Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 132


After half a stick of incense, Lin Tian’s injuries all over his body have recovered, and even the four huge wounds have healed, but since these wounds were too severe, they left scars.

“Doctor, why haven’t Lin Tian wake up yet?” Garp asked.

The doctor, who was testing Lin Tian’s heartbeat, put down his hands and removed his mask. “The patient’s current heartbeat and pulse are all back to normal levels, even stronger than normal. As for why he hasn’t wake up, it should be due to the huge physical exertion. Although I don’t know what happened to him, within my years of experience, the patient must have experienced unimaginable fierce battle. The patient’s physical strength must be extremely exhausted.”

Everyone nodded. Regarding the doctor’s statement, everyone also agreed. They know better than the doctor how high-intensity battles consume physical energy.

After gently putting the white quilt on Lin Tian, the doctor ordered several nurses next to him to inject a series of medicines to make it easier for Lin Tian to recover. Then, he wiped off the sweat on his head. He turned his head and said to everyone: “Now the patient is fine, but in order to guard against the unexpected, I still need to observe him. The patient also needs to recuperate. If you have nothing to do to the patient anymore, we will take him back to the hospital.”

Jonathan said: “Yes, the medical level of our base is very good. Going to the hospital is also a good opportunity for Commodore Lin Tian.”

“Well then, many thanks Doctor.” before Garp could speak, Tsuru spoke first. Garp could only nod.

The doctor waved his hand, and several nurses hurriedly arranged the medical equipment. Two of the nurses were standing next to the hospital bed and were about to push Lin Tian to the hospital.

“Stop, wait a minute!”

At this moment, Vice Admiral Tsuru, who agreed with the doctor, suddenly stopped them. She looked around for a moment and finally put her eyes on Ain. Amidst everyone’s puzzled eyes, she explained: “The nurses also have things to do. They can’t stay by the kid’s side all the time. We can’t disturb their work.”

Vice-Admiral Tsuru did think more thoughtful than everyone present. Although it seemed that Lin Tian had recovered completely, Lin Tian hasn’t wake up. It would be better to send someone to guard by his side.

“Let’s do it this way! Ain is a girl here. A girl is more careful. Can you go and take care of Lin Tian for me?”

Ah, me?!” Ain pointed her nose with a finger. Her face was full of surprise. Apparently, she did not expect Vice-Admiral Tsuru to make such a request suddenly.

‘Ah, what should I do? Whether I want to or not, I’ve already decided not to do that before. So, what should I do now? But he suffered such a serious injury and needs other people’s care… what should I do?’

Ain’s face appeared struggling. Her hands clenched tightly, and her white fingers turned purple, but Ain didn’t notice it at all. She was sitting in a fierce ideological struggle.

Seeing the struggling color on Ain’s face, she thought she didn’t want to, so she spoke. “If you don’t want to, it doesn’t matter. I will ask someone else to take care of him.”

“No… No!” Hearing Tsuru’s words, Ain didn’t think through and quickly stopped Tsuru.

Tsuru didn’t expect that Ain’s mood to fluctuate so much. Tsuru’s face showed puzzlement. ‘What is going on with this girl? Why is there such a big difference between before and after?’

The people on the side were also confused. What is going on?

After saying this, Ain’s face collapsed immediately. She secretly cursed herself for disappointing them, especially when so many Marine generals were watching.

“Well, I just thought I hadn’t studied nursing. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to take care of Lin… other people.” Ain quickly lowered her head and explained.

Tsuru smiled slightly and said: “Don’t worry, I don’t want you to do any nursing work. I just want you to look after him, and let us know if there’s anything wrong.”

Oh, if that’s the case, I should… be able to do it well.” Taking a peek at Lin Tian lying on the hospital bed, Ain whispered.

“In that case, thank you, Ain.” Tsuru said thank you.

Ain gave a low ‘hmm’, trot a few steps quickly, and rushed to the bed. She held on to the side of the bed, following the other medical staff, and moved towards the direction of the hospital.

