Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 135


“Smelly brat, what’s going on?” Garp looked at the two people holding hands and asked in confusion.

The rest of the people on the side also looked confused. They perked their ears to listen to Lin Tian’s answer quietly.

What happened in just over an hour? Is it because we are very slow? Or the world is changing too fast?’

Lin Tian had expected the expressions of these people, so Lin Tian ignored everyone’s looks and spoke very casually. “Smelly old man, have you forgotten that this is Carly?”

“Carly? Who’s Carly?”

“It’s the girl I met on the island when I first went out to the sea. I asked someone to report to you about her.” Lin Tian patted her head and spoke helplessly.

“Carly…!” Garp whispered the name a few times. Reminded by Lin Tian, he suddenly recalled, “Carly! It turned out to be you. I was wondering why she felt so familiar but can’t remember.”

After many details became clear, Garp pointed his fingers to Ain and wondered: “But what’s going on now? How has she changed so much in three years? Not only the appearance, but also the name.”

“Nothing. After three years, a lot of things can happen. It’s normal for such thing to happen. Don’t make a fuss.” Lin Tian didn’t want to tell the reason in front of so many people. He just said a few sentences vaguely and brought this topic to an end.

Garp heard Lin Tian’s concerns. A trace of puzzlement flashed in his eyes. He decided not to ask much. This brat definitely did not want people to know.

At the same time, Garp felt very strange.

Since Carly is Ain, why didn’t Ain look at Lin Tian in front of her? And when Tsuru asked her to take care of Lin Tian, her expression of concern and behavior was also a bit strange?’

Not only Garp, Tsuru, and Kuzan felt even more strange. Both of them didn’t know about this because they know little about Ain. Both of them spent some time with Ain, but they never heard of Ain ever mentioning Lin Tian. So something must have happened between the two.

Especially Kuzan. His teacher, he called Zephyr-sensei, once wanted to cover up Ain’s investigation.

At that time, Kuzan felt weird. But since it was his own teacher’s account, Kuzan did not say much. Instead, he used his position to suppress the matter. It seemed that the matter was likely to be related to Lin Tian.

However, after they had some sort of understanding about them, Garp couldn’t help but sighed: “Didn’t expect you two to meet again in this situation. I remember that at the time, Lin Tian was worried what might happened to you.”

Hearing Garp’s words, the Marine Vice Admirals present couldn’t help laughing. Everyone was familiar with Lin Tian, so there were not that worried. Their gaze kept changing between the two of them, revealing a hint of meaningful smiles.

But Lin Tian had black lines on his face in an instant. The smelly old man said that definitely for revenge.

“Lin Tian, how is your injury? Do you feel any bad?” Tsuru asked with concern.

“Yeah, yeah… how do you feel, brat?”

Lin Tian bent his hand slightly and said with ease: “I feel pretty good. The wounds only left scars. No major problems. There’s no feeling of tightness in my chest, and I feel my body is full of strength.”

Seeing Lin Tian doing fine and his complexion very good, everyone couldn’t help but relax. However, everyone was worried about the side effects of that potion. After all, Vice Admiral Tsuru had never used it before. So they didn’t know what to do.

Lin Tian smiled and said: “However, I really have to thank Grandma this time. If Grandma hadn’t used that potion, I don’t want to know the consequences of my injuries.”

Lin Tian knew better than anyone how serious his own injuries were. Traumatic injuries, internal injuries, and he had used a lot of his power. So that kind of backlash is really very serious.

That didn’t really appear during the battle. These consequences came out after the battle. At least he’s still alive, though. Otherwise, Lin Tian wouldn’t have performed such taxing big moves before leaving the battle. And after he managed to escape, within a minute, he passed out into a coma.

“That’s nothing.” Tsuru shook her head slightly with a smile. She suddenly put on a serious face and reprimanded: “However, Lin Tian, you did something wrong this time. Although your strength is good, but this time, the ‘Heavenly Gold’ incident has gathered so many powerful pirates. You actually went to Korod City alone to investigate. You know how dangerous this is already. This incident is the consequence of your own actions. Suffering such serious injuries; If I hadn’t grabbed the potion from a group of pirates randomly, you would need years to recover. Let alone fighting, you wouldn’t even be able to do a little heavy training.”

