Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 124


Seeing the figure running away, a sense of familiarity flashed in Garp’s eyes, but Garp couldn’t recall it for a while. 

“Hey, little Tsuru, who’s that female Marine soldier?” Garp asked in a low voice. 

“She?” Tsuru replied in confusion: “That’s my new Marine soldier, and also a Devil Fruit Ability User. She has a good future. How come you know her?”

Garp nodded, thinking back: “I felt familiar. But I can’t remember where I saw her. So, Tsuru-chan, how did she join the Marine?”

“I don’t know about that. About how she joined Marine; you should ask Kuzan.” Tsuru said, pointing to Kuzan. 

‘Kuzan? What does this have to do with Kuzan?’

 Garp looked at Kuzan with puzzled eyes. 

“I don’t know the details. I know that girl is named Ain, but I don’t know the rest.” Kuzan also didn’t know. 

“I didn’t know about this! You two brought people around like this and trusts them so much.” Garp said quickly, with surprise in his tone. 

“This… Sensei asked me to bring her in.” recalled Kuzan, resting his chin. 

‘I just returned to the Marine headquarters and then went to Sensei for a drink as usual. When I went in, I saw Sensei training the girl. For so many years, I’ve rarely seen Zephyr-sensei bring any student home. Let alone a girl. In the end, I learned during the conversation that the girl was called Ain, and it was Sensei who rescued a little girl at the sea during an outing. Her parents have been killed by the pirates. Whether she is an orphan or a Devil Fruit Ability User, Sensei let her join the Marine. Smart and witty, loved by Zephyr-sensei, and she seems to be working as an assistant under Vegapunk… I don’t know what’s going on. It’s just that Zephyr-sensei said that it’s much safer to have me next to her. He asked me to take her out for experience, so I brought her back to the headquarters. ‘

Since she was a Zephyr’s student, Garp didn’t say much. He still trusted that stinky old man. 

Garp said: “Wait, that’s not right. She’s not under Tsuru-chan.”

Hmph!” Tsuru coldly snorted. “You want someone to have a girl on the same boat as you guys, what a convenient!”

In response to Tsuru’s reprimand, Garp and Kuzan helplessly smiled. That is indeed not a convenient place for a girl to live and work.

“By the way, how is your teacher, Zephyr doing?”

“He’s alright. Same as before. Training those new recruits all day long.” Kuzan waved his hands and replied. 


As several people were talking, Ain had already got the things and ran all the way back here. 

“Huhu…” Ain took a few breaths and handed the transparent glass bottle to Tsuru.

“Vice Admiral Tsuru, this is the glass bottle on your desk. I brought it here.” 

She carefully took the glass bottle in his hand, “En! That’s it. Thank you, Ain.” 

Ain wiped the cold sweat from her head and shook the head said, “It’s okay! Let’s save the person first.” 

Garp looked at the glass bottle with a look of confusion. It was just a small glass bottle with only a few drops of transparent liquid in it. 

“Little Tsuru, are you sure you’re right? Is this thing really useful?” Garp asked with a look of disbelief. 

She glanced at Garp. This matter involves Lin Tian’s life. Would she ever use useless things to crack a joke? Garp, the smelly old man, didn’t think about it. 


Feeling the bad look in Tsuru’s eyes, Garp immediately felt sorry, touched his head and laughed. 

“I snatched this from a pirate group. As for effect, I saw it with my own eyes. At that time, I beat a pirate into a coma, but this pirate was poured on the body by this liquid and all his injuries healed. The whole person recovered completely in an instant.” 

“So, this thing is really useful.”

“Of course.”


See Garp with an urgent face, Tsuru threw the bottle accurately towards Garp. Garp quickly caught it. Putting it to the eye and carefully observing, it seems that it is just some liquid like normal water, nothing special.

“By the way, if you want to use it, I think we still have to think about it. Because I only saw the pirate recover completely, not the side effects of taking this thing. After all, this thing is really amazing. Too amazing. There’s no reap without sowing in this world. I’m afraid that this kind of complete recovery will even cost a lot of money. Wait. Where is he?”

