Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 127



A black semicircular blade formed behind Diamante and Lao G under the cover of the night. 

This black Space Blade, which is more than two meters wide, has not been discovered by the three people. Under Lin Tian’s control, this black Space Blade shots silently from behind. 

These three were pirates with great battle strength. It was difficult to deal with these three people with Lin Tian’s current strength, but Lin Tian had to make do since fighting was inevitable. So, he attracted their attention by talking to them then use the Space Blade sneaked attacked them so that he could get the upper hand in the battle. 

Although this is a bit shameful, every battle is like this. Any victory style that you can use is allowed to be used. This was a real-life and death battle, not a child’s play. 

The black Space Blade melted into the darkness, and wherever it flew, that blackness will leave wounds.

Diamante and Lao G have fought on the Grand Line for many years. They have experienced countless life and death crises, so they have extraordinary sensitivity to crises. 

When the Space Blade approached, there was an extremely bad feeling on the heads of the two of them, and this feeling was only felt when facing death. 

Diamante’s right hand was quickly placed on the sword hilt, and Lao G’s hands were also in that strange posture like the English letter G. 

“Diamante, Lao G, hurry down! It’s dangerous!” Gladius hurriedly said. 

With many years of getting along, the trust between them is extremely high. Especially in this battle, without even thinking about that caution, they squatted down. 

Knowing that his attempt has been discovered, there was no need to act cautiously anymore. Lin Tian hastily controlled the speed of the soaring Space Blade. But unfortunately, it was almost enough. 

It flashed past their heads. No damage was caused. But it was not without effect. At least the sharp corners of the pointed cap on Lao G’s head were gone, and the hair on Diamante’s disheveled head was almost gone.

Seeing that huge Space Blade flashed over the head, the two, still alive, were immediately grateful, and then they became furious. 

Diamante furiously said: “Smelly little demon, dare to fight with me?! Just you wait, I’ll show how fierce the anger of Donquixote Pirates is!” 

Diamante squatting on the ground, pressed his hands to the ground, angrily roared, “ARMY BANDERA!”

[TL note: Army Bandera (陸軍旗(アーミーバンテラ) Āmī Bantera, literally meaning “Army Flag “): Diamante makes the ground he is standing on ripple and flutter, making it difficult for all nearby foes to move and stand on it.]

The ground shook violently, like the cloth fluttering in the wind. 

In such an environment, Lin Tian found it difficult to stand firm. He could only do his best to maintain balance. Otherwise, he would fall. 

Diamante pulled out a rapier with a scream. A deep trench was drawn with this powerful white slash. And even then, this was only caused by the tip of slash. 


Lin Tian leaped lightly, kicking his right foot out of thin air with breakneck speed, and created a light blue vacuum slash. 

Two slashes collided, the “peng” sound was loud, and both attacks dissipated in midair. 


Diamante looked at Lin Tian, who jumped into the air, showing a sneer. This was a good opportunity to attack. On the ground, this little demon would be unstable. The only person among the three who can be far away and can still rush in quickly is Lao G. 


Lao G bent forward and posed the English letter G with both his hands, then exhales deeply, shaking his whole body. 

Form Ice.

[TL note: Kata Kori (型氷 (かたコリ) Kata Kori, literally meaning “Form Ice” ): While in the Lower Back Pain Stance, Lao G jumps forward and strikes his opponents shoulder. Katakori (肩こり) means “stiff shoulders”.]

Like the previous attack on Lin Tian, Lao G spun in midair and moved towards Lin Tian to attack. 

Diamante’s plan was really good, but Lin Tian didn’t need to stand on the ground at all. His ability made him able to walk on air. Lin Tian leaped lightly into the air and escaped Lao G’s attack. 

Seeing Lin Tian actually standing in the air, Diamante’s eyes showed a hint of surprise.

This little demon can actually fly in the air like Young Master…’

Seeing Lao G missed, Diamante wasn’t disappointed at all. The corners of his mouth were slightly raised, revealing a sneer. “Don’t think that you can avoid Lao G’s attack even when you’re in the air. Lao G is powerful, but you, a child, don’t understand.”

Lao G’s feet are hard. When he stepped on the ground, the ground around his legs and turned into a big hole. Under this strong reaction force, Lao G turned 90 degrees sharply and moving at Lin Tian in the sky.

