Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 134


Seeing that Carly still didn’t answer after some inquiries, Lin Tian hugged Ain regardless of what she was thinking.

wu wu wu… peng peng…

The lips of the two were in close contact with each other.

The cold lips collided. The two of them seemed to be electrocuted. Their bodies trembled.

Regardless of his past life or this life, the number of girls he had to hold hands with can be counted with one hand. Not to mention the close action of kissing, which had always been in his imagination.

‘I got hot headed today, and I kissed her for some reason. The cold pink lips are so soft. Her breath exhaled from the nasal cavity is so warm on my face.’

The kiss came so suddenly that Ain couldn’t do anything. In an instant, Ain was stunned. The touch on the lips and the current flowing through the body made Ain’s body tremble unnaturally.

She wanted to talk, but her lips have been blocked by Lin Tian’s lips. She could only make sounds, clenched her fists, and kept beating on Lin Tian’s back, hoping that Lin Tian could let go.

To put her under his terrific power, Lin Tian’s tongue quickly ransacked Ain’s mouth. He touched Ain’s ****, entangled together, and tasted the fresh and moisturizing tip of her tongue that makes people fascinate the taste.

The sudden kiss was like a storm that caught people off guard. The **** slipped and rubbed between the tangled tongue. Ain’s mind became blank. She didn’t know what to do. The **** instinctively moved with Lin Tian’s tongue.

Her eyes were blurred, and her snow-white skin instantly climbed into patches of crimson. There was heavy breathing from the tip of her nose.

The sober Ain looked at Lin Tian, who was close in front of her. The tongue that scoured in her mouth made her cheeks extremely red for some reason.

Instinctively, she bit hard. An immediate scream sounded. The messy object finally left her mouth, and a fishy smell appeared inside her mouth.

She loosened the hands that were hugging Lin Tian without knowing where did the power gushing from. Both her palms moved towards Lin Tian, pushing Lin Tian away. Lin Tian, who came back to his senses, only heard a whimpering and weeping.

Lin Tian saw Ain, who pushed his body away, wrapping her hands on her own knees, her head deeply buried in her knees, leaning against the head of the bed, and her sea-blue color hair dangling so casually, covering her. Lin Tian could only hear her cry.

There was such a desolate, sad, and heart-stucking breath all over her body, just like a little girl curled up in a corner alone, without any slightest support.

At this time, Ain suddenly stopped crying. She lifted her head, wiped away her tears with her hand. Without the slightest expression on her face, she leaned to the bed and stood up. During this period, she didn’t look at Lin Tian.

She turned her back on Lin Tian and spoke. “Commodore Lin Tian, I won’t pursue the matter just now. I hope you can forget what happened today. Also, I’m Ain. Carly was dead back then. There is no such person in the world now.”

After finishing speaking, Ain would not look back. After just taking a step, one hand firmly grasps Ain’s shoulder.

It was just a slight touch, but there was a strong force on the arm. Ain didn’t have any resistance at all, turning and falling into Lin Tian’s embrace again.

Before Ain could struggle again, Lin Tian had already hugged Ain tightly, embracing her in his arms. He lowered his head, pressed his chin against the soft hair, and said softly, but there was an incontrovertible tone in his voice.

“Why did you join the Marine? Why did you pretend not to know me? I want to know what happened in the past three years. Don’t try to avoid it. You decided to stay in the Marine knowing that if I make a decision to check your background, I can know approximately what had happened.”

Hearing Lin Tian’s domineering declaration, the embraced Ain, who was constantly struggling in his arms, stopped as if lost in thought. But what Lin Tian waited for was not an answer but a pain in his chest.

This time Ain didn’t show any mercy. The bite was so hard, the bite was so heartache, and the bite was so sad… as if to vent everything that had been buried in her heart through this bite.

Lin Tian neither backed up nor made a sound but silently withstood the pain, gently stroking the sea-blue color hair. Because of this pain, Lin Tian felt the pain in Ain’s heart ten times heavier than on his chest.

Such a weak girl in his arms; she had endured the pain alone for two years. Can’t she even stand this moment?

Ain waved her hands, smacked Lin Tian’s strong back. She released her bite and cried in a low voice in Lin Tian’s arms.

“Why! Why! Why did I meet you again?! I’ve forgotten you and forgot what happened back then!”

“Sorry, it’s all my fault.”

“Why do I even think about it?! Why do I have to endure that pain? Why?”

“I’m sorry.”

“Lin Tian, you bastard! You big bastard! Bastard.”

Feeling the coolness in his chest and the word “why” conveying injustice to fate, helplessness, and disappointment in life… All this caused Lin Tian to hold a lot of words in his chest. He could only express his guilt and apology without stopping saying ‘I’m sorry’.


Why did Carly become Ain? All of this brings to two years ago. Lin Tian and Carly often communicated with each other, but there was an accident with a carrier pigeon.

The pirates asked the residents about the treasure’s whereabouts, but apart from Lin Tian, how could those residents know. So, a massacre came, and countless people died there.

Carly was chased by the pirates and separated from her father and sister. The only one who managed to escape from the island was Carly. Carly, who wandered in a coma at sea, was rescued by Marine Headquarter Admiral Zephyr.

When Carly was led by the Marine back to the island again, there were ruins everywhere. Except for some people who were lucky to survive, the others were dead. There were still many people whose bodies were burned to ashes. According to the statistics, Carly’s father and younger sister were not found either, and they are probably dead.


To be honest, when Lin Tian heard this incident, he felt a bit listening to the story. This incident was too strange. It was like a joke made by fate.

When Lin Tian heard the name of the Pirate group, his thoughts at the time were beyond words. The Pirate group was actually the Captain Fark group in the bar.

Now Lin Tian wanted to take revenge, but there was no way because the group had been killed by Doflamingo. It was reasonable to say that Doflamingo is his benefactor. How ironic.

These were just thoughts drifting in his mind. It was Carly who really made Lin Tian feel guilty. No, it was the current Ain.

Everything was in Ain’s heart. The pain of the death of her relatives, the guilts in her heart, and how to face those struggles in her heart… Lin Tian couldn’t imagine what feelings Ain had carried that really hurt her heart so much to make her change.

‘If I just took the time to find out what happened at that time, instead of sending someone to ask the Marine headquarters intelligence personnel to investigate, she wouldn’t be in this situation.’

Actually, the Marine Intelligence Section had long since investigated that Carly had become Ain. But the last news was suppressed by the Former Marine Admiral Zephyr under Ain’s plea. This is why Lin Tian has never heard the news about Carly. If Lin Tian took the initiative to look into it, the situation would be different.

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