Lin Tian grimaced. A warm current flowed through his heart. He bowed his head and said: “I know, Grandma Tsuru. You don’t need to say it. I know it’s wrong. I will be careful next time.”


Garp knocked Lin Tian’s head with a punch. Banging Lin Tian’s head, making smoke appeared, and said angrily: “Smelly brat! There’s no next time!”

Lin Tian touched the big bulge on his head. A painful color appeared on his face, “Smelly old man- knocked my head again… You’re just embarrassed to say that you don’t want to let me go and you’ll be alone again.”

Everyone was quite surprised at this scene. They had seen it before. Ain looked at the big bulged on Lin Tian’s head, feeling distressed. But now, being watched by so many Marine Headquarters generals, Ain had a thin face.

“Smelly brat, you dare to talk back. It seems that if I haven’t taught you some good lessons for a few days. You dare to confront your Sensei…” Garp rolled up his sleeves and started to pose.

Although he can’t win, he shouldn’t lose face in front of so many people. So he let go of Ain’s weak little hand and rolled up his sleeves without showing any weakness.

“That’s enough! You two always acting up at every turn. The teacher is the same as the student.” Tsuru really couldn’t stand it. Finally, the master and the disciple both acts according to their moods, and the two of them are actually going to take action.

When she spoke, the two of them quickly stopped their movements. In fact, Lin Tian and Garp would not really fight. Her words were just a bridge for them.

Lin Tian said with a smile: “However, Grandma Tsuru, I didn’t expect you to come this time, but I’ve always been thinking of you.”

Lightly flicked Lin Tian’s forehead, Tsuru spoke with a smile: “Don’t say something good just to let me stop scolding you. You’re really bad this time.”

Lin Tian said bitterly: “I know. In fact, I didn’t deliberately cause any trouble this time. How would I know my luck was that bad? I met a group of powerful pirates there, and got recognized. As a result, they sent out three cadres to ambush me outside the Marine base. And only then, I experienced a great battle.”

“Lin Tian, what is the name of the group you came across? To actually has such a great battle strength that can beat you like this.” Kuzan asked suspiciously.

Kuzan had some understanding of Lin Tian’s strength. Although Lin Tian was only Commodore currently, his real battle strength should be higher than a Rear Admiral, which was still a little bit worse than a Vice Admiral.

Although his strength was not very strong, it was pretty good in the first half of the Grand Line, and Lin Tian almost got killed by some cadres? Why would such powerful pirates stay in this first half? It stands to reason that they should all go to New World.

“That’s right!” Garp suddenly remembered that Tsuru had said that she knew the group. So he asked aloud: “Little Tsuru, didn’t you know who the pirates who injured Lin Tian?”

Tsuru nodded, turned her head, and looked towards Lin Tian, and said cautiously: “Lin Tian, it must be Donquixote Pirates who hurt you. It was Doflamingo’s cadres who attacked you, and one of them must be Lao G.”

“Hey! Grandma Tsuru, how did you know?” Lin Tian asked in surprise. He hadn’t said anything, and there were no other people during that battle.

Hearing the answer from Tsuru, everyone’s faces showed a trace of clear comprehension. Everyone has heard of these notorious pirates. Only Garp had a confused look. Garp had never heard of these pirates.

Tsuru explained: “I’ve been hunting them down and have fought them many times. I know their fighting method very well. Seeing you have that kind of ‘G’ shape, I probably guessed it correctly.”

“So that’s how it is.” Lin Tian said.

“But, I remember this group is not in the New World. How could they appear here?” Vice-Admiral Momonga wondered.

“There’s a latest information from the Marine, which will be explained together with the plan at the meeting.”

“There are meetings?”

How personal does Garp feel; when he heard the words’ meeting’, he felt he’s far removed from it.

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