Lao G, with that momentum, has the speed and movement that surpasses that of a normal human dynamic vision. It was enough to rush to Lin Tian at speed comparable to Marine Six Styles’ “shave”. 


In midair, Lin Tian saw Lao G attack. His heart was startled, but Lin Tian was ready to fight back. But, it was as if countless people appeared in front of him. “Not good!” This Lao G’s speed was too fast. Human eyes simply can’t keep up with this kind of movement. It caused so many afterimages. 


A string of noises rang out on both sides of Lin Tian’s shoulders.

Lao G’s fists suddenly gathered together, gathering the power of his whole body and moved it towards Lin Tian from top to bottom. 

puff!” a mouthful of blood spit out from Lin Tian’s mouth. 

It was like a sharp arrow from the string. He hit the ground with an earth-shaking sound. The ground shook under this powerful impact.

This was not over yet. The other two would not let go of this great opportunity. 


Diamante raised his rapier and slashed forward. A powerful sword aura moved towards Lin Tian.

At the bar before, Diamante didn’t use all his strength. But now, with all his strength, where the sword aura passes, the earth will be cut in half like tofu. 


Gladius raised his right hand, turned the gear equipped with his arm, and shot more than a dozen gray stones resembling a rock ball. 

[TL note: Catapult Punc (投石(カタパルト)パンク Kataparuto Panku, literally meaning “Stone Throwing Punc” ): Using the firing mechanism installed on his arms, Gladius fires several inflating bullets at the enemy. In the Viz Manga and FUNimation subs, this is called Catapult Pop.]


Under his Devil Fruit’s ability, it continuously expanded the volume of these rocks. It caused huge smoke produced by the impact.

[TL note: Punc Bala (破裂弾丸(パンクバーラ) Panku Bāra?, literally meaning “Rupture Bullet” ): Gladius implants his powers on bullets, causing them to swell up and float, similar to balloons. Those inflated bullets will then detonate on contact. Gladius can also use this technique in order to gain altitude by jumping from bullet to bullet. In the Viz Manga and FUNimation adaptations, this is called Pop Baller.]

There were several loud noises again, and a group of fire lights flashed on the ground in Lin Tian. Accompanied by a powerful wave of air, blowing away the smoke produced by those explosions.

The scene inside slowly appeared in front of the three people! 

Under such a powerful attack, even if this little demon is not dead, he will be seriously injured. Despite that, they did not relax their vigilance. Lin Tian’s series of attacks and dodges from before made the three realize that this kid was more difficult to deal with than the rumors.

‘No wonder Young Master wants to send us three.’

The smoke dissipated. Only the ruined, cratered ground remained. The three of them glanced quickly several times, but there was still no Lin Tian’s silhouette. 

“How could the kid disappear? Where is he?” Lao G looked all around to find Lin Tian’s silhouette. 

Diamanti suddenly thought of something, a rush flashed across his face, and eagerly shouted: “Gladius, be careful! That kid is going towards you.”

After saying that, he hurriedly went to the position of Gradius.

Hearing Diamante’s reminder, the witty Gladius reacted instantly. He was alone and the best person to deal with. If he was the kid, he would choose the one who was alone. As long as their formation is dissolved, their pressure will be much reduced. 

After figuring it out, Gladius hurriedly evaded to the side. Although he didn’t know where the attack will come from, the position he had been standing on was not safe. 

Just as Gladius moved, a long dark sword suddenly appeared on his chest, and Lin Tian’s figure appeared.

At this time, Lin Tian was completely like a ruined beggar. With dirt and stains all over his body, and there were solidified and dark bloodstains on the corners of his mouth. There were holes in the clothes everywhere, and a lot of blood marks can be seen from the holes. Obviously, Lin Tian didn’t escape the attacks without a price.

But his eyes were still radiant, exuding intelligent rays of light and killing intent. 

‘If I hadn’t arranged several layers of space shields around me in time plus using Armament Haki…’

The injury was inevitable. Lao G’s punch was really too strong, and it was several times stronger than when he was fighting against it before.

Faced with three people, the pressure was too great, so Lin Tian decided to solve the alone Gladius first. 

Lin Tian had hidden the killer move prepared for so long. How could Gladius dodge it so easily?

Just when Lin Tian was about to pierce his chest. The dark sword suddenly sank and pierced into the edge of Gladius’ abdomen, only injuring him, not a fatal one.

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