Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 126


Looking at the big pit created by this explosion, Lin Tian was shocked. If he was hit, he would probably be injured. 

Before Lin Tian could breathe a sigh of relief, Lin Tian found that the ground was swelling at a breakneck speed under his feet, and his expression changed.

When the explosion just happened, the ground on which I was standing also suddenly expanded, and then a massive explosion occurred on the ground instantly. 



There’s another violent explosion on the ground again, and the thick smoke completely covered Lin Tian’s silhouette. With a scream, one silhouette burst into the sky in the smoke, and a tumbling silhouette fell directly on the open space tens of meters away. 

This silhouette was Lin Tian.

Lin Tian gently wiped the blood around his mouth. Obviously, it was a literal explosion just now. Even if Lin Tian managed to defend himself, he was still injured. Through those two explosions just now, Lin Tian knew that he was being ambushed. Although he didn’t know why the ground exploded, it must be a Devil Fruit ability. 

This kind of explosion made Lin Tian think of landmines.

Once Lin Tian touched them, they exploded.

According to his previous life, Lin Tian must have entered a minefield.

‘There must be more than one that would explode.’

This is why Lin Tian landed so far away.


A cold glow flashed in front of Lin Tian suddenly! Lin Tian didn’t think too much. Six Marine Styles’ “shave” was hurriedly used. He dodged a few meters away.

A thin blue slash flew over from the position Lin Tian was just now and cut off a big tree that can be hugged by several people.

Lower Back Pain Stance. Eye Stab Wither.

[TL note: Yotsu no Kamae (腰痛の構え Yōtsū no Kamae, literally meaning “Lower Back Pain Stance” ): Lao G takes a stance by bending his knees, leaning forward, and stretching his arms in front of himself while having both of his hands make the shape of the letter G. Me no Tsukare (目の突枯 Me no Tsukare, literally meaning “Eye Stab Wither” ): While in the Lower Back Pain Stance, Lao G jumps forward and strikes his opponents’ eyes.]

Before Lin Tian could stand firm, a sky-splitting sound came from not far away. He turned around and took a look. 

A spiral, high-speed rotation silhouette was rushing towards him. Under the high-speed rotation of this silhouette, the surrounding air moved vigorously, generating whirring whirlwinds out of thin air surrounding the silhouette, rolling up a lot of dead leaves on the ground.

Although he didn’t know how this formidable power is, with this powerful prestige, Lin Tian dared not look down upon it. 


This attack speed exceeds the dynamic vision of human beings. It was difficult to see its movements with human eyes, but under Observation Haki, Lin Tian sees these movements clearly. 

Armament Haki. Iron Fist!

He directly lifted the fist full of metallic black nether glow and moved it towards this silhouette.

The silhouette originally intended to take advantage of Lin Tian’s unpreparedness, but Lin Tian reacted so quickly and punched the silhouette directly. At such a high speed, it was very difficult for the silhouette to stop. 


[TL note: G no Kokuin (Gの刻印 Jī no Kokuin, literally meaning “Seal of G” ): After activating his stored muscle powers, Lao G dashes his enemy with high velocity and punches them with his G-shaped fist. Lao G leaves a G-mark on his enemy.]

The silhouette hurriedly changed his moves, posing with an English letter of “G” and greeted Lin Tian’s Iron Fist with a punch. This series of changes only happened in an instant.

Seeing that this silhouette actually fisted against him, Lin Tian couldn’t help but sneer. The strength in his hand increased again. 

The two punches collided suddenly, there was no sound and superb style, only a battle of strength, and the two of them could not help but mobilize their whole bodies’ strength and gather them all on their arms. 

The silhouette blocked his punch.

Lin Tian was surprised. Knowing that his teacher, Garp, and Garp’s greatest strength is his power of Haki, physique, and terrifying power, used to the very extreme. As Garp’s student, Lin Tian’s accomplishments in these aspects are, of course, not low. His own physical body’s strength was also terrifying, but this silhouette actually resisted it. 

Who knows since when the moon in the sky was blocked by clouds, but Lin Tian couldn’t see his own fingers when he stretched out his hand. It was hard to see the silhouette’s face in front. 

He took a deep breath, and Lin Tian loudly shouts. The strength on his arm increases again. 

That silhouette was immediately knocked out and flew out more than ten meters away. Suddenly one silhouette flew out from the haystack on the side and caught the silhouette that was knocked into the air.

This was not over yet. Another silhouette came out not far behind Lin Tian. Three people ambushed Lin Tian this time. 

Looking back and forth at the three silhouettes that appeared suddenly, Lin Tian laughed heartily said. “Didn’t expect that the famous Doflamingo think highly of me. He actually sent his three cadres out to kill me. Should I feel honored?”

