Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 137


Conference Hall.

When they heard that it was Fleet Admiral Sengoku who prepared this plan, everyone felt relaxed.

With this kind of mass destruction weapon, the Marine’s disadvantage of insufficient numbers can be reversed. The troop’s tension can be resolved.

With a snap, Tsuru posted a picture on the whiteboard. On it was a huge black ball, which was tightly placed in the cabin. The whole black ball was not that huge. It is only about half a meter in diameter, but it has powerful, formidable power.

“In this plan, this bomb will be an extremely important part. At that time, every fake ship will carry this kind of bomb.”

“And at the beginning of the battle, all marines must show the illusion of desperate resistance. Then, after a certain period of time, pretend to retreat, wait for all the pirates to approach the explosion range, then detonate the bomb. Although this kind of explosion does not have much impact on the powerhouses when their ship is destroyed, most of the Devil Fruit Ability Users can only obediently surrender, and we can destroy the small fishes.”

Until now, Vice Admiral Tsuru has briefly explained all the plans. However, although this plan seems simple, it is still difficult to implement.

The time difference in each link must be grasped well, and everyone has to perform well. If someone finds a weak spot, the operation will be ruined, and whether there is any expert pirate. However, the overall plan is still perfect. As long as there are no major changes, the plan is highly successful.

 She looked at everyone and asked. “Next, do you have any suggestions for improvement?”

Everyone thought about it, but they didn’t come up with something bad. So there was no place to comment.

The performance of these people was also expected by Tsuru. She was only expecting these Marine Headquarters Vice Admirals to kill people. They really don’t have any innate talent for thinking plans.

Just when Tsuru thought that no one had made an opinion and wanted to confirm the plan, someone raised a hand. This person was Rear Admiral Jonathan.

She pointed her hand and asked: “Rear Admiral Jonathan, do you have anything else to add?”

Jonathan stood up and said: “This plan is indeed perfect, but one thing that is difficult to do is to pretend to retreat from this part of the plan. In order to prevent the plan from leaking, the troops must know the specific content of this plan. If the time comes when we suddenly propose to retreat, it will definitely have a great impact on morale. Even if we explained to all the soldiers at that time, the soldiers who were not prepared at all would still make big mistakes in doing so…. The Doflamingo we are facing right now is a person whose plan has moved the entire Grand Line. Small mistakes may get discovered by the other party. And there will be so many pirates together in the mission. It would really be difficult to protect the team. If we are discovered, we might become extremely passive.”

It’s hard for the other Marine Vice Admirals who only know about fighting to realize the huge loopholes in this plan. This situation is very difficult to solve. Tsuru had to think of a solution for a while.

She couldn’t help but ask: “Rear Admiral Jonathan, do you perhaps think of a solution?.

Jonathan shook his head, “We have little force compared to them. It is a bit difficult to achieve these two goals, and we have a little bit of chips in our hands, we don’t have much initiative.”

“No, Rear Admiral Jonathan. You don’t need to be worried about the two goals,” Lin Tian, who had been meditating and silent, suddenly said, attracting everyone’s attention when he opened his mouth. In the face of everyone’s attention, Lin Tian calmly explained: “As long as the heavenly gold is in our hands, the initiative is entirely in our hands. These pirates’ goals are all heavenly gold, so no matter what we do, these pirates can only follow our rules.”

Everyone nodded and continued to listen to Lin Tian’s statement: “This time the heavenly gold incident became so big that the pirates must know that the Marine will make a move this time. But these pirates continue to stay here and don’t give up. One is the greed of human nature. The wealth of heavenly gold completely fascinates these people. When they appear, they will pounce like moth flies into the flame. The second is strength. They have the strength to believe that they can succeed. So, what we need to be worried about right now is the strength of these pirates, and whether there is any powerhouse hidden inside.”

After listening to Lin Tian’s explanation, everyone couldn’t help but show a hint of appreciation. Lin Tian completely stated Marine’s greatest advantage, which is the absolute initiative. As long as these pirates want to obtain heavenly gold, they must follow the Marine’s route.

“And the second purpose; you don’t need to worry about the real escort ships be exposed.” Lin Tian’s voice became a little heavy after this. “At Korod, I learned that Doflamingo is gathering weak pirates to form an alliance.”

Everyone couldn’t help but become more cautious. If those weak pirates also join in, the number of pirates will increase sharply. Although these people don’t have much battle strength, they can also cause the Marine a lot of trouble.

“Actually, we can also find someone to help,” Jonathan said slowly. Obviously, he thought about this proposal for a long time.

The rest of the people looked puzzled.

Where does the Marine still have support? They only sent Vice-Admiral Tsuru here.’

Tsuru seemed to think something: “Are you trying to talk about him?”

“Well, yes.” Jonathan nodded responded: “Goodritt, the richest man in the world.”

Hearing the famous name in the World Government, everyone quickly reacted. As a Marine, most likely that no one has never heard of this name.

Every arms purchase, Sengoku will bite his teeth with hatred. He could feel being scolded by the vampire Goodritt.

Tsuru touched her chin. “If he can make a move, our battle strength can be enhanced a lot. But in this way, the price we need to pay may be very high.”

This was also the reason why Jonathan never wanted to say it. After all, the reputation of Goodritt, the vampire, was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Kuzan said: “In fact, the price does not need to be paid by us at all. Those pirates are valuable to everyone. We can pay the bill with the spoils of war obtained from those pirates. As for the proportion, we need to negotiate.”

This method is really good. Although the spoils of war will be reduced by more than half, those things are far better than not achieving their goal.

“I don’t think that’s possible.” Lin Tian once again attracted everyone’s attention.

After a pause, he elaborated.

Lin Tian saved a girl and finally found out that this girl was Goodritt’s only daughter. Then, he helped the girl escape the assassination that was under Doflamingo’s influence. He said all briefly. Lin Tian didn’t say something that wasn’t suitable, obviously.

After listening to Lin Tian’s experience, everyone was shocked. They didn’t expect that Lin Tian had experienced so much in just half a day, and he actually became Goodritt’s benefactor. How lucky it is to make Goodritt owe a favor?!

Vice Admiral Bastille was puzzled: “In this way, Commodore Lin Tian is Goodrit’s benefactor. So if Commodore Lin Tian is the benefactor, Goodritt will surely take the initiative, but…why…?”

“These assassins used a weapon.” He glanced at everyone’s expressions. “Power Rock.”

“What!” The Vice Admirals present sounded a surprise.

In the Marine, only Vice Admirals and above are qualified to know the existence of Power Rock. Lin Tian was a special case.

Power Rock is one of Marine’s heritage and one of Marine’s most powerful weapons. Power Rocks are generally kept in the heavily defended Marine base. Few people in the entire Marine know the specific existence of this base. Once the power rock touches oxygen, a massive explosion will occur. The formidable power is comparable to ancient weapons and can easily move a small island.

Knowing this, the marines present was shocked. These assassins were able to get the power rock. It is conceivable that behind these assassins, there is who shot, and there must be the shadow of World Government behind.

Goodritt is not an idiot. The World Government sent someone to assassinate his only daughter. But, of course, he would be a fool to destroy them now. He wanted help from others first.

“Commodore Lin Tian, are you sure this is true?” Kuzan couldn’t calm down at this time and said aloud.

“Well, I saw it with my own eyes at the time. But, it was not a complete power rock. It was cut into a bullet size, and fired from a specially made bullet for assassination.”

At the time, in front of the Peak, the two bullets were made of ‘power rock’. Otherwise, a small bullet would explode formidable power; the ground would collapse in a radius of more than a hundred meters.

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