Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 130



Lin Tian couldn’t help exclaiming when he saw the silhouette that rushed over. 

This silhouette was punched by Lin Tian, flying several hundred meters away. It turns out that Lao G was not knocked out by Lin Tian but had been hiding around waiting for the opportunity. 

At this time, Lao G has undergone a great change from the previous one. His figure and volume have increased several times, and his body and muscles have also experienced explosive growth. No longer was there the thin and short old man. The current Lao G seemed to have returned to his youth, exuding a vigor that only young people have.

[TL note: Jioken Kyukyoku no Higi: Sento Ho-Ken (地翁拳究極の秘技戦闘保拳 Jioken Kyūkyoku no Higi: Sentō Ho-Ken, literally meaning “Earth Old Man Fist Ultimate Secrete Technique: Battle Preservation Fist” ): This technique allows Lao G to conserve his muscle powers from his youth, storing it for future use against any physical degradation that may otherwise hinder his combat abilities such as injuries, sicknesses, and old age. After activating stored muscle power, Lao G’s body enlarges, gaining drastically increased musculature, and releases black electricity from his body. His strength and speed increase dramatically, effectively returning his strength to his prime. He can use new techniques in this form. This technique is very similar to Life Return and Gear SecondHoken (保険) means “insurance”.]


In Lin Tian’s eyes, the extremely fast Lao G slowed down.

Just when Lin Tian was about to stretch out his hands to meet him. The pain on his shoulders caused Lin Tian, who was strong-willed, to suck in a cold breath. It shows how much he was hurt. The pain was not the most serious problem. The most serious was that Lin Tian’s hands were abolished. With such a big wound on his shoulders, Lin Tian can no longer use his hands. 

At this time, Lin Tian understood why Diamante had preferred to risk serious injuries just now and still not let go of the rapier in his hand. It turned out that he had thought of all this. Abolishing one’s hands is equivalent to abolishing two-thirds of one’s combat power. Then Lao G, who had been waiting for Gladius’s releasing his full strength, came out to meet Lin Tian.

Although Lin Tian hadn’t discovered where Gladius was now, Lin Tian was certain that he must be hiding somewhere, waiting to make a move. 

There’s no need to understand every single thing. If you can’t survive the opponent’s attack, then what’s the point?


Lin Tian kept using shave moved towards the sky, and ran away. Obviously, he was planning to run away. His current battle strength was not comparable to these three. Not to mention that his hands were temporarily abolished. 

Knowing when to retreat is being wise!

The only place to run was in the sky. Lao G was much faster than himself. If Lin Tian was on the ground, he would overtake him if he didn’t run far. Lin Tian could fly, but the three of them could not. As long as he rose to a certain height, the three wouldn’t be able to reach him at all. 

But who knows? The plan still hadn’t changed. Lao G’s speed suddenly increases, several times higher than before. Lao G has flashed in front of Lin Tian, who has not risen much.

“What- Armament Haki!”

A pair of G-shaped fists with powerful lethality came. Even the air was twisted under these fists and directly hit Lin Tian’s chest. A click sounded. The fist was only paused for a moment. The formidable power hit Lin Tian’s chest unabated. 

Not only speed, but Lao G’s power had increased a lot, completely surpassing Lin Tian in power. 

With this powerful punch, Lin Tian felt as if he was hit by a giant hammer. His chest surged with blood. A mouthful of blood spurted out. His mouth was sweet. His rosy cheeks turned pale again. He couldn’t control his body.

Like a meteorite, he slammed into the ground.

The air seemed to be burning under the violent rubbing of Lin Tian’s body, and a white line was drawn out.

Lao G looked at Lin Tian, who was shot down with a brutal look on his face. His body flashed, and when he appeared again, he had already come to Lin Tian’s side with his feet on Lin Tian’s body. 

“Little demon, don’t think that after a few years of studying with Garp in the Marine you are invincible in the whole world. It’s because how old you are that you have no chance to defeat me.”

“To be able to fight when I am sick or injured or when I am too old, I have studied a Jio-Ken technique that accumulates the strength of my youth and saves it within the body. Today, I let you try it.” Lao G said to Lin Tian. 

“Earth Old Man Fist Ultimate Secrete Technique: Battle Preservation Fist!” With a loud shout, a G-shaped fist hit Lin Tian again. Lao G’s speed was beyond human, and his dynamic vision became more and more dynamic. Now that it had increased several times, it was conceivable how fast the punch can be.


Countless shadows of fists hit Lin Tian’s chest, and every punch has great power. Even if Lin Tian had Armament Haki activated, it would still be difficult to prevent. 

Looking at the kid, who was blown by his fist and vented more and less, Lao G smiled. 

‘I’ve been immersed in physique for decades, and I was beaten out of several hundred meters by a little demon. What a shame. And now it’s time for this shame to end.’

“Little demon, die. Today is your death. Witness my strongest move.”

‘SEAL OF “G”!’

With both hands in the posture of the English letter G, the blue veins on the hands bulged under that powerful force and suddenly slammed into Lin Tian’s abdomen. 

