Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 136


In the Conference Hall on the top floor of the Marine base office building, a large group of Marine generals was present. Because of the importance of this plan, the content of the meeting was, of course, ‘less people know, the better it is. Therefore, those eligible to participate in this meeting are only those Marine Rear Admiral and above.

Of course, except for Lin Tian.

For some reason, Lin Tian’s authority and status in the Marine were higher than his Commodore rank. In addition, Lin Tian had been to Korod for investigations before.

In the Conference Hall, everyone turned their eyes to the front, to Tsuru, who was explaining her intel. Among the people present, only Tsuru knew about the Marine’s latest intelligence and combat content about the ‘Heavenly Gold’, which is one reason why Tsuru came back to the headquarter.

In addition to being Marine Headquarters Vice Admiral, Tsuru was also the Marine’s Chief Staff Officer. Therefore, the Marine needed to consult her for any important plans. Even Sengoku had to consult Tsuru whenever he tried to do something.

The fact that Sengoku sent Tsuru to take charge of the overall situation this time shows how much Sengoku’s attachment to this ‘heavenly gold’ event.


Tsuru took out an arrest warrant and pasted it on the whiteboard behind her. The picture on this arrest warrant was Doflamingo. She introduced: “Doflamingo. Captain Pirates of Donquixote Pirates. This person’s bounty is 340 million Berry. Extremely powerful. Above the Marine Headquarters Vice Admiral level.”

Hearing the introduction from Tsuru, the marines showed a cautious look to ‘Strength is above Headquarter Vice Admiral’. He could beat Vice Admiral and comparable to Admiral. The Marine Headquarters Vice Admiral’ Kuzan’, and the Hero of the Marines’ Vice Admiral Garp’ are guessed to surpass Marine Headquarters Admirals.

“And everyone must have heard of the cruelty of this man. He has taken action to destroy three towns. This man is cunning and treacherous and has a strong influence in the Underground World. The Marine arrested, and he escaped every time.”

Dalmatian asked in a loud voice: “What is the relationship between this group of pirates and the ‘Heavenly Gold’ incident?”

“That’s what I’m about to explain.” Tsuru glanced at the info in her hand and then said: “According to the latest news from Marine Intelligence. Doflamingo is the one behind the ‘Heavenly Gold’ this time.”

Tsuru stopped and looked down and found that most people’s faces were calm.

The gold incident happened so strangely. The news was leaked for no reason. There must be a pair of black hands behind it. It’s just that the secret mastermind was hiding a bit too deeply. Everyone didn’t expect that it was this group of pirates.

“Who knows what this Doflamingo used to impress Kaido of the Beasts, one of the Four Emperors. But regardless, he actually made Kaido active in the New World and triggered a series of riots. The Marine had to send Admirals to suppress him. Then in this way, the battle strength of the guards transporting the’ heavenly gold’ was weakened and Doflamingo’s goal can be achieved.”

After listening to Tsuru’s explanation, the Marine generals present fell in deep thought.

If the most powerful pirates involved in this incident are only them, then there is not much problem with this mission. The Marine has enough strengths to be able to defeat him.

“Donquixote Pirates is powerful. In addition to Doflamingo, his group has some powerful cadres, and there are 14 of such cadres.” Then, she suddenly turned the topic to Lin Tian, “As for the specific battle strength of Donquixote Pirates cadres, everyone should more or less understand the situation of Commodore Lin Tian’s injuries.

Lin Tian turned his head to the Marine generals present, “This time it was the three cadres under Doflamingo who attacked me. Their battle strength almost reached the Marine Rear Admiral level. I don’t know about the rest, but in my opinion, those three should be very strong among their members. Though I was severely injured in that battle, they would not be much better than me either. They won’t join in this event.”

After listening to Lin Tian’s statement, everyone couldn’t help but nod. If three were abolished, there would be eleven left. Although the number was still a bit large, this was not a big problem for the Marine. Just dispatch One Marine Vice-Admiral plus six Rear Admirals should be able to block those cadres. —And as long as Vice Admiral Kuzan moves fast, he will be able to eliminate these vicious pirates.