After she finished speaking, she looked towards the place where Garp stood just now, and the figure of Garp was long gone.

Kuzan shook his shoulders and looked helpless and pointed towards Lin Tian, who had been transported to the hospital bed.

She quickly turned her head to see the eager Garp had already run to Lin Tian, opened the cork, and poured the liquid on Lin Tian. 

“What- what are you asshole doing? Didn’t you hear me?” Tsuru, with a good temper, seeing this situation, a wave of nameless anger rose from her heart.

Seeing that Tsuru was angry, Garp was also startled. How could she be angry for no reason? He did nothing wrong. 

Looking at the empty bottle in Garp’s hand, Tsuru’s anger disappeared instantly. The liquid has been used. It was useless to say anything.

‘Now I can only hope this thing has no side effects.’ 

“‘Then’ what? Little Tsuru, what you said just now, I didn’t hear it. Try saying it again.” Garp said with a flattering smile. 

“You’re an embarrassment… I said that this liquid might have any side effects, and I asked you to think about it. When you’re done thinking about it, use it.” 

“What!” Garp exclaimed, “Little Tsuru, why didn’t you say it earlier?”

“Who told you to be so impatient?” 

Hehe...” Knowing that he was wrong, Garp smiled sorrily. He glanced at Lin Tian and asked worriedly: “What should I do now? I’ve used all of the medicine, there’s no way back.”

Tsuru said angrily: “What else can I do? Now we can only leave it to fate. I hope Lin Tian will be fine. Otherwise, do you still have something else to treat his injury?” 

As soon as she finished speaking, Tsuru didn’t look at the expression on Garp’s face. Instead, her eyes moved towards Lin Tian lying on the hospital bed. Looking at him, her eyes were full of worries, hoping that the medicine would really work.

Because Lin Tian was injured too seriously, it took a while for medicine efficacy to appear, and everyone had to wait anxiously. 

The doctor, who had been observing Lin Tian, said in a low voice without letting everyone wait long. “It worked, it worked, the medicine worked. The patient’s injury has begun to recover, and the speed is very fast.” 


Hearing that Lin Tian’s injury began to recover, everyone couldn’t help but relax and finally let go of their nervousness. Of course, it would be fine if there was an accident with Lin Tian, which caused the fruit to be too big.

Everyone walked forward a few steps, gathered at Lin Tian’s bedside to observe. 

Just like the doctor said, the small wounds on Lin Tian’s surface that were already scarred have begun to come off soon, exposing the new skin inside. 

And the four most severe wounds on his body were beginning to heal. The scarlet flesh was moving fast, and it looks so disgusting. But this is the manifestation of the rapid recovery. His white bones were already covered by new flesh and blood. The meridians were also growing rapidly and reconnecting together at speed visible to the naked eye. In short, Lin Tian’s recovery was going on everywhere on his body, and the recovery speed is hundreds of times faster than ordinary people. His pale face is finally showing a trace of ruddy now. 

“Not only the trauma, but even the inside of the patient’s body recovers very quickly. At this rate, the patient will recover soon after a few days. With a few days of rest, he can completely recover.” the doctor explained in a low voice on the side. 

“This kind of recovery speed is really terrifying.” Kuzan sighed from the heart as he watched this scene. 


The Marine generals on the side also nodded in agreement. Kuzan was able to tell what everyone was saying.

If you have this thing on you, it is literally a life-saver. As long as you’re still breathing, you can recover completely no matter how bad the injury is. This is simply a bug in the world. 

However, as everyone knows, this thing is so useful and precious. Therefore, even if it is very rare in the world, it was great luck that those pirates could get it.

Even Tsuru was a bit scared by this effect. That time, seeing the pirate rescued by this liquid, Tsuru had never observed it so close. 

But, anyway, Lin Tian was in no mortal danger this time, so everyone should rest assured. 

At this time, everyone couldn’t help thinking: who on earth did this to Lin Tian?

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