that the patient will have to cultivate for a long time and cannot perform excessive exercise.”

“Moreover, the patient’s body will be much worse than ordinary people in the future. However, the patient is still young, there’s still a chance to grow again. As long as there is enough good medicine, he can still recover completely. But this kind of medicine is very rare.”

After hearing the following words, everyone immediately relaxed. Everyone thought that Lin Tian would be abolished after this battle.

It’s good if there is a chance of recovery. The medicine is not a problem. The Marine can get it. As for the years that he will have to spend, it will be no problem.

Lin Tian was now thirteen years old. Even after a few years passed for him, Lin Tian would be seventeen or eighteen years old at most. Such an age is young enough.

“Then, doctor, is there any way to make Lin Tian free of sequelae?” Garp asked.

Garp understands Lin Tian. For Lin Tian, he will have to live only by sitting and doing nothing every day. And it’s not just a few months, but a few years. How can Lin Tian stand it?

“Yes.” the doctor must have replied.

“What is it?” everyone asked eagerly.

“The world is so big; there’s no lack of strange things. If you have something in your hands, you can quickly get the patient to recover completely, and perhaps rid of the sequelae.”

Hearing this sentence, everyone couldn’t help but roll their eyes. Of course, everyone knows.

“And I seem to have this thing.” Tsuru suddenly said, resting her chin, which shocked everyone.

Garp said: “Little Tsuru, you didn’t talk about this earlier…? You made us worry for a long time.”

Everyone nodded in agreement.

Seeing Lin Tian’s situation before, Tsuru only cared about his life. At this point, after being reminded by the doctor, she remembered that she had this thing.

“Ain*, go to my room and take the glass bottle that you grabbed from that pirate before.”

 [*TL note: is the second-in-command and vice-admiral of the Neo Marines and a former member of the Marines. Ain is a slender, curvaceous young woman with reddish-brown eyes and dark blue hair framing her face, which is held back with a hairpiece in the same upside-down Marine symbol that Z uses.]

“Yes! Vice Admiral Tsuru.”

A light purple haired teenage girl came out and ran towards the Marine battleship that was parked behind.

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