Vice-Admiral Tsuru said: “In addition to this group of pirates, there is another group of powerful pirates, Brother Hao Pirates. The captain’s name is Shi Zhihao. He is also a powerful expert. The threat is not less than that of Donquixote Pirates. The strengths of his subordinates are also very strong. In addition to these, there are more powerful pirates, but they are not as threatening as they are.”

At this time, there was a hint of caution on the people’s faces. If there really are two strongest, the Marine’s strength will have to be a bit tenser. A lot of troops will also have to be spent to protect the ‘Heavenly Gold’ ship.

As for the other weak and small pirates, they were not within Marine’s consideration. This time they were only equipped with soy sauce, which was not much harmful. After all, most of Marine’s battle strengths had been transferred to New World to suppress these pirates. It would not be easy for Fleet Admiral Sengoku to send them back home.

Everyone looked towards Garp. If he made a move, it would definitely be no problem for him to deal with these two pirates alone.

Garp found that everyone was looking towards him. He deliberately yawned and then threw himself on the table to sleep. Within a few seconds, the Conference Hall heard the snoring.

‘Got it!’

Seeing this situation, everyone understood that Vice Admiral Garp was really determined not to go.

Kuzan, who was sitting in front of him, asked. “Vice Admiral Tsuru, now that we have introduced the strengths of these pirates, what plans does Fleet Admiral Sengoku have?”

Fleet Admiral Sengoku knew this information and sent it to them. So there should be a detailed plan. Fleet Admiral Sengoku likes to act according to plans.

Tsuru said: “Fleet Admiral Sengoku’s plan this time is mainly carried out around two purposes. One is to try to solve these pirates, since this is an opportunity for a lot of pirates to gather. The other purpose is to safely escort the heavenly gold. This purpose is the primary purpose. For this purpose, you have to give up the first purpose at any time.”

She glanced at everyone. Then, she told the specific implementation steps of this plan.

Generally speaking, this plan is divided into two parts.

First, the Marines escorted the fake ‘heavenly gold’ ships and left the port to draw the pirates’ attention, and then led these pirates to a place far away from Korod Island, using it as a battlefield to destroy those pirates.

While the war is going on, the real “Heavenly Gold” ships will be escorted by Vice Admiral Tsuru. She would carefully set off from the port and follow the route known only by Vice Admiral Tsuru.

Second, after Kuzan solved the strongest pirates as soon as possible, the rest of the marines would be enough to deal with the remaining pirates. When the time comes, Marine Vice-Admiral Momonga and Kuzan will catch up with the golden ship’s guards as soon as possible.

The Sengoku plan is indeed perfect, but all of these prerequisites depend on Kuzan. Whether this plan can be realized perfectly depends on Kuzan’s battle strength. Can Kuzan solve these pirates in a short amount of time? This time all the burden is on Kuzan.

Being watched by so many people, Kuzan felt a little bit strange. He touched his back of the head and lazily said: “I’m not sure, but I will try my best. The quick resolution of those pirates depends on how strong the two captains, Doflamingo and Shi Zhihao are.”

What Vice Admiral Kuzan said was true. After all, the plan would not keep up with changes.

“That’s right.” Vice-Admiral Tsuru added: “There is another important part of the plan this time, and that is the ship used for decoy.”

“The fake ship?” everyone looked puzzled.

“This time, apart from bringing intelligence and plans, I also have some bombs. These bombs were developed by the Court Academician Vegapunk. Their power is strong. I brought a total of four bombs. There is one on each ship.”

When everyone heard that it was a bomb researched by Vegapunk, they showed curiosity.

Vegapunk is the smartest person in the world, and the things he researched must be very powerful. But after hearing that there were four, everyone’s face collapsed. How much would it really affect the game?

Tsuru glanced around and took everyone’s expressions in the entire scene. “Five-kilometer explosion.”

“Si…” Hearing this formidable power, everyone couldn’t help but suck in a cold breath.

Five kilometers?’

‘That’s too big.’

‘It is enough to influence the whole battle. Not that useful in individual fights though.’

Lin Tian thought secretly: ‘It seems that this Fleet Admiral Sengoku wanted to realize the annihilation of these pirates as well. He also has the confidence to protect the ships carrying the ‘Heavenly Gold’.’

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