Seeing the scene where Lin Tian has died by this move, Lao G smiled even more. 

Just when Lin Tian was punched in the abdomen by Lao G, Lin Tian, who seemed to be dying, opened his eyes. A bright light flashed from his eyes. “-Waiting for this opportunity!”

“What!” Lao G let out a scream, the smile on his face disappeared thoroughly.

And then, what appeared was a look of shock and fear…. 

When the extremely powerful Seal of “G” hit Lin Tian’s abdomen, it appeared to hit nothing instead. The double fists penetrated into Lin Tian’s belly. Yes, they penetrated. The double fists penetrated through the abdomen and then pierced out from the back. 

At this time, Lin Tian did not seem to be a real person in the world, but an afterimage. But by looking at the vivid expression on his face, Lao G knew that this person was Lin Tian, not an afterimage, but a real person. But this kid used some kind of mysterious method to do this trick.

Diamante and Gladius below were equally shocked. But the two below were too far to be clear about the real situation. What they were shocked about was that Lin Tian actually hid his strength. They thought that this was the afterimage formed by Lin Tian’s breakneck speed. The real Lin Tian was hiding somewhere else, and their eyes were quickly alert in all directions. Scan and guard against this little demon’s incoming sneak attack. 

All this happened in an instant. The extremely fast Lao G had passed through Lin Tian’s body, still keeping the look of shock on his face. Obviously, Lao G has not yet reacted to what happened. 

Lin Tian got up in the air, and the positions of the two changed at this moment. Looking at Lao G at his feet, a strong killing intent came out. The killing intent above Lao G awakened Lao G. Lao G looked up at Lin Tian, who was about to attack Lao G with Lin Tian’s feet. No! 

“It was very cool just now. Now it’s my turn. Die, Doflamingo’s dog. Physique Profound Truth, Barbra Kick(Star Rain).”

With an angry shout, both his feet kicked out in a volley with breakneck speed. At this speed, Lin Tian’s feet seemed to disappear, leaving only countless foot shadows. With every kick, a light blue vacuum slash emitted from the toes. This was exactly ‘Tempest Kick’. Although this level of Tempest Kick is much lower than usual formidable power, when the sky is full of this, that shortcoming disappears. 

This was the strongest move in Lin Tian’s physical skills. From in the sky to the ground, countless Tempest Kicks was instantly kicked out. From a distance, it seems like a meteor shower, so Lin Tian named it the ‘Star Rain’. 

Looking at the sky full of ‘Tempest Kick’, Lao G couldn’t help but feel his scalp numb. Even if his body is now young, he won’t be able to hold it anymore. 

“Xiu! Xiu!..”

The starry sky was so beautiful that people couldn’t help but be intoxicated, but Diamante below has a heavy look. There was endless murderous intent in this beautiful star shower.


In the distant Marine base, the Marine soldier on the watchtower also discovered this scene. If such a big movement has not been discovered yet, then Marine is really shit.

“Look. What is that?” a Marine pointed at the blue star rain that suddenly appeared in the sky and spoke. 

One Marine on the side heard that. He quickly picked up the telescope in his hand and got up to take a look. He vaguely saw that a figure was suspended in the sky. 

Hurrying down the telescope, he moved towards and ran down, turning around and shouting as he ran forward. “Not good! There’s a powerhouse fighting outside the base! I’ll first notify Rear Admiral Jonathan. You sound the alarm!”

“wu wu wu…!” Alarm sounds, accompanied by the red lights, echoed over the base. 


On the other hand, Lin Tian’s ‘Star Rain’ was his trump card. The three people below lost their temper. 

The three of them could only rely on their speed and their powerful perception to avoid it. Sometimes when they couldn’t dodge, and they could only block them. 

But with so many Tempest Kicks, there are always some fish that escaped the net and some that don’t. The first one to be hit was Gladius. He might be the most lethal of the three, but his physical skills were the worst. 

After unable to resist a few times, he was hit by a Tempest Kick. His body couldn’t help but pause. Followed by countless Tempest Kick hits. When he was abused by a kid like this, Gladius became extremely angry. 


[TL note: Fashion Punc (全身破裂(ファッションパンク) Fasshon Panku, literally meaning “Fullbody Rupture” ): Gladius swells up himself, turning himself into a gigantic balloon-like appearance. If he is attacked in any way while in this form, his body will cause a massive explosion, fire off all of his hair needles in all directions. The aftereffects are that all of his hair will be gone leaving behind a buzz cut. In the Viz Manga and FUNimation subs, this is called Fashion Pop.]

His whole body swelled up, and the whole person turned into a balloon-like appearance. After a certain degree, it exploded with a bang.

In an incomparable big explosion, countless rubble and dense smoke rose. It wasn’t a coincidence that these blown-up rubbles actually blocked Lin Tian’s ‘Star Rain’. 

However, Diamante and the two did not show joy but moved towards the explosion very fast and ran in the opposite direction. 

“Gladius, that bastard. He didn’t care about the situation. He actually used that move when there’s still his teammates on his side.”

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