‘I hadn’t stayed in Korod for even a day, but the only people I provoke were two groups. One group was behind the assassination of Ai Siqi, and the other group was the Donquixote family.’

And the man behind the assassination of Ai Siqi had already sent someone to kill him. He was completely unprepared. 

In the end, although Lin Tian didn’t make a move, with the battle strength of that black-clothed folks, those assassins could not escape.

Losing six high-powered subordinates at once, the person behind the scenes must have felt heartache. But it was impossible for the person to just sent three high-powered subordinates in a short time. In this way, only Doflamingo that could attack Lin Tian. Plus, for Donquixote Pirates, it was very easy for them to just sent out three cadres.


At this time, the moon in the sky also wanted to watch this upcoming battle. The clouds above drifted away, and the moonlight shone on the earth again. 

Through the moonlight, Lin Tian saw the identities of these three people clearly. 

Among the two people in front of him, one of them was Diamante, who confronted Okama King Ivankov before. His appearance was wearing a wool-brimmed hat with two facial lines on his face, and he was dressed in a red cloak, like an indigenous tribe. 

The other one did not do anything and just stood silently behind Doflamingo in the bar. 

Lao G* in tight clothes with a lightning pattern, a headband, and reading glasses.

 [*TL note: G is an officer of the Donquixote PiratesDiamante Army. Lao G is old and rather short. He is bald with veins protruding from his head. He has a beard and wrinkled skin. In his appearances, his eyes have been shadowed out, as they are extremely squinted. His mouth is also shadowed, suggesting that he doesn’t have any teeth despite being able to speak and eat.]

This was one of the few cadres in Donquixote Pirates who didn’t possess Devil Fruit ability. Although they didn’t possess it, their strength still could not be underestimated. To be one of Doflamingo’s cadres, strong physical skills is a must. And he was the one who stood close to Doflamingo.

Behind him was Gladius**, the man who paid the old man in the bar. This man was also a Devil Fruit Ability User. He must have been the one that made the ground be explosive.

[**TL note: AnimeGladius is an officer of the Donquixote PiratesPica Army. Gladius wears a long black coat with gold metal rings on the arms and chest, gold rivets studded around the collar and shoulders, and black and gold metal gears on the elbows, along with matching black boots. He also sports a similarly-studded white mask that covers the lower half of his face, matching (black in the manga, white in anime pants with gold yellow zippers on either side of him) a pair of blue goggles, and a black top hat, altogether giving him a style very reminiscent of steampunk. His spiky, light blue hair is usually stuffed inside his hat and flares out when uncovered, often at the hat’s expense. As Gladius begins to lose his temper, his hair will puff up to the point of piercing through a hat, or he detonates his headgear. When he ruptured his top hat, he switched to a more durable motorcycle helmet, only to blow it up so he could weaponize its shrapnel. He has a scar across the right temple which seems to reach to his goggles.]

Seeing these three people, Lin Tian’s complexion became heavy. Their strength should not be underestimated. —One person; he has the confidence to win. Two people; have a high rate of defeat. Three people; you have to run away. 

But now, in this situation? An escape is impossible. A battle cannot be avoided. 

“‘Honored’? Hmph!” Diamante coldly snorted, disdainfully said: “You’re just a kid. Unworthy of Doffy.” But secretly thought in his heart: ‘I don’t know what Young Master is thinking. Even if this little demon is the strongest genius in Marine’s history, he’s just a kid. The three of us doesn’t really need to be here.’

Diamante might think that one person was enough before departure, but after Lao G was punched by this little demon, it made Diamante put away that thought for a second. 

“Really?” Lin Tian smiled slightly, continuing this topic. “I have a question that I don’t understand?”

Oh, what’s the problem?”

“There are many roads out of Korod City; how did you know I will go here?”

This is a strange place for Lin Tian.

The route I take is just a random choice. I’m not even sure where I’m going right now. And no one is following me along the way. How did they ambush me here? ‘

Gladius explained. “There are countless roads, but there is only one road you will take.”

Hearing this, Lin Tian flashed a trace of clear comprehension in his eyes and looked up into the distance. Sure enough, not far away is the Marine base. Lin Tian didn’t even notice that he actually came here. 

“Little demon, against three of us, don’t even think about running away. Go back with us obediently. Otherwise, you won’t be able to stand and talk with a working mouth after this.” Diamante persuaded that if this little demon knew the current situation, it would save them time. 

Lin Tian said with a big smile: “You dare trying catch me not far from the Marine base? It seems that you guys think I’ll be overwhelmed. Honestly speaking, it won’t work even with the three of you.”

The three were very angry. 

Lao G said solemnly: “Little demon, you’re so arrogant until you die; don’t think that if you have more strength, you are invincible. I will show you what a real battle is.” 

“Really?” Lin Tian showed a sneer at the corner of his mouth, and his tone was full of disapproval. 


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