After watching Lin Tian leave, Garp’s face instantly showed a furious color. He turned around. But after a few steps, one silhouette slipped, blocking Garp’s path forward.

Suddenly blocked by someone, Garp, who was already angry, became angrier. But after seeing the silhouette clearly, Garp couldn’t express his anger.

“Little Tsuru, what are you doing and why are you blocking my way?” Garp yelled in his loud voice.

“You’re asking me ‘what am I doing’?” Tsuru glared at Garp. With both hands folded, she said: “It should be ME asking you; what do you want to do without telling anyone. Don’t tell me you want to go to sleep?”

As soon as Garp wanted to say that reason, he was pushed over by that exact sentence. After thinking about it, with his cleverness, anyone could already guess what he wanted to do. It was better to tell her obediently and honestly.

“You guessed what I wanted to do! Yes, of course I want to beat the pirates for justice! As a teacher, it’s my responsibility to take care the mess my student left behind…” He paused. Garp said solemnly: “…If he got beaten or even if he gets killed because he’s NOT good, I won’t say anything. I can only blame Lin Tian for being weak. But you know it yourself; Lin Tian’s strength. Anyone can’t just beat Lin Tian like this. I don’t need to say more. If anyone stronger than Lin Tian is currently running amok- Ahhh!”

Garp made a scream before he finished speaking, covering his ears, and said puzzledly: “Little Tsuru, why are you twisting my ears.”

Releasing his ear, Tsuru said angrily: “You’re really amazing. Your disciple was beaten, and you, the teacher is going out.”

“You thought I’m doing this for revenge, right? We are the Marine. Do you understand? We are the Marine.” Garp whispered: “Because we are the Marine, we have to deal those pirates.”

Seeing that Garp dared to talk back, Tsuru was about to make a move. But Garp quickly stepped back a few steps, a distance he thought was safe.

Kuzan also persuaded: “Vice Admiral Garp. Now is not the time for you to make a move. If you make a move, then Fleet Admiral Sengoku’s plan will be difficult to realize.”

Garp was still puzzled. He wanted to go to teach the pirates who had injured Lin Tian. So, why did Tsuru and Kuzan stopped him?

Garp smiled slightly and waved his hand: “So you are worried about this. Don’t worry, I won’t make a lot of noise and won’t affect Sengoku’s plan.”

“We are just worried about you. So, we won’t let you go. When you get excited, no matter what you promised, you will still get excited. I am afraid that Korod City will be destroyed by your hands.” She glanced at Garp, who was smiling. She knew all about Garp’s temper after so many years of getting along with him.

When hearing Vice-Admiral Tsuru’s words, the rest of Marine Vice Admirals also secretly nodded. Most Marines have fought with Vice Admiral Garp. They have some knowledge of Vice-Admiral Garp’s behavior.

Before it was over, she suddenly looked serious and said: “And, do you think you’re really doing this for Lin Tian?”

For Tsuru’s question, Garp couldn’t help but ponder.

‘If I did it, would it really be good to Lin Tian?’

“Aside from anything else, this situation is not just a warning to Lin Tian, but also a lesson that he should not act without authorization in the future. This time, he almost died. Which should make him understand the danger of unauthorized actions will at least converge in the future.”

Hearing Tsuru’s analysis, Garp couldn’t help but nod. Because of Lin Tian’s own, stinky brat temper, he was injured like this.

‘Forget it. Since that’s the case, I’ll go have dinner. It’s really shameful to be beaten like this. I have to lose my face. If the people at Sengoku’s side knew, they would say that I can’t teach and want to take him. These people have long been salivating for Lin Tian. It seems that I will need to increase my training level in the future. This smelly brat has been a bit lazy these months.’

“Also, after seeing the scars on Lin Tian’s body, I knew the people who injured Lin Tian were.” Tsuru propped her chin and said in thoughtfully with a serious look. She didn’t expect that Lin Tian would unexpectedly meet that group of